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We've all heard it. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The saying may have some merit, but what happens when the beholder can't see? How, then, is beauty to be perceived?

In seeing astounding beauty in a blind person and struggling to find way to tell her so, I realized that a person's true beauty is and always will be, "Beauty Unseen".

Beauty Unseen

How can I show you you're beautiful?
Can this question be answered?
How can I show you you're beautiful,
When all I can offer you is word?

Can I tell you that your eyes shine-
As the warmth of a Winter fire?
Your lips, soft petals of a rose,
All painted with desire?

Shimmering tresses of your hair,
The touch of silk freshly spun.
Your tears, like wet dew dripping-
In the heat of morning's sun.

Your skin, sultry like satin,
Your smile, a breeze in Spring.
Watching you walk across the room,
Like listening to angels sing.

How can I show you you're beautiful?
How can I paint a picture in your mind?
How can I show you what you are to me,
Knowing that you are blind?
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14 Visitor Comments

this is a verry true poems. Girls always say thet they are ugaly. but the boy always says they are not. this means alot thanks, 4 your words. love Karlee Montgomery
I just visited the and saw Michael Anderson's poem, "Beauty Unseen". Michael is gifted. This poem is so beautiful, it can become a hit song. I vote 100 percent for this poem. Please do not disclose my e-mail address but allow me to quote the title of this poem with Michael Anderson's name by stating your website. I participate in Yahoo Answers where I am using the name "Pran Nath". I need your prompt reply because I must use it within two days.
awosem, finomal
It's amazing how he thought of the idea. It took me a long time before I realized that it was over.
Wow! I came by accident to this site. I was looking for other sites to post my poems though am a resident poet too of another poem site. I find great pleasure in discovering Michael Anderson's poems (am still reading the rest but this one really captured my attention). Such a beautiful poem and the last line really amazed me! Indeed, how can a weaver of beautiful words prove the beauty of one who's blind? But Michael, you absolutely did it, by your earnest sincerity in forming those words :). This poem is great! Two thumbs up!
This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. If someone wrote me a poem like this I would be their's forever. Great work!
ohh i have to tell you this is the poem iv been searching 4 to tell this girl i met last night at a roller rink im only 13 but this poem says it all thank you so much my searching is over its 11:00 at night and all the looking paid off.
This poem is so beautiful and very well written, it literally brought tears to my eyes!
I thought this was beautiful and very moving. And it took a lot of thought.
I like this poem very much and i can relate to trying to show how you feel to someone but can't find a way.
This is a beautiful poem. I LOVE IT
This poem was so touching, it made me think of how others might think the same about me. We never really see our true beauty.
this poem reminds me of the way i feel about myself and is truely beautiful

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