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Love is a powerful emotion. Sometimes we don't see the big picture.

Love And Faith

Your love gives me power,
Beyond my wildest dreams.
I fly on top of the world,
Or, so right now it seems.

You take me in your arms,
And hold me oh so tight.
I've never felt such joy,
As laying with you each night.

But somehow I must remember,
To stay strong and stay true.
For although I don't see it right now,
There is more to life than you.

When I look into your eyes,
I feel safe, I feel love.
But what is all this for,
Without the lord above.

For it is him, and him alone,
That will make me complete.
I must hold onto his love,
Even when your kisses taste so sweet.

There is only one true love,
That a person can always trust.
The love of Jesus Christ,
Goes way beyond mere Lust.

So remember this when the time comes,
For you to take a stand.
The lord will always be there,
When you need someone to hold your hand.

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3 Visitor Comments

this is so true.
GREAT! This relates to alot of circumstances and it's great to see this poem influence me to think before I give my heart to a guy. This poem is absouloutly RIGHT! The only true LOVE if my life, cause I'm a christian myself and with the amount of time I have been the only REAL person who has been there for me is GOD and ONLY GOD! It's great to see someone else agree with me! It goes to show the love you have towards Christ! It's GREAT!
I just red one of your poems called 'Love and Faith'it really touched me because it doesnt matter which man you kiss it will always be Gods love that comes first ,he is almighty and he is the only man that is the man in life

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