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I really don't know what to say as far as description. This poem didn't even originally have a title. It's sort of self-explanatory. It's just questions that have passed through my mind as I think of the different kinds of hurting people in the world--and the answer to their problems--the TRUTH--Jesus Christ.


If a man is blind, does he have no vision?
If one is said to be heartless, can he not love?
Can one who is deaf not listen?
If one cannot speak, does he have no voice?
If a man cannot walk, does he not persevere?
Can one who does not feel be touched?

Does the strong one weep?
Does the weak one sing?
Does even a liar have promises to keep?

Does a doubter dream?
Do the fearless fall?
Can one who is dirty be made clean?

Is there really hope for tomorrow?
Can the broken be restored?
Is there joy for those with sorrow?

Can a soul with scars be healed?
Does life really change?
Is a man set free by truth revealed?

Truth is not truth unless it is believed;
By faith it is perfected, and received.

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7 Visitor Comments

well done! this is an honest and frank poem. i love it cuz it talks so much abt faith and the truth that so many of us like to question. i was feeling down today, and this poem really gave me a spiritual booster. i even sent it to a friend to encourage her. thanks so much. cld you mail me any of your future works if possible? thanks.. =)
makes sence into life and how the writting expresses it so well
We will not know the answer to all life's questions until the day we meet our Lord, and until then FAITH will take us through! This poet has shown this beautifully in his poem
This is a really cool poem. Good job!
Great JOB SAM!
Questions gives the reader a new insight into the amazing grace of God...what we perceive as strengths the Lord himself manifests into a gift...this poem gives us a fresh perception of His love and goodness
Excellent poem!! Good job.

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