Voices on the Web Poetry Anthology

standard 5.5" x 8" 10-pt laminated cover 233 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Family of Friends 1
In The Moonlight Shadows Dancing 5
Same Time, Next Life 6
One In A Million 7
The Wedding Vow - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 8
Dreaming You 10
Passion's Sands of Evermore 11
Small Pain in My Chest 12
The Earth Laughs In Flowers 13
Eternal Dance 14
I Slept with You Last Night 15
With One Word 16
The Blooming 17
Heaven's Touch 18
The Wolf and The Rose 19
Heartstring Laces 20
Winds Of Change 21
Heart Thaw 21
Serendipity 22
My Son 23
The Weight of a Voice 23
trembled 24
In the Middle of the Storm 25
Word Power 25
Desert 26
Water Hole 27
Blissful Love 27
Path of Promise 28
Dancing In The Shadows 29
Baby 29
Alone Again 30
Ghost Pains 31
The Rose 31
Glimmerless 32
Is This Real 33
Jordan's Lullaby 34
Rose of Life 35
Passion's Flames 36
Words of Music (The Piano) 37
Gratitude to All 37
Love 38
The Sound Of A Distant Train 39
Her Eyes 40
What I Long For... 41
A Pebble Ride the Tides 42
Dead Spirit 43
Dawn's Trance 44
I Want to be Adult . . . 45
Gingerlily and Coconut 46
Mother's Lament 48
Watching You Sleep 49
Under the Moonrise 50
Mist So Beautiful 51
The Gift I Gave to You 52
If Only 53
Come Gentle Rain 54
Entrapment 55
When Daddy Comes Home 56
I Know Who You Are 57
Captive, I 58
My Gemini Dream 59
Lemon Lime 60
Life's Songs 61
When Nighfall Captures Curtains 62
Thinking It Through 63
Friend 64
Until Your Journey Is Done 65
A Heady Draught 66
Sea Love 67
Till Stars Grow Old 68
Love 68
Southern Bell 69
A Wish Upon My Star 70
Keepsake 72
Give and Give 73
My Son 73
Emerald Green 74
Drifting 75
Imprisoned By Guilt 76
Love Sonata: Only In Dreams 77
Forever On 77
True Love Never Dies 78
Poets Prayer 79
Your Passion 79
Open 80
A Passing Friend 81
Computer Love 81
Beauty and What It Truly Is 82
As This Night Fell 83
Silent Song 84
A Summer Evening Death 85
Following the Angels 86
Poppy's Heavenly Garden 87
Windowpanes 88
Like A Breeze Blowing Backwards 89
Midnight's Escape 90
The Dream 92
Midnight Sunshine 92
Can True Love Last Forever 93
Element 111 94
Desert Weed 95
Daily Prayer 96
Always There 97
Cry In The Moonlight 98
Seeking 99
Feast of Summer Solstice 100
Prideful Past 102
Memories 103
Forgive Me 103
On the Wings of the Night 104
Sighs 106
Have You Ever 107
Never Ending Love 108
Into The Darkness 109
The Story of an Hour 110
It's All I Have to Give 111
Denial 112
The Beauty You Portray 113
The Dummy 114
A Song Too Familiar 115
Dear Heart 116
Longing, Lonely, Sweet Tonight 117
Fever 118
Best Friend 119
To Still the Hand of the Muse 120
Without Prejudice 121
Rivers Of Rainbows 122
Until 123
Love 124
Innerlife 125
Silent River, Flow 126
What is a Tear? 127
I'm With You Always 128
The Best Poem You Ever Read 129
The Last Nights of Summer 130
Unrequited 131
The Phone Call 132
Masked 133
You Gazed Into My Eyes Tonight 134
You 135
Rendezvous with Sweet Repose 136
Powerful Serenity 137
Lost in a Time 138
The Piano Player 139
Promise 139
I Saw Her in the Rain 140
Wandering 141
Forever After 141
God, I Need Help 142
Love's Tragedy 142
Declarations of Love 143
I'm Sorry 144
Walk with Me 145
Faded Perfume 145
Elsewhen and Elsewhere 146
Veil of Night 148
Solitude 149
Those Few Words 150
To Remember 151
Thoughts of a Lonely Man 152
If Tomorrow Doesn't Come 153
Trail of Tears 154
The Gummi 155
Forever as One 156
Dance with the Moon 157
Angels and Their Wings 158
He Calls to Me 159
Rape 160
Would That I Could 161
A Melting Moment 162
The Storm Within 163
The One Thing Missing 164
Soldier 165
The Last Dance 166
The Way I See The World 167
My Dream 168
The Tempest Travels with Me 170
Somewhere Between 171
Letting Go 172
The Clown at Midnight 173
Carol: Christmas 1999 174
It Cannot Be 175
Maricel's Graduation 176
Distrust 177
Iron 178
Lips with No Meaning 179
Tears of Life 180
Twinkling Soul 180
Passion Land 181
The Picture Box 182
Hope 183
Two Hearts 184
Freedom and Lies 185
I Understand Now 186
I Cried That Night 187
Lover's Prayer 188
Me and You 188
Through Your Eyes 189
Loves Promise To You 190
As the Sunlight Gently Rises 190
Summerz Lazy Daze 191
This Lovely Vision 192
Hallowed Be My Sufferance 193
Departed 194
A Riddle for You 195
For Papa 196
A Rushing 198
Deep Inside 199
An Engineer's Prayer 200
Untouchable 201
The Fire Inside Will Always Burn 202
Lovers' Web 203
What Lies Beneath 204
Is it Really Not Goodbye? 205
Butterfly 206
Colors 207
Untitled 208
Wind 209
The Rhythm of Love 210
Final Forgiveness 211
Healing 212
Fading Kisses 213
Death of a Lonely Farmer 214
Lover's Chase 215
What You've Done To Me 216
Diana 217
The Circle Of Life 218
Just Like Them 219
Keep My Mouth Shut 220
Cruel World 221
A Special Friend 222
Pink Champagne In Coffee Mugs 223
Sign of the Times 224
Your Star 225
Feelings don't change 226
Boy . . . 226
Please See Me 227
The Last Words of a Dying Love 228
Fool 229
Hope is What Makes Us Sad 229
Dreaming of You Tonight 230
Surpass 231
Flies 231
What You Are to Me 232
Reflections 233

