Table of Contents
Cloudrise by Lyra Nesius 15
My Little Alien by Lyra Nesius 16
Into This House, A Loss Has Come by Ron Carnell 18
West Coast Beauty by Mysteria 19
You'll Always Have My Heart by Kit McCallum 20
Good-Bye by Sunkissed 21
Naked by Ruth Kephart 22
Old Photographs by Elizabeth Santos 23
I Talk to the Woods Denuded by Martie Odell-Ingebretsen 24
Heirloom Memories by Sharon Bowlby DeVries 25
The Road To Forever by Ethel GG Kent 26
Oh! Love by Sandra Tournas 27
Silence Rhapsody by Titia Geertman 27
porcelain by Sudhir Iyer 28
Quiet by Karilea Rilling Jungel 29
Timeless by Theresia A Makatita-Poortman 30
Spuddlin' by Nancy Ness 31
Hope by Paul Wilson 32
The Iris by Midnitesun Kacy 33
A Dictionary of Childhood by Larry Chadwick 34
Mirror Finish by D.Lester Young 35
Prayer For My Sister by Rita C Burkett 36
Seasons of the Heart by Munda 37
Incurable Romantic by Alastair Adamson 38
Encompassed Destination by Janet Marie 39
Twin Souls by Linda L Dowd 40
Ocean's Rhythm by Theresia A Makatita-Poortman 41
Ever Changing Love by Joyce Johnson 41
Like Sand by Mark V Sheldon 42
Roping The Wind by Dennis 42
Lost Memories by Paul Wilson 43
Grandma's Antique Dresser by Linda L Dowd 44
Little Mice Marching by James N Bouder 45
The Garden Gate by Karen H Blaise 46
Write Right by Vicky L Raynes 47
The Fleecing of Mara by Dorene M Harris 48
Magnolia Blossom by Susan Marie Eckam & Bill Charles 49
Allure by Mark Bohannan 50
walls by Anne Earle 51
Cloaked by Nancy Ness 52
Rainer Sits My Shadow by Karilea Rilling Jungel 53
lanes of cacti by Sudhir Iyer 54
Acoustic Guitar by Michael Chmielecki 55
Thoughts Of You by Sue Tancheff 56
No Comfort by Ron Travis 57
The Warmth Of Him by Nancy Lee Ould 58
The Vow by Ken Julkowski 59
Secrets of the River by Molly K Servatius 60
Life's Journey by Tammy Blessing 61
Riddle of Life by ecrivan 62
Last Days Of A Friend by Patrick Talty 63
'Armless Yarn by Tash 64
Contentment by Martha Piro 65
Aeolian castle by Christopher Creek 66
My Love For You by Pascal 67
A Willow'Sonnet by Nancy Ness 68
I May Dream You Into Being by Sue Tancheff 68
No Darkness Here by Sharon Bowlby DeVries 69
Lonely Highway by Bradly Stott 69
Silent Utterances by Karilea Rilling Jungel 70
Never Goodbye by Sy 71
The Widow's Walk by Kit McCallum & Michael  Mack 72
This Art of Womanhood by Auguste 74
Full Moon Magic by Sandra Tournas 75
Another Chance by Electra 75
Lullaby by Theresia A Makatita-Poortman 76
Sweet Chocolate Kiss by James Michael Lee 76
Immortal Light by Joyce Johnson 77
Angel Wings by S.C Shells 77
Will You Remember Me? by Titia Geertman 78
Completion by Scott Nagel 78
If I Could Paint by Midnitesun Kacy 79
A Tender Moment by Nancy Lee Ould 79
Daze End by Mark V Sheldon 80
He Should Feel What I Feel by Rex Allen McCoy 81
Grief and Suffering... Uninvited Guests by Larry Chadwick 82
Fantasy Laundramat by Geoffrey Sonnen 82
The Breath Of Fantasies by ThisDiamond 83
My Sweet Fisherette by Daniel Kelly 83
Underneath Velvet Skies by Ethel GG Kent 84
Sunset by Regina N 84
Made You Look by Marcia Estep 85
reflections by Matt Howe 85
I Want You In My Heart by D.Lester Young 86
Knightly Nights by Magnus 87
Little Star by Dawn C Gentes 88
