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Living in a place where you can see the river any day you want adds peace to your heart. There's never a day where it looks the same. I wrote this poem in 1994 when I was a Freshman in high school and because of a teacher that inspired me to write. She never gave up on my abilities, and so, with my eyes closed and pen and paper in hand I sat in front of the river just as the sun was about to set. I wrote. I didn't write sentences, but words. Words that came into my heart. When I felt that warm feeling in my heart simmering down, I knew I was finished. What I had then was this

The Wanderer

Floating down a river
The sun warming my skin,
The wind going through my hair,
The water lapping over my bare feet and arms,
Whispering ever so softly,
"Come, unite with me! "

Watching the sun set,
Its warmth embracing me,
The afternoon air turning cool,
The red and orange of the sunset
Lights the sky like fire.
"Come, unite with me! "

The night wrapping its love around me,
Shh . . . I am being watched,
Eyes from every corner of the earth,
Yet there's nothing around me,
Nothing but the night.
"Come, unite with me! "

The dark clouds closing around me,
but I am not scared.
Thunder booms,
Lightening strikes,
Sending their warning,
Yet I am not afraid.
The Lord watches over me.
I am the Wanderer.
"Come, unite with me! "
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4 Visitor Comments

Tinker your poem realy touched my soul it is just as I feel while in the wilds. Thank you
I loved this poem because it reminds me of many a lovely night by my own green river
Tinker. I thought your poem was beautiful. I am a published poet myself and I loved it.
i love this poem, it was very enjoyable!

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