It's Here! Visions on the Web

Putting together a quality book, with several hundred authors involved and almost as many vendors, isn't a task to be taken lightly. When box after box of freshly printed books started arriving at my door, after nearly a year of pounding my head on the wall, I swore that Voices would my last such project.

And then, being both stupid and masochistic, I immediately started a second book.

Visisons on the WebVisions on the Web is the sister book to Voices and has finally  shipped from the printers. Not surprisingly, it was just as much hard work as the first book. Also not surprisingly, it turned out just as beautifully. If you would like to read more about our latest venture into publishing, just click on the photo of the book. It's worth the trip.

Voices on the Web

It had to happen, of course. Publishing a book of the best poetry at Passions was as inevitable as the sun rising in the East. After all, the growth and immense popularity of this web site is largely a result of the high quality of poetry all of our Poets have shared.

A real book, printed on real paper, was the next logical step.

Voices on the Web drew from our always active forums and took a loooong time to happen. Over a year, from start to finish. But the consensus, from each of the over two hundred poets included in the book, has been loud and clear - it was well worth all the time and hard work. If our first book was a learning experience (and it was!), the high quality of the end result hides all the bumps and burps we experienced along the way.

Voices on the Web, like the poetry comprising it, is a product in which we can all take pride.

Who will be the next
Edgar Allan Poe?

Or the next Robert Frost? Or Sylvia Plath? We don't really know, of course, but you can bet whoever it is, they'll probably get their start in a book just like Voices on the Web. This volume holds some of the best poetry in the world. Maybe ten or twenty years from now, names like Michael Anderson and Kit McCallum and Michael Mack will be the new household names of poetry. And you'll be able to say, "I knew them when ..."

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Introduction: A Family of Friends
introduction by Ron Carnell
December 2000

"Poems have magic, especially when they come from the heart. They can touch us, move us, delight us, enlighten us, make us laugh, make us cry, and both soften and enrich our deepest memories. Poems are the ties that bind one stranger to another, often in friendship, sometimes in love, always in understanding."

Little did I know, in late November, 1998, the impact those words would eventually have on my life and, to a lesser extent, the lives of several million others. Nor, at the time, do I think I fully realized their intrinsic truth.

