Voices on the Web Poetry Anthology

standard 5.5" x 8" 10-pt laminated cover 233 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Family of Friends 1
In The Moonlight Shadows Dancing 5
Same Time, Next Life 6
One In A Million 7
The Wedding Vow - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 8
Dreaming You 10
Passion's Sands of Evermore 11
Small Pain in My Chest 12
The Earth Laughs In Flowers 13
Eternal Dance 14
I Slept with You Last Night 15
With One Word 16
The Blooming 17
Heaven's Touch 18
The Wolf and The Rose 19
Heartstring Laces 20
Winds Of Change 21
Heart Thaw 21
Serendipity 22
My Son 23
The Weight of a Voice 23
trembled 24
In the Middle of the Storm 25
Word Power 25
Desert 26
Water Hole 27
Blissful Love 27
Path of Promise 28
Dancing In The Shadows 29
Baby 29
Alone Again 30
Ghost Pains 31
The Rose 31
Glimmerless 32
Is This Real 33
Jordan's Lullaby 34
Rose of Life 35
Passion's Flames 36
Words of Music (The Piano) 37
Gratitude to All 37
Love 38
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It's Here! Visions on the Web

Putting together a quality book, with several hundred authors involved and almost as many vendors, isn't a task to be taken lightly. When box after box of freshly printed books started arriving at my door, after nearly a year of pounding my head on the wall, I swore that Voices would my last such project.

And then, being both stupid and masochistic, I immediately started a second book.

Visisons on the WebVisions on the Web is the sister book to Voices and has finally  shipped from the printers. Not surprisingly, it was just as much hard work as the first book. Also not surprisingly, it turned out just as beautifully. If you would like to read more about our latest venture into publishing, just click on the photo of the book. It's worth the trip.

Voices on the Web

It had to happen, of course. Publishing a book of the best poetry at Passions was as inevitable as the sun rising in the East. After all, the growth and immense popularity of this web site is largely a result of the high quality of poetry all of our Poets have shared.

A real book, printed on real paper, was the next logical step.

Voices on the Web drew from our always active forums and took a loooong time to happen. Over a year, from start to finish. But the consensus, from each of the over two hundred poets included in the book, has been loud and clear - it was well worth all the time and hard work. If our first book was a learning experience (and it was!), the high quality of the end result hides all the bumps and burps we experienced along the way.

Voices on the Web, like the poetry comprising it, is a product in which we can all take pride.

Who will be the next
Edgar Allan Poe?

Or the next Robert Frost? Or Sylvia Plath? We don't really know, of course, but you can bet whoever it is, they'll probably get their start in a book just like Voices on the Web. This volume holds some of the best poetry in the world. Maybe ten or twenty years from now, names like Michael Anderson and Kit McCallum and Michael Mack will be the new household names of poetry. And you'll be able to say, "I knew them when ..."

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