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This poem is about how sometimes animals can be the best friend you've been looking for. Most people don't take enough notice of just how much animals devote themselves to our services. They don't understand how much love and protection they provide for us ALL. Animals are the most loyal living creatures ever made and why some people don't see that, I don't know. I am just one of the many lucky people who do see through their sharp teeth and long hair. When I see animals it is a natural reaction for me to want to show the affection that they are always willing to show us.

My Love For Animals

Animals are loyal,
loving and obedient.
Caring and affectionate,
Gorgeous as can be!

Animals are friends,
Best friends to me.
Always standing by you,
As willing as can be.

Always underestimated,
But still they exist.
Nothing will ever hurt them more,
Than hatred and mistrust.

Always there to talk to,
Although they don't reply.
You see it in their eyes,
And know that they'll stand by.

They save life's,
And help the blind.
But still we do not see,
That animals weren't made as slaves,
But as friends for you and me!!!
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6 Visitor Comments

it was really sad and it made me to take the time to remember that they do have eelings and to treat them right
I think this poem was really good I love it. I think your a really good poet judging from this poem and you understand animals.
im here to comment that this poem is really sweet and i find it interesting. yeah! i love it!
I am also an animal lover. I have a few pets and they all meen alot to me. I also feel that animals should be treated with love and respect.
I think this poem proves to all that animals deserve every right that we have, to be treated as humans. They are more loyal to us then we ever will be to them but we can always try to be their best friend in return for everything they do for us, all the love they give to us and for all their everlasting friendship that they will never stop giving us! This is an eye opening poem and it just goes to show how some people really do communicate with animals they way that we shoul. It was a great poem, I hope people start to write with the same attitude as you and I hope to see more poems about animals too. I'm also an animal lover and protecter! keep it up Katherine!
Wonderful,Very accurate poem!

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