It all started as a lark. The words above were penned and posted on the Internet, at a new web site called Passions in Poetry, along with a score of poems I'd written throughout some thirty years. Almost as an afterthought, I invited others to join me, to send me their hearts etched into words, and I would post their poetry beside my own. It began as a small trickle, one poem here, two more the next week, and I usually added them to the web site within a few hours of receipt. By the end of December, as 1999 was approaching, my poems had been joined by twenty-one others, a lovely handful in each of our five poetic categories.

January 3, 1999, is the official birthday of Passions. That was the day I registered the netpoets.com domain and moved our growing poetry collection to a new web server from a subdirectory on my personal site. We had 151 visitors the day I registered the new domain, a record high for us. In the process of moving the site, I also added nearly a thousand classical poems, from 75 of the greatest English speaking poets, and put together a new Greeting Card section. By the first week in February, we were up to 376 daily visitors and I was ready to add the nearly seventy new poems submitted during our first month of official existence.

As I write these words today, nearly two years after our humble beginnings, we have several thousand poems on the main site and tens of thousands available in our very active forums. Visitors are no longer measured in the hundreds, nor even in the thousands, as we now consistently welcome over a million new people to Passions every single month. The numbers are staggering, the growth phenomenal.

In The Beginning

Passions, however, has never really been about numbers.

When I retired in 1997, returning home after a twenty year absence, it was to spend time with my mother. Dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I felt she would need my support. She didn't, of course, because she was much stronger and braver than any of us ever gave her credit for, but it made me feel better to think she might. Dad died in August, 1997.

Life, they say, is what happens while we're busy making arrangements for what we hope will happen. The best things in life are rarely planned, and few of us have the foresight to see the worst. Or, perhaps, we just don't have the courage. On August 24, 1998, one year and seventeen days after losing Dad, my mother died.

Passions in Poetry was born almost exactly three months after burying Mom, and I suspect the timing was no accident. I spent the first month after her death coming to grips with my anger. I spent the second month dealing with my grief. And the third month, the month that led to the creation of Passions, was spent battling my loneliness. In retrospect, I think I turned to my poetry because, throughout my life, only it had ever offered me a path to understanding.

Passions in Poetry has never been about numbers. It is, instead, about understanding. For me, at first, it was about self-understanding. I found I could not write about my mother, so turned to my older poetry trying to find solace. Posting it on the web was a whim, asking others to join me an afterthought, but using verse as a journey towards understanding was nothing new. I had been doing it my whole life. The Internet only made it more public.

And then a strange thing happened.

As others sent me their poetry to post, I discovered it often would offer a unique insight into their lives. These weren't yet friends, weren't people I had met in "real" life, but I found myself touched by their words. Some wrote to share their talent, some to share their pain or joy, but whatever else they meant to share, each inevitably shared a large part of their life. There is an openness to poetry, and often a vulnerability, that cannot be found in any other medium. Red Smith claimed writing was easy. "All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein." What he didn't say was that it's not blood that flows from that vein, nor even blood-soaked words, but rather the foundation and meaning of one person's life. You discover their motivations, discover what they most value, discover what they most fear and abhor. They may try to lie, both to themselves and to us, but the lies are always revealed as secret truths. The life that flows from the opened vein can never be long obscured.

Read the words of a poet and you find understanding. First about them, then about humanity, and finally - about yourself.

If there is magic in poetry, it's because there is magic in understanding the heart of another. The people I have met through Passions are often more real to me than those I've known my whole life. Through the words of our poets, I have experienced their joys, their pains, their triumphs and failures. I have personally felt their hearts break, and I have secretly walked beside them as they discovered new love. I have used their eyes to see the beauty of a child, their ears to hear the sting of misplaced hate. I have laughed, I have cried. Through their words and imagery, I have lived their lives and glimpsed into their souls. I understand them. And, through them, I better understand myself.

Voices on the Web

Passions in Poetry isn't about numbers, and strange as it may sound, it really isn't even about poetry. It's about people and about understanding. Three years after retiring to take care of my mother, two years after her death, the web site and the people thus brought into my life have given me new purpose.

This book, the first collection of poetry culled from our extensive collection, is a small reflection of that purpose. Like Passions in Poetry, Voices on the Web is less about poetry and much more about understanding. It's our first collaborative book, the effort of many people, but it likely will not be our last. There is room in this world for more poetry, as the Internet proves every day, and there is certainly room for more understanding. Where there is understanding there will never be room for hate and bigotry. Understanding doesn't mean we will always agree and it doesn't mean we will always like each other, let alone live in brotherly love. But you cannot hate what first you fully understand. You can only accept.