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I wrote this poem one night when I was trying to decide whether or not to call an ex-boyfriend who I had not talked to in a long time and still had strong feelings for. I had all of these thoughts and fears of what might happen if I called. I didn't know if he would be happy I called or if he would say nothing or even hang up.

I wrote this poem and decided to submit it here because I feel it is something everyone can relate to. Almost everyone knows the fear that overcomes us before calling such a person.

If I Called You Now

Would my voice cause you to tremble,
If I called you now?
Would there be a stony silence,
If I called you now?
Would you recognize my voice,
If I called you now?
Would a smile adorn your face,
If I called you now?
Would you know the pain I feel,
If I called you now?
Would I make you laugh,
If I called you now?
Would tears streak your face,
If I called you now?
Would you say you love me,
If I called you now?
Would you damn my soul to Hell,
If I called you now?
Would it matter tomorrow,
If I called you now?
Would it change my life,
If I called you now?
Would you hang up the phone,
If I called you now?
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11 Visitor Comments

this is a great poem it relates to a lot of people and i know exactly how i feel cuz im going through the same thing. thanks for writing this poem.
this poem went straight to my heart. word for word is excactly wat i'm feeling and dealing with in my life. it's the best i've read yet!
This poem touched me in many ways, because it flooded back memorys of my ex- boyfriend. I no where she's coming from, and i reckon every girl or guy getz that nervous feeling before callin the person you love.
I saw this poem while trying to find an ex-girlfriend on the internet. Could it be the same Beth?
I was actually looking up an old boyfriend when I saw this poem. It made me cry because I felt the same way. Thank you for making it real, that I am not the only one that feels this way!
this is a really good poem it relates to how i am feeling cause one day my x-boyfriend called me and said it was over i dont now what i did wrong or what i did to him but the next day he told me its cause i was never serious about anything but i was and then he would always write me notes telling me i am a loser just cause i went out with someone else besides him and i told him what was i suppose to do wait all year for him and he called me up and told me he was sorry for anything and everything he did to hurt me i really love this poem! keep up the "GOOD" work!
I liked this poem, because I'm going through something similar to this, also. I like this guy I mean I talk to him daily and all but I'm always afraid that he'll hang up on me if I tell him what I really feel for him.
you have to call him give it a chance I did but if you dont try youll never know
this captures the true feelings of that very moment in time. a moment that is too soon gone.
this really hits home with me. we are both feeling the same way. if only we just did it, it would be great.
I love this poem cause i had the same problem with a girl one time and i thought the same thing.

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