Visions on the Web Poetry Anthology

standard 5.5" x 8" 10-pt laminated cover 207 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: Poems Have Magic 1
Seek Not My Heart by Kit McCallum 4
The Whisperings by Karilea Rilling Jungel 5
Heaven's Song by Denise Corbley Snyder 6
Riding Wistful Horses by Alastair Adamson 7
Dad by Judy Burnette 8
Eternal Dance by Ruth Kephart 9
Broken Flight by Ron Carnell 10
Champagne by Sue Clisson 10
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts by Jennifer Carden 12
Thank You by David Landis 14
Is It Too Late? by Lara Gerard 16
In My Mind by Jennifer Farrell 17
The Eternal Flame Of Hope by Jason Bradley Powell 18
I Will Miss You by Rena' Du Bois 19
Longing To Meet by Steven 20
Pieces Of You Everywhere by Amy Pittman 21
Two Souls, One Voice by Paulus 22
For Her From Now by Hai Phan 23
Forever by Mandi Wilcox 24
Moment in Time by Cynthia Kepp 25
I Can't Help But Love You by Amy Michelle Priolo 26
More Than Friends by Matthew Whitaker 27
What Is Love? by E.J. Wallace 28
The Day by Laura Kelly 29
No More Tears To Cry by Pamela Crisostomo 30
A Place To Rest by Alison DeAngelo 33
Sadness by Jeremy Redinger 34
Always by Tara Simms Hall 35
One Moment by Roberto de Biase 36
The One I Love by Kelly Johnson 37
How Dare You by LaTiefa Alston 38
Soulmates by Agnes Nogal 39
Wistful Sorrows by Laura Mason 40
Silent Whispers by Judith Vazquez 41
Life Is... by Georgia Christoforou 42
Dark Cloud by John Clisson 43
I Could Imagine You by Analia Olivares 44
Middle Age by Sharad Verma 46
Dreams Shattered by S. Gustavel 47
Door To Decision by Robson Grant 48
Exposed by Enotneicna 49
The Heat Of My Desire by David Farrar 50
Between Us by May Queen 51
Within My Soul by Christie H.Goodman / Pegasus* 52
Wind Friend by Jim Williamson 53
Never Before by Brian Hudson 54
The Forest by Mary Boggs Garcia 55
Yes, She Was The One by OSMAN SHEIKH 56
I've Been Caught by Teresa J. Fiehn 57
Our Sarah by J. W. Woodard 58
Missing You by Natalie Harrison 59
I Whisper To The Leaves by Cindy Grant 60
Lonesome by Spencer Lassen 61
How Could I Let You Go by Larry Mattes 62
Who Am I? by Ludie 63
Loving You by Andy Hoffman 64
What Comes Of Tomorrow by Jennifer C. Image 65
An Engineer's Valentine by Matthew Dalton 66
Faded Dream by Jen Read 67
Mere Words by Kit McCallum 68
Whew! That's A Relief! by Denise Corbley Snyder 70
Ready For Love by Ruth Kephart 71
When Best Friends Love by Ron Carnell 72
I'll Be by Nancy Ness 78
Beware! by Jason Daniels 78
I Want to Give You Me by Julie Jordan Scott 79
Prayer For The Living by Kevin Rose 80
Drive Thru by Nancy Ness 81
An Inspired Poem by Lisa A Call 82
Fool Again by Maria Estella Gonzalez 83
Together by Jason Love 84
My First Love by Marcus Wood 85
The Battle by Megan Johnson 86
Death Of Jesica by Kelly R Hawke 87
Speak Or Spell by Edilberto Gonzalez-Trejos 88
Goodbye by Jami Lynn Kanapesky 89
Ancient Memories by Lex 90
Forever Far by Kerry 91
Passionate And Unforgettable Dreams by Heather Gist 92
Power Of Love by A.M. Alaniz 93
My Grandmother by Shay Vanderstelt 94
At Random by Cheeky 96
You're The One I Want by Brandi D. Schneider 97
Dear Dad by Nikki Moone 98
Thank You For The Memories by Christine Larocque 99
Unfulfilled Love (the Cruelty Of Distance) by Malcolm Coleman    100
The Sound by Samantha Coulter 102
Memories by Sudhir Iyer 103
The Nonbeliever's Soul by Iman Mashaal 104
I Miss by Erin E. Clairmomt 106
Time by Sherri L. Benner 106
A Kiss by Joe LeBlanc 107
Death Of A Dream by Poh Lin Ong 108
In Dreams (Marlisa) by Thomas M Gabianelli 108
Wet With You by Kevin Mitchell 109
