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I've always gotten up before dawn to see the sunrise. To me it symbolizes all that's good in the world. I urge you to do the same and see if it brings you as much joy as it does me. Hope you like it!


I sit and stare at the sunrise every morning.
And inside I cry for I can see it for all its wondrous beauty.
And pity the people to concerned with complaining and disagreeing
to look up and almost swear you can see
God's marvelous face smiling back.

You can be happy or you can be depressed
but even the slightest glance at the morning sky
can fill you with unspeakable joy,
that only God can give.
So share God's gift of love
with every one you meet and they will share it with others.
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4 Visitor Comments

Wonderful poem, especially how Rachel offers to share the love of God.
I myself is greatly fascinated by sunrise . By merely looking up and watch it move slowly , gives me unexplained strength and joy ! Admiring its beauty is like praying , thanking , and glorifying God for all His creations . If only God can make a tree , God too is the only one One who gives sunrise ;-) Sunrise symbolizes hope and new beginning . So when you feel stressed or lonely , wake early to catch it Reaaly perks you up !
I saw the most amazing sunset this morning after doing a college project all night. I woke me up all over again and I could do nothing but praise God. I challenged a friend online to throughout today share His love and thank Him continually for all the beautiful things He has created. Then I find this poem and it just lathers another layer of that challenge on. I felt that feeling this morning. Awesome poem.
This is such a beautiful poem and tells me what I actually think in my mind when looking at a sunrise or sunset.

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