A Boy or A Girl? by Tamma Offenstein 88
Brother by Rita C Burkett 89
I Like How This Feels Again by SweetSerenity 89
Whatever by Ruth Gill 90
In this time you call unfortunate by Maria Russo 90
A Thousand Words by Elizabeth Santos 91
Hawaiian Love by James Michael Lee 91
Dusted With Dreams by dgvarner 92
Misfit by Jessica Dodson 92
Muse And The Heart by Bill Charles 93
Barren by Ruth Kephart 93
In his shell by Elizabeth Costello 94
Poetic Nymph by Thomas Goldsworthy 94
Lilacs by Linda L Dowd 95
Blue Serenade by Lori 95
Wordsworth by Ed Rose 96
The Soul That I've Become by Geoffrey Sonnen 97
Reflect by Anne E Thompson 98
Echo by Allison Colgrove 98
Swan's Slumber by Bonnie S Church (BSC) 99
Winter's Dawn by Ellie LeJeune 99
The Smell of Rain by Alastair Adamson 100
Midnight Ponderings by Bella 101
A Lady in Amsterdam by Munda 102
Waiting for you by Marc Afan 103
Forever September by Janet Marie 104
Spirit by Dinah Serritelli 105
Dog In The Sun by Ed Ratledge 106
A Kite is a Kite by Sy 106
The Language of your Skin by Titus 107
The Wisdom of the Aces by Mike Waterman 108
Dance of Terror by Bridgette C Morgan 110
Failing Words by Ron Travis 110
Raindrops of Remember by Vicky L Raynes 111
past all repair by Kinson 111
Voici mon père by Karen H Blaise 112
Listen by Betty Lou Hebert 113
Trivial by Dorene M Harris 114
Your silence frightens me to make resolve by Michael Chmielecki 114
Another Gloomy Day by Maureen Scully 115
Waiting by Bradly Stott 115
Sailing The Sea Of My Imagination by Mysteria 116
Drops of Honey by Margherita Rueger 116
Courage by Ellie LeJeune 117
Reverie by Susan Marie Eckam 118
Crystal Tears by Skyfire 119
The Sweetest Song by Ruth Kephart 119
Thank You by Serena Marie Corbella 120
What Is Love? by Patricia L.Thompson 120
Since Feeling Is First by Dixie L Alligood 122
March Musicale by Ellie LeJeune 122
Thinking of You by Laoha 123
Building Glory by Timothy Work 123
Spirit of Soaring Eagle by Paul Wilson 124
Fluid Silver by Karilea Rilling Jungel 125
Under Orion by Michael Chmielecki 126
Consolation by ecrivan 127
Fruit Of Your Vine by Sandra Tournas 128
If I Should Fall by Nancy Wilcox 128
If I Should Wake by Joyce Johnson 129
He Still Cares by Sue Graves 129
Take Me Back to Yesterday by Titia Geertman 130
Darkling by Jason Lyle 130
Silent Spirits by Midnitesun Kacy 131
Crimson Red by Robert E Michaud Jr 131
Heartache's Seeds by Larry Chadwick 132
Silence by Jason Lyle 132
Flavors Of Moon by ThisDiamond 133
Zephyr by Maria Russo 133
Treasures by Ethel GG Kent 134
Pebbles in the Stream by Betty Lou Hebert 134
The Tucking In by Marcia Estep 135
Why Am I Me? by M P Bennett 135
Images of You by Dawn C Gentes 136
To Sleep on Angel's Wings by Dennis 136
Pucker Power by Ruth Gill 137
I Wonder by Nancy Lee Ould 137
Completely by dgvarner 138
Echoes From Jupiter by Sunkissed 138
Candlelight Of The Moon by Bill Charles 139
Lapping Up The Pink Of Day by Maria Russo 139
The Homecoming by Elizabeth Costello 140
like a child by Deidrè Duvenage 140
Afternoon Shift by Anne E Thompson 141
Bardic Magic by Tammy Blessing 141
Traveling the Scenic Route by Ed Rose 142
Voices Raised In Unison by Karen Mc Neil 143
