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This poem tells of an all-too-familiar struggle most people face. The human thought of holding on tightly to things that are dearest is natural. However, as this piece reveals, sometimes release is the only hope of relief.

Hold On

From jungle gyms to monkey bars,
to tilt-a-whirls and bumper cars,
advice is given for us to take,
Hold on tight for Heaven’s sake!

Warned always to tighten my grip,
Tighter still child, you don’t want to slip.
To hang on for dear life that’s the way that I know,
And now Jesus, my Savior, bids me Let Go.

White-knuckled resistance has me holding on tighter,
buckling beneath burdens that never grow lighter.
I must cling to all things, be as strong as I can,
to loosen my grip makes me less of a man.

His voice again, Child please try to understand,
Your life fits best in my nail-pierced hand.
Your pain will subside, your confusion will cease,
if the hold on your life you would only release.

Lord I’m releasing but I still am quite wary,
do you promise to catch me and from there to carry?
It hurts to hold on so let go I must,
a new theme for my life: in Jesus I trust.
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9 Visitor Comments

THis was awesome, I paused as I was in the middle of reading this because it touched home. Great Work keep up the good work
I really like this poem and I want to share it on my facebook group called FVSU Christian Fellowship Society!
Enjoyed the flow of the poem. It's a great reminder that God is a paradox (His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. ) and that in God to surrender is to win. Thank you for your expression of creativity, may the Lord cultivate you. Be Blessed.
This poem is very accurately based on reality, and I can definitely relate to it.
Omg- I printed off two poems to put on the board at my church, and then I noticed that both of them were written by you! The poems I printed were "Hold On" and "Born to Die". They are awesome! And dont worry- your name was printed above the actual poem! lol.
Your poem perfectly describes how I feel. I don't want to let go, but I know that if I do, Jesus will take my burden, and life will be so much easier.
great imagery
This poem was very good. It spoke to me and reminded me to let go of my life and let God take care of EVERYTHING!!! Your poem was truly an inspiration
I like the peom because it fits my life, trying to hold on to your old life and fearing to take a leap the big blue. It's hard to trust Jesus at first but, like the poem says, we have to let go. I think the writing has alot to say.

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