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pipTalk Forums back as 'read-only' site

Posted on December 19, 2021 by Kit

posted December 19th, 2021

Forum Update - Happy Holidays to our PipTalk Family

They say you can’t go back in time, but I would disagree,
For when I read our pages blue, you’re “all” back there with me;
I wonder if you feel the same … that tug that pulls your heart
When reading through the archives long before we grew apart.

Like family, I’d come and go as life got in the way,
Priorities and new directions often made me stray,
I’d drift back in and out each year … it always felt like home,
A place where I could rest my heart and mind, to read and roam.

A welcome mat was always there at Passion’s friendly door,
I’d see those pages, all your names, and ohhh might heart would soar,
Ron’s very essence whispered softly, “Welcome Home, my friend”,
“Pull up a chair and settle in, we have some time to spend.”

It mattered not where I had been or how long I was gone,
It felt like Christmas every time I’d see Ron’s porch light on;
Each one of you became a part of who I am today,
You kept me sane and grounded more than I can ever say.

I struggle as I write this piece … afraid to get it wrong,
Because I need to let you know how much you meant to Ron;
Our final conversations were of "his" concerns for “you”,
We talked and cried together, just like loving families do.

He knew although the times had changed, some drifted in and out,
He made it clear the words we wrote should stay, without a doubt;
He knew the forums were a place for us to softly land,
A stable home we counted on, where others understand.

And so my friends, pull up a chair, we tried our very best,
Although dear Ron was right … this renovation was a test!
The bones were good, the data strong, but there was heaps of wear,
Just like a well-loved home, it needed lots of tender care.

Be gentle and please understand there’s LOTS of tweaks to do,
But just for now, it’s time to rest and pass it back to you;
It’s not the same (and yet it is), a snapshot from a time
When we all roamed Ron’s loving home in laughter, tears and rhyme.

/Kit Detering (Kit McCallum)


We wanted to let you know that Rob has uploaded a read-only version of the PiPTalk Forums in time for the holidays. It has been a long journey for us, and a challenging one to say the very least. Although there is still work to be done and troubleshooting ahead, we felt the time was right to share this now as we all hunker down over the holidays.

Future revisions and tweaks will continue as we go along, but hopefully this version will bring you some comfort and joy, along with wonderful memories and heartwarming smiles. Welcome back to Ron’s home.

With love and best wishes to all,
/Kit and Rob

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