No Fences by Bonnie S Church (BSC) 144
Puddle Dances by Sharon Lee Rotondi/Enotneicna 144
Blued Brilliance by Janet Marie 145
The Time Has Come by Jeffrey D Carter 146
The Towers Down by Ed Ratledge 147
Call Me Dad by Matt Howe 147
Passing the Torch by Mike Waterman 148
World's Wet Kiss by Scott Andrew Sterl 148
Intuitive Abstractions by Bridgette C Morgan 149
The Soldier by Electra 149
Presence of a Prayer by Karen H Blaise 150
Bridge Between Two Hearts by Benjamin Graber 150
Ode To A Paperclip by Vicky L Raynes 151
Hidden in the Mind by Rick 151
Taking a Breather by Dorene M Harris 152
The Way, the Truth, and the Life by Robert E Michaud Jr 152
In Wait of Thee ( for Lady Ollyne) by Maureen Scully 153
Chessboard War by Maria Byrne 153
Peace Will Come by Mysteria 154
Forgotten Truth by Samantha R Royal 154
Transcendence by Susan Marie Eckam 155
Tears of Joy by Ellie LeJeune 155
Should I Perish to This World by Margherita Rueger 156
The Mood Of Shiva by Eric Paul McCarty 157
A Springtime Show by Joyce Johnson 158
Silence by Geoffrey Sonnen 158
Sometimes, When The Lights Are Out by Titia Geertman 159
Extra Celestials by Timothy Work 159
Can You Have Me? Just Touch My Mind! by Patricia L.Thompson 160
Some Voices by Duncan 161
move forward by Midnitesun Kacy 162
Broken Angel by Susan Acacio 162
Silk Annunciations by ThisDiamond 163
Within the Soul of a Lost Child by Nicole Michaels 163
Deafening Silence by Ethel GG Kent 164
Same by William E Kleist 164
Another 3 a.m by Ruth Gill 165
A Walk in the Sun by Sy 165
In The Middle of the Moonlight by dgvarner 166
Once Again We Come Together by Wilfred Gardner 166
Moonlight Rainbows by Bill Charles 167
Willow Girl by M P Bennett 167
Color Me by Anne E Thompson 168
Winter's Frost by Sheri Liegh Welna 168
Skating on Stars by Bonnie S Church (BSC) 169
Searching by Sunnyone 169
Velvet Scratches by Karen H Blaise 170
Soul Traveling by Margherita Rueger 171
Travel At Your Own Risk by Ed Ratledge 172
On the Avenue by Martha Piro 173
Can I Keep You by Bridgette C Morgan 174
Reflections On Passed Colors by Derek Benz 175
Solitary by Nicole Adams 176
Dream Catcher by Josefina 177
Four Seasons by Eliza Simmons 177
Plain Jane? by Thomas Goldsworthy 178
pale chords by Black Swan 178
Our road of hope by Rick 179
Worth by Clouded Dreams 179
Better on Paper by Duncan 180
Insanity by Peter J Marcroft 180
Iniquity by Sheri Greenman 181
Her Presence by Spiros Zafiris 181
The Poet's Heart by Jennifer L Garcia 182
Rush by Eliza Simmons 183
Amidst the Sea of Modern Travail by David L White 184
Wind by Logan 185
A New Me by Candii 185
Full Moon Fantasy by Susan Elaine Allen 186
Looking Down At You by Kellie Cantrell 186
When You Wish Upon A Star by Mistletoe Angel 187
A Lady's Lace by Helen Slicker 187
A 30 Percent Chance of Rain by Matthew Blue 188
Weave A Tapestry by Marsha 189
Blessed Are the Peacemakers by John Garcia 190
Nothing by Krissy 192
The Deepest Thoughts from the Shallowest Questions by Mandie 193
Together Forever by Rodger Kephart, Jr 194
This is Not A Poem by Zaheer Abbas Ali 194
A Pyro's Desire by David B Learned 195
Reaching Harmony by Don Furr 195
Mermaid Song by Heather Walters 196
