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Attack on America

Posted on September 12, 2001 by Ron

September 12, 2001:   The poetry submissions at Passions have been shut down for a long time now. I am in the process of completely rewriting our software, to better handle the heavy load we've unearthed, and I've already bought a new web server more capable of sustaining our millions of visitors. We are still several weeks from completion, still several weeks from being able to accept general submissions.

But these halls that have remained silent for so many months can remain silent no longer. The tragedies of yesterday, September 11, have understandably sparked an outpouring of emotions, and a relentless deluge of questions and doubts. People need to talk. To explore. To come together in sympathy, in outrage, and perhaps in understanding.

I honestly don't know where I will put any more poetry, but I am nonetheless inviting those who wish to share their pain and anger to submit it to Passions for immediate publication. I am opening a special page, linked only from this news article, for your submissions. Writers throughout the world, those with poetry within their hearts, must come together and help the stricken find solace and understanding. We must help others remember the people, not as numbers, not as faceless deaths, but as brothers and sisters of the heart.

We are the voice of the world, not of just one nation. We are the voice of the common people. We must be heard.

Special Submissions Only

Please do NOT use this special page for General Submissions to Passions. There will  soon be a time for those, but that time is not yet here. Any submission made using this page and judged not pertinent will be deleted without notification. I urge you to make your voices heard across the world.

Special Submissions Page

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