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"Christmas" is obviously a poem about Christmas time, and although it's out of season I'd like to submit it now, otherwise I'll lose it before next year.


Christmas is a season
Of hope and joy and love.
It is the time that Jesus Christ
Descended from above.
The snowflakes fly and wind is chill;
Tree lights twinkle and shine.
The carols are sung and all on earth
Await a grace divine.
A special star shines in the sky,
Brighter than either moon or sun -
Leading us to Bethlehem
To see God's will be done.
And Jesus shines brighter than anything;
He's the brightest light of all.
He came to earth to save our souls
And help us when we fall.
At Christmas time we celebrate
Our Savior Jesus' birth.
I'm certainly glad that God sent him
as a baby to this earth.
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7 Visitor Comments

I really liked this poem. I love Christmas. I really love it because the real meaning of it and since my birthday is on december 24th so Christmas means a lot to me. God Bless In Christ Nicole
Rosebud, this poem is just what I needed while I was looking for poems to use in our Christmas cards. I have envelopes with a wonderful STAR on it. We always send personal greetings each year and I wanted to send a poem this time with the star. But I also found some star and snowflakes mini-tree ornaments. When I found this poem, Christmas, I was so happy. I did a search for Bethlehem star, but I didn't find a poem, so then I tried again using different words and this website (poem) came up. I wish I could write poetry, but I really do love yours. Is there a problem using the poem -- of course you will get the credit. this poem really tells what Christmas is ALL ABOUT. Jesus is the only one that matters. (That is what I say in my prayers every day. ) I JUST WANT TO VOTE THAT YOUR POEM IS WONDERFUL.
I really liked this poem; it shows what Christmas is really about: Our Lord; not just presents
Your poem shows the real meaning of christmas. I am tired of the way christmas is celebrated by the world and christians alike. Christ is rarely thought of. All you hear is money, Santa, shopping, cooking, parties, decorating ect. I want to see Christmas celebrated for the real reason. I'm gonna share this poem with as many people as i can, just in hopes that they will take time to read it and maybe think about the real meaning.
this is a great poem called "christmas" poem and it is is very neat.
Thank you for the beautiful poem. It can surely be shared any time of year.
Rosebud Is my favorite poet the poems are really touching!! LOVE JENNA

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