Signals by Corinne Bailey 197
Inside My Head by Albert J Allie 198
Katie - Baby Girl by Amy Kennedy 198
Queen of the Mere by Kevin Rainbow. 199
A Morning With You by Lauren Welch 199
The Birth Of A Season by Jennifer L Garcia 200
Nothing Less Than Perfect by OtherSideOfTheMirror 200
Lovingly Hateful by Matt Squires 201
hide by Stacey Leonard 201
Tarbiah by Mistletoe Angel 202
Butterfly Girl by Sunnyone 204
Ketchum, 1961 by Justin Guardiani 204
Umbra Gelida by Matthew Blue 205
The Gentle Son by Dinah Serritelli 206
Between Storms by Corinne Bailey 206
Even Love Dies by Marsha 207
The Fountain at Reutter Park by John Garcia 208
Consumed by Garfield Harvey 208
Burning Wax by Claire Trévien 209
Temple Of Terror by Ed Schmidt 209
Tan Lines by Lori 210
You by K Kennedy 210
Father Daughter Dance by Jason Lyle 211
Through Eight-Year-Old Eyes by Bradly Stott 212
The Shape of You by Denise Corbley Snyder 212
Epiphany by Mistletoe Angel 213
Paris or Bust by Melissa P Long-Monette 214
Her Name is Love by Tony Ryan Johnson 215
Lifelines and Hope by Kamla Mahony 216
You Were the Ocean by Parker 218
The Letter by Jeffrey D Carter 219
Grief's Reign by Kethry 220
Dreams by Ria LaVoie 221
the miles by Brian Sites 222
Spare any change? by Gemma Page 223
The Freckled Face of a Girl by Rex Allen McCoy 224
Mom, I Just Can't Tell You by Shannon M Mingo 226
Ten Below Zero by Dennis 227
My Dreams Grow Tired by Kristen Noele Brandon 228
38 years by Michael Kyle 229
While I am sleeping by Heng Kaile 230
Eagle's Flight by Eddie Meehan 230
If Stars Could Weep by Auguste 231
February 21, Every Year by Martie Odell-Ingebretsen 232
When My Stars Appeared by Sarah Hughes 233
The Cycle by Michael  Mack 234
Here, Outside of Eden by Robert E Michaud Jr 236
Only The Birds Get It by Andrew Sewell 236
Inevitable Loss by Heng Kaile 237
The Smallest Butterfly by Jamie Patterson 238
The Fall by Sherry Lynn Gardner 239
Dreamweaver by Kethry 240
Love's Touch by Donna Smith & Bill Charles 241
The Preacher and the Boy by Michael  Mack 242
Eyelash by Susan Acacio 243
Love's Entwine by Cpalmer 243
Daisy by Erica L Newsome 244
The Anger Remains by Robin Hill 245
I'm Tired Of Weeping by Ruth Kephart 246
D to the drama M to the mama by MissE.Rose 247
Suffer The Children by Catherine Morini 248
Taunt Me More by Susan Caldwell 250
Reunited by Logan 251
Absent Resonance by Ron Travis 252
Two Hearts Meshed by Starsfalling 252
One Night by Ken Julkowski 253
Saddened Storm by Krystopher Morris 253
Sorrow by Aaron M Woodside 254
His Heart by Spiros Zafiris 254
Assignments from a High School Teacher by Heng Kaile 255
A Love Story by Martie Odell-Ingebretsen 256
Questions I Can't Answer by Steven Zimmerman 258
Soul Mate by Jaime Fradera 259
Not Just A Dream by Whippoorwill 260
Words Only of Love by Lonely Shadow 261
Made By by Katie 262
The Nearness Of You by Patrick Talty 263
Your Values by Bergundy Sheppard 263
Listening to Purple by Sunkissed 264
Dancing Tear Leaves by Timothy Work 265
Dreamsong by Jamie Patterson 266
Reflections Of the Moon by Karen Mc Neil 268
Wound By The Clock by Scott Andrew Sterl 269
When Asked What I Write by Jennifer Carden 270
The Children of Nobility by Brian James Lee 271