Dreams Of Freedom by Belinda Chin 109
Friends 4-Life by Doryan Leigh 110
Down Again by Jenna Stark 110
The Bitter Truth by Taylor E. Hamilton 111
Picture Perfect by Jenn Hodges 112
A Bug's Life by Marcus Alan Bjorklund 113
We're Not In Love by Deni Wiatr 114
I Was A Fool For You. by Ruqaiya 115
Unconditional Love by JFuller21 116
Unreal by H. Thompson 118
Goodbye At Last by BarbiD 119
The Declaration Of Love by Christophe Marin 120
A Night Of True Love by Maria L. Nicastro 121
More Than Words Can Say by Samantha N. Comer 122
In Memory Of Falling Brothers by Bettleslydia 123
Music by Tom Harris Jr. 124
Velvet Footprints by Katie Tschabold 125
Surrender by Sheila Blair 126
Completely Yours by Tasneem 127
Forever Never Ends by Becky Rattray 128
Little One by Annemarie Schipper-de Boer 129
When I Sleep by Tanya Whitlock 130
The Race by Jennifer Delight 131
God Was Your Closest Friend by Randall J. Beers 132
One Of God's Many Blessings by Natalie Strauss AKA Sunshine    133
My Angel by Steven Beaudry 134
The Price Of Ignorance by Martina Hooley 135
Because Of You by Cinnamon 136
Will You Be My Guardian Angel? by Angela J. Bolwin 137
My Bridge by E.W. Richardson 138
The Willow by Jordan Blashek 139
I Love by Melissa Neiding 140
Why? by Kara Jankovic 141
What You Mean To Me by Kerry 142
Lost Dreams by Annie Coleman 143
Sometimes You Have To Choose A Song by Gail R. Ultz 144
In My Mind by E Bark 145
For Almie by Bobette Bruwer 146
What Is This? by Stace 147
The Stronger Side by Andrea Holmes 148
Lost by larisa 149
The Impact Of Jealously by Heidy Schmidt 150
Poison by Melissa Anne Morris-Roberts 151
What He's Done For Me by JewelN 152
Rose On My Table by Noel Ang 153
Jackie by Jon ashley Macomber 154
Because Of You by Michelle Grade 155
Pain Of The Night by Telitha L. Taylor 156
If I Said Yes by Daniel Davis 157
Silhouette by Sara Blaney 158
Nights Without You by Julz 159
Blind by Mitchell M. Pavao 160
Lost Lover's Beach by Nicholas Alexander 161
I Am Someone by Sarah McLean 162
You by Ashley Ann McLean 163
Friends Forever by Rebecca Fleig 164
Times In Love by Sherri Anderson 165
Deceiving Me by Erin K. Howley 166
What Is Life Without Love? by Simon McNamara 167
Pathways by Dawn Warid 168
The Child by Tricia Petroski 169
My Perfect World by Dave Warren 170
Peace Of Mind by Dave 171
Time Moves Along by Donald R Geske 172
Distant Love by Dale Whipple 173
Your Eyes by Helea Eunice Flores 174
Have You Seen A Fairy? by Arugula Grub 175
Always by Richard LeGault 176
She Won't Cry by Juliana Pokorny 177
The Arrival by Jshupe 178
In The Shadows by Asil Nomrah 179
Your Gift To Me by Joyce Sousa 180
Shooting Stars by Ernie A 182
You Are My Angel by Robyn Fortney 183
Compared To You by Erica Lyons 184
Addictions by Basith 185
3am by Cary Michael Fry 186
My Father, My Son by Thomas Jay Ahearn 186
Falling by Lanora T. Melillo 187
Until We Meet by Syreeta M. Elie 188
Being There For You by Sanford Wheeler 189
Can You See It In My Eyes? by Sandy Fioretti 190
My Hero by Keri Dooley 191
Where R U On ICQ by Christopher D. Mckinzie 192
Tonight I Dream, Tomorrow I Live by Tin Nguyen 193
Full Heart, Empty Arms by Valerie K. Jochum 194
My Angel And Friend by Kristin Nicole Vogt 195
The Tree In The Winter by Wagner 196
Unhappy Christmas by Steve Woodman 197
On Display by Kristen Perkins 198
At Night by Miss P 199
Corrupted Love by Bekah Cisman 200
My Gift To You by Lonely Shadow 201
Just Beyond The Stars by Tom Perry 202
Never Again by Vinny 204
Little Drops Of Heaven by Abrahm Simons 206
Envy the Sun by Jason Daniels 207


