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Sometimes we can't do more than to close our eyes and reach out for heaven. Prayers are always sent above, but in time of need they are united in our cry.

Dark Clouds

When dark clouds covered sight
and daylight turns into night
within the tears of many souls
emotions flow without control
Helpless arms reached to sky
voices contain heart-wrenched cry
prayers and thoughts are sent above
united in prayers to our Lord of Love
to be with us in these days of sorrow
however we can face tomorrow
guide us through these darkest rays
light our path in these terrible days.
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11 Visitor Comments

that was great
this was a very good poem!
its great touched my heart, i am a writer and i never seen such a great poems ever keep it up
I think the poems are great,you did nice work. i dont see how that poem can not touch people because it got me pretty good. (hehe). i hope to read more.
I thought this poem was wonderful. It was so touching. I'm in forensics. I was looking for poems to share for it. I found this and new the judges would love it to so I decided to read it. I would like to thank the poet for this out-standing poem.
This poem is very good!
this poem was awesome. I am really into poetry so this really inspired me. It really does make you think though. Whether or not theres anything we can do to help. I have donated blood,money,food and clothing. I hope it helps. Do you have any tips for a 14 yr. old girl who LOVES to write poetry?
Beautifully written!
this poem really expresses what people thought of the attacks!
I really feel for the people in New York and believe that they are braver than before this unfortunate incident made them as strong as steel and more united than ever. I know that they will get through this and I wish everyone my love and prayers. I really thought this poem reached out and really described the feellings that are currently around us and I thought it was avery inspirational poem .

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