Mirror, Mirror by Sunnyone 272
I Am An Ocean by Sue Tancheff 273
Why? by Rodney Belcher 274
Soft by Jenn Cirrincione 275
Look Through the Glass by Staci Weidner 276
Blue Tones by Nancy Wilcox 277
Love Of A Different Kind by Sharon W Flynn 278
Still She Waves by Janna Shaffer 279
The Rainbow by Rick 280
Without Words by Parker 281
Does Your Love Melt With The Snow by Lauren Welch 282
Confession of His Soul by Patricia 283
Warmth by Kelly Verbeeck 284
The Gift by Electra 285
First Snow by Josefina 286
Her Warmth by Albert J Allie 287
Crazy Love by Susan Caldwell 288
The Schoolteacher and Librarian by Dinah Serritelli 289
Longing For One's True Love by Aya 290
You Ain't No Norma Jean by Eddie Meehan 291
United by Tara Bassler 292
mayfield and collins avenue by Christian 293
How Selfish of Me by Maureen Scully 294
Mount of Emerald Green by Ellen Ware 295
Angel of Love by Fire Lord 296
a love poem by B Koneczny 297
Reassurance by Sherry Lynn Gardner 298
jumper cables by Christian 299
When I Close My Eyes by the_loner_23 300
Just You and Me by Chris 301
Roses On The Ceiling by Loren Lynn Rea 302
Reflections of Time by Peter J Marcroft 303
Rain by Sandi Glendinning 304
Forever in My Heart by Dan Mauro 306
True Love by Jenn Cirrincione 307
Orchards of Quiet Moon by Greeneyes 308
The Tenets Of My Faith by Jaime Fradera 309
Fireflies by Brian James Lee 310
Listen by KristieSue 311
Reconsidered by Khryannalin 312
Abandoned-To-Be by Sara 314
Where My Heart Is? by Vandana 315
Sky is that Moment by Greeneyes 316
The Same by Chris Barker 317
Life Lessons by Donna Smith 318
Man of Words by Andrew Sewell 319
I Would Die For You, My Angel by Joseph Knob 320
All The Pieces by Neeraja 321
Liaisons by Melissa P Long-Monette 322
It Snowed In My Sleep by Philip Zemler 324
My Teacher, My Guide by Kellie Cantrell 326
The Curse of the Dead by John 327
The Moon and the Poet by Walter Burns 328
Dreamland by Denise Corbley Snyder 330
Hairless by Angela Erin Burke 331
To Kill by Walter Burns 334
Grandma, I Miss You by the_loner_23 335
Snowman by Brian James Lee 336
My Friend? by Garfield Harvey 337
Ode To The Dawn by Donna Smith 338
The Old Woman by Walter Waddle 338
Passion by Ed Booth 339
Uncertainty by Kevin Vandenbreemen 339
Angel's Tears by Tony Ryan Johnson 340
Trading Holes by KristieSue 341
The Wanderer by Stephanie R White 342
Gamble Your Wife by Lynne Marie Chudley 343
Owning by Professor Gloom 344
Papa by Walter Waddle 345
Sunset Lace by Walter Waddle 346
Where Babies Lay by Corinne Bailey 347
Scale of Time by Ria LaVoie 348
Woodland Magic by Dan Mauro 349
Simple Identity by Little Miss 350
Mother by Loren Lynn Rea 351
February Skies by Russ Hull 352
sorry mr e.e cummings by Noah Goldkamp 353
Dark Angel, Chipped Halo by Raphael Giuffrida 354
Monsoon by Zaheer Abbas Ali 355
Stranded In Apathy by JP Burns 356
Princess of the Angels by Fire Lord 357
He Loves Me ... He Loves Me Not by Muys 358
How little it takes by Muys 359
Devoted Heart by Chris Barker 360
That One Summer by Kirah DeCarlo 361
A Letter to His One True Love by Ian Llewellyn ap-Griffith 362
There Are Times by Amy Kennedy 363
The Edge of Autumn by Ron Carnell 364

