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I wrote this poem while in Colorado, after an evening in the mountains with a very special friend. While leaving the mountains I was feeling very empty inside, knowing it would be a long time before we shared a moment like this again.

In writing the poem, I decided to write about both the mountain, and the person at the same time, using descriptions that could fit either one. I suppose it is up to the reader as to what I am talking about, my friend, or the mountain. You decide.


Rivers flow
with wind to carry song,
leading me deep
into your paradise.
Intoxicating beauty
towering, overwhelming
protecting me from
the outside world.
Your strong arms reach to hold me,
begging me to stay
just a little longer.
the thought of having to leave,
makes me want to cry out loud
yet, the sound of anguish never leaves
my lips,
for you soothe me with your
sweet voice, and quiet
that you will be here
waiting for my return.
you know that I will . . .
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6 Visitor Comments

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have read. Such feeling I can realate with on the same levels. Thank You Dawn
This poem is about beauty shared and the beauty that reaches out in relationship to the world around and those in it.
The poem was really good, especially for those who cannot express their views outwardly, this is the poem that really helps in letting out our feelings towrds anyone.
You brought me to tears. I only hope that special someone is able to return such incredible love to you
Thank you Dawn You have put how I feel for a very wonderful lady into the perfct words.
I thought this was a great poem. It left me wondering at the end of every line. Believe me I feel your pain and have been there before. You did a great job of expressing yourself in detail. I enjoyed it and can't wait for more to come.

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