Coming Soon!
Reflections on the Web

Our third book is already in the planning stages and will include the best poetry and stories from BOTH the forums and the main site. This one is sure to knock the socks off the poetry community, so be sure to watch for it around Fall of 2003.

Reflections on the Web - Fall 2003

The quality and commitment you've come to expect. The touching poetry and prose you'll find no where else.

Visions on the Web

In late 2001, Passions in Poetry published its first anthology of poetry.

Voices on the Web Poetry Anthology 2001Voices on the Web drew from our always active forums and was over a year in the making, representing the work of over two hundred incredibly talented poets. It was a smashing success, and led to immediate plans for another book. Like our first anthology, the second was an uphill struggle and we discovered, once again, that real quality does not come easily. But it is attainable.

In 2003, we are proud to announce the publication of Visions on the Web, the long-awaited companion volume to Voices.

This compilation of the best poetry available at the main site, as determined by the votes of nearly 25,000,000 web visitors, was well worth the wait. Visions proves, once again, that the beauty and wisdom of poetry is no longer sequestered in the darkened halls of academia, but is alive and well in the hearts of the world. It will make you laugh and cry and send chills through the fabric of your heart. The beauty of this poetry probably won't change your life, but it certainly will enrich it. Poetry for the people, and by the people.

Who will be the next
Edgar Allan Poe?

Or the next Robert Frost? Or Sylvia Plath? We don't really know, of course, but you can bet whoever it is, they'll probably get their start in a book just like Visions on the Web. This volume holds some of the best poetry in the world. Maybe ten or twenty years from now, names like Ruth Kephart and Judy Burnette and Jason Daniels will be the new household names of poetry. And you'll be able to say, "I knew them when ..."

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Introduction: Poems Have Magic
by Ron Carnell

"Poems have magic, especially when they come from the heart. They can touch us, move us, delight us, enlighten us, make us laugh, make us cry, and both soften and enrich our deepest memories. Poems are the ties that bind one stranger to another, often in friendship, sometimes in love, always in understanding."
"Sticks and stones
May break my bones, But words will never hurt me."
From a Children's Rhyme

Contrary to childhood aphorisms, words have power. They can hurt us far more than sticks and stones, and too often they do. But words also have the power to heal. They can help make whole that which the rigors of life and time have broken. That, I believe, is the Magic of Poetry.

This discovery came to me slowly.

Three years ago, before starting the Passions in Poetry web site, my only insights about poetry were personal ones. I had been writing poems since my early teens, a span of about thirty-five years, and I long ago recognized the power they had in my own life. Verse allowed me to communicate, to a select few, things that otherwise would have remained unspoken. I didn't know it then, and wouldn't realize it for many more years, but there was a chain wrapped around my heart, padlocked against both intrusion and extrusion. Pen and paper were the only keys allowing me a brief respite from my prison.

When I impulsively posted my poetry on the Internet in late 1998 and invited others to join me, I discovered I wasn't alone. The chain that bound my heart wasn't the short length I had imagined it to be, but rather extended around the globe, wrapping itself around the hearts of many. Today, I suspect "many" is probably "all." I think that same chain encircles all of humanity, stopping at each heart along the way to twist and twine and bind. For some it becomes a wall that must be surmounted, for others it becomes a dark prison, but none of us remain untouched. Everyone struggles to communicate.

Poetry certainly isn't the only key that can unlock that chain, but I'm convinced it's a significant one. My first clue came within weeks of opening Passion's virtual doors and from a very unlikely venue.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Within a few days of each other, I received three different emails from visitors to Passions, looking for the poem that was recited at the funeral in this 1994 movie (it was Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden). That was my first "poem in a movie" request, but it certainly wasn't the last. From Pablo Neruda in "Patch Adams," to Dylan Thomas in Rodney Dangerfield's "Back to School", to William Ernest Henley in "Dead Poet's Society," hardly a week goes by without someone writing in hopes of finding something they heard that touched their hearts. They often forget the movie title, they forget the story and characters, but they find they cannot forget the poem.

The requests aren't limited to movies and television, though. I get even more from people looking for a poem they heard as a child or adolescent, perhaps from a parent or a teacher. They rarely remember the title, even more rarely the author, and often can give only a few words and a remembered sense of awe as clues.

People, I think, look for long-lost poetry in much the same way they look for long-lost friends, and maybe even for the same reasons.

Why Do You Read Poetry?

Poetry, of course, opens a path of communication between the author and the reader, allowing us to learn something of the human condition through the experiences of another person. And that is a powerful reason to read poetry. The same is true, however, of prose, and also of theatre, paintings, sculpture, and music.

Poetry is perhaps unique in that it often opens more than a single line of communication. The author talks to the reader, yes, but I think the reader also does a little of the talking. To friends, to family, to the world outside themselves. "This is how I have felt, too," the reader says. Through the words and truths of the poet, the reader is also set free from that great length of chain binding the heart.

Writers write because they feel an enormous, overwhelming need to communicate. Many could no more stop writing than they could stop breathing, and many more could care less if anyone ever read their words. They write for themselves. They use pen and paper to all too briefly free themselves from the chain that binds us all. In this, because all are similarly bound, I think all of us are poets. Everyone feels the need, even if it remains yet unrecognized.

Some writers go beyond. They discover that communication is a two-way street, and they struggle diligently to learn better ways to impart understanding. Their first goal remains the same, to free themselves, but they realize that in reaching that goal they may also have the power to free others. Thus are born the Shakespeares, the Keats, the Nerudas.

There is a great chain that wraps all of humanity, leading from one breast to the next, locking our hearts from each other and strangling communication.

Poetry, very simply, is the magic that can transform that chain into a connection, a path that travels from heart to heart, from person to person, showing us we are not so very different.

"This is how I have felt, too."

What The Authors Said About Our First Book
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Denise Thanks so much, Ron. The book is beautiful, moreso than I had even imagined that it would be. And an extra surprise to boot! You're the best!
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