Passions in Publishing?

In late 2001, Passions in Poetry published its first anthology of poetry.

Voices on the Web Poetry Anthology 2001Voices on the Web drew from our always active forums and was over a year in the making, representing the work of over two hundred incredibly talented poets. It was a smashing success, and led to immediate plans for another book. Like our first anthology, the second was an uphill struggle and we discovered, once again, that real quality does not come easily. But it is attainable.

Visions on the WebLast year, in January 2003, we announced the publication of Visions on the Web, the long-awaited companion volume to Voices. This compilation of the best poetry available at the main site, as determined by the votes of nearly 25,000,000 web visitors, was well worth the year of production.

Reflections on the Web

Once again drawing from our forums, Reflections on the Web is being officially released in January, 2004.

Reflections on the Web Poetry Anthology
Standard 5.5" x 8" 10-pt laminated cover 368 pages

At 368 pages and twice as much poetry as either of our two previous books, Reflections on the Web proves yet again that the beauty and wisdom of poetry is no longer sequestered in the darkened halls of academia, but rather is alive and well in the hearts of the world. This book will make you laugh and cry and send chills through the fabric of your heart. The beauty of this poetry probably won't change your life, but it certainly will enrich it. Poetry for the people, and by the people.

Reflections Authors ONLY!

Authors can still purchase individual copies of our anthology at the special Authors' Post-publication price. If you didn't order a book before, or if you just want an extra copy, you can still get it for just $29.95 (plus $4 shipping and handling). There are no additional or hidden charges, regardless of where we ship the book.

Credit Cards

CCNow LogoTo order by credit card, simply click on the Shopping Cart link below. Please include your forum Username in the comments section, so I know you are an author. We will NOT ship a book except to authors. I will verify receipt of your order, usually within a few hours.

To order by Credit Card, click the link below:

Reflections on the Web
Post-Publication Price

(plus $4 shipping)

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All our books are 100% Guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your purchase for ANY reason, simply return the book to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

Checks or Money Orders

If you wish to pay by check or Money Order  - in US Dollars only - please make it payable to for $33.95 per book and mail it to the address below.
PO Box 392
Colon MI 49040

Be sure to include your name and address, and indicate your forum Username.

What The Authors Said About Our First Book
Susan I GOT MY BOOK!!!!! I'm on page 89 wooooooohooooooo!!!! LOL It is wonderful!!!! I just love being able to have a part of all my friends, and I can not wait for the next...
Denise Thanks so much, Ron. The book is beautiful, moreso than I had even imagined that it would be. And an extra surprise to boot! You're the best!
dgvarner hey! got my books on my birthday! how cool is that..!! very impressive job youve done mr ron
Krissie Oh Ron, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!!! 233 (outstanding pages!) plus 183 (dollars well spent) added to 1 (more extremely excited poet)!!!!!
Kelly Whooooo HOOOOOOOO!!!!! THANK YOU RON!!!!!! This is soooooooooo wonderful!! The books look great!!! I love each and EVERY one of them! I think I'll kiss them all!!
Sharon Well, my palpitations are over!!! I got my books!!! They look FABULOUS!
Rebecca Thanks Ron! The books look great! I had a nice surprise when I got home from work tonight. Woohoo!!!
Michael Books have landed in Florida~ Ron, thanks for everything!
Krista Yep, the book is wonderful Ron, I had a great suprise when I got home from school today. I'm very impressed!
Alicat Got em!!! Ron, they are fantabulous!!!
Bonnie WoooooHooooo ~~~ Good news...Books have arrived in NY...Bad news...Mailman now thinks I'm nuts!!!!! Thanks Ron, they are great!!!
Jenn MY BOOKS ARE HERE! THEY LOOK WONDERFUL, RON! And in it is some of the best poetry I think I've ever read.
Daniel YAHOOOO! YIPPEEEE!! YABBBA DABBBA DOOOOO!!! Just got my books and they are beautiful! One million thank you's Ron!!!!!! Gee ya think I'm kinda jazzed? Yeppers, i am containing my excitement very well...

Reflections on the Web - Behind the Scenes

Thanks to a Table of Contents that goes on and on and on, there is inevitably going to be a bit of blank space at the end of this column. Can't be helped, but I thought I would fill in just a little of that space with some photographs of my spare bedroom.

If you've ever wondered what a truck-load of books looks like, wonder no more. :)

boxes01.jpg (12277 bytes)

I need a wide-angle lens to capture the whole room, but this half looks pretty much like the other half that you can't see in these photos. Lots and lots of books.

boxes04.jpg (10385 bytes)

Ordering books from a printer is something of a dark art and should probably be restricted to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. They can't stop a high-speed printing press on demand, so every printing contract has what is called the Overrun/Underrun clause. If I order a thousand books, what I eventually receive can be ten percent on either side of my order. I might get only 900 books. Or I might get 1,100 books.

That essentially means I have to order ten percent more than I really need. If I needed 950 books, for example, I can't order just a thousand (because I might get only 900). I have to order 1,100 to be assured of getting 950. With the obvious danger that I'll actually get 1,210 books if the print run goes over by ten percent.

Which is exactly what happened with the Reflections print run.

boxes05.jpg (16269 bytes)

Lots and lots of books. :-)

reflectwraparound.jpg (14724 bytes)

Shipping Update - January 2004

The vast majority of books went out in two large shipments, made on Jan 13 and 14. By Friday, January 15, many authors were already reporting receipt of their books in the forums. It may still be several weeks before our authors spread around the world get their copy of Reflections, but the end of a very long journey is definitely in sight.

Here's a quick picture of the van after loading up for our first shipment.


Justin in Van full of books