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" I am " speaks of searching for peace which starts internally. This is all about self-exploration, and how we come in peace with God, with man, with nature.

I Am

No one’s completely corporeal.
Seek inside what is ethereal.

Looking around this material world,
I must have been blinded -
to think that this is the only place -
that’s ever existed
- where happiness seems so scarce, so shallow
- where I worry much about tomorrow

Running away from my inner-self,
I never found real joy
There’s a paradise inside of me -
I must nourish to enjoy
- where I gain awareness beyond emotions
- where I feel a flow of cool vibrations

In the languor of the night, I just close my eyes
Like the guru, I invoke my soul to higher heights
And from what’s written in Sanskrit, I realized -
Heaven is when inside and out I’m harmonized

I am the water ...
I cleanse away my impurity
I am the fire ...
I burn with spiritual energy
I am the earth ...
I bury my negativity
I am the air ...
I breathe new life inside of me

Sahasra-sirasam / vande.
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4 Visitor Comments

Nice. Thanks. is there anything more to say?
Beautiful soulful poem. Thank you for your truth. I too am on that path.
it seems like this poem has been writing for me! I love it!
This writter has a beautiful soul. The words flow from the heart. To bleed upon pages for all to see, to find a sense of semi-belonging, to finally be. And to share with those of us looking, longing, waiting breathlessly. Mimi

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