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This poem was written about a guy friend of mine whom I've had a crush on for months. Every time we talk it's almost like he's taunting me, as if he knows I want him and likes knowing that I can never have him.

Lately I've tried telling myself that I'm over him, that I should move on to more realistic things. But every time I say that, I'm given another reason to rekindle my desires for him - the way he might look at me, or laugh with me, or smile at me in his peculiar way. It's eerie sometimes, and I know that it's just me seeing things I want to see. But maybe it isn't.

Whatever it is, it keeps me dreaming, and sometimes my dreams are all I've got.

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These are the exact feelings I get when I'm with my crush. Love it!
I love this poem. I know exactly how that is!lol! Keep it up. but a question who is she?
Your poem is beautiful. . . Very touching. If you could or if you have time I would love to read more of your work.
It's funny how you see a poem and that is how you feel. This is one of my faves. Ashley

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What It Is You Do To Me

There you sit
And it's you I watch
But you don't even know
What it is you do to me
So I keep on watching
and wanting
as I bleed

Every time I look at you
Every time I talk to you
Every time I smell you
My heart continues
And I am forever

Whenever you pass me by
Whenever you catch my eye
I feel like I want to cry
Because of what it is you do to me

Your eyes
And your lips
And your hands
While my heart remains

Every time you look at me
I wonder what it is you see
Every time you talk to me
And I hear that beautiful voice
My knees get weak
My stomach flutters
My chest collapses
My neck hairs tingle
And I stop breathing
Just in that moment in time
When you do what it is you do to me

As I sit here
I imagine you
And I want to hold you endlessly
Forever in my arms for eternity
I'll continue
As long as you are

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I am a teenage girl in high school and i am a poet. I have won awards for some of my poetry. The only other thing i love better than writting my own poetry, is reading the work of a fellow artist, because that's what a poet is, an artist, only with words. I loved this poem so much. It really reached down and gripped me. Keep up the awsome work.
I loved this poem I had a boyfriend last year and we broke up after a while because we faught constantly but at first it was just lets take a break that left me constantly wondering when that break would be over &this poem just hit my situation perfectly Thank you for expressing your feelings with others it means alot to me
i thought this poems was a deep, thoughtful, and sweet poem. i loved it its now my favorite poem. well id love to read more of your poems if you dont mind sending some to me. bye laura
this one killed me inside its like this is everything i wanted to say. its what i feel this very moment hurt and so sad.
This is a very beautiful poem. I really can relate. I wished i could be able to write something so deep and truthful.
i really liked your poem it was really nice. hope you write some more :)
this is exactly what i feel with my best guy friend he know i love him and stuff but he likes my best friend great work keep it up :)
this is a really good poem i love this boy name keith and i think the same way! i love this poem!
i really like this poem and it someone i feel a good connection about and this poem had me wantin to cry i really love this poem!
this poem is exactly what i am feeling. this is just a wonderful emotional poem.
I loved this poem sooo much. I've had a lot going on at once and this pretty much wrapped it all up. It was gteat, keep it up Bobby!
I love this poem because i feel exactly the same way about a boy. This poem is on point.
This poem touched me because even though I've tried really hard not to fall in love again due to the fact of getting my heart broken so many times before. I can't help it. I'm falling deeply in love with a guy named Chris and this poem describes how I feel about him. well. it's close because words really CAN'T describe how I feel but this poem is really really close to what I feel for him.
I loved this poem! It was so sweet it reminded me of the first time that I saw the one guy who I truely love!
i like this poen becuz it tuches me alot i reminds me of my frst love but w/e
it was good
I think your poem was amazing. It's crazy how someone I know nothing about can write so beautifully what Im going through right now. I really like this one boy but I know he doesn't feel the same and we can't be together. Your poem made my feelings seem ten times clearer. And its comforting to know someone elseis going through the same thing Thanks for helping me realise how much i really do want him.
WoW! I fell in love with your poem. It was so sweet and moving. I really liked it a lot.
I give it 5 stars. Its so true for me and my guy friend. Good work! :D
i love your poem it is so sweet cause it reminds me of how my boyfriend does me he did me so wrong called me out in front of a lot of pepole and i dont no what it is about him but i love that boy to death even though he did me wrong thats going to always be my baby and i love him but anyways keep up the good written and holla at me on my, my space
how ive felt about a guy this year i rele am over it now but it took about 3 years one of the hardest things ive evr had to do
Hi! I love your poem. It reminds me of someone that i care about. hope to see more from you in the future.
you have put a lot of thought into this poem. I write poems, but none compare to this one. i love it!
it seems u took my feelings out of my soul and arranged them to express how i feel. i really admire your work of art and it is very touching keep on writing.
its so nice. i just loved it i can relate to it
To Much For You
I like this poem alot its like you know me and what im goin threw. I am in a realitionship now but its like were together but were not together. I think he knows that i love him an ill do anything fro him so therefore he thinks he can do anything he wants and he knows ill still be here for him right by his side. Please continue to write poems because god has blessed you with a talent that should not be taken for granted.
wow this poem really touched me cause i feel like that over this boy and im afraid to tell him because i dont wanna ruin what we have
Hey this poem is brilliant, Good work! xxx
This poem reminds on how i feel about a guy that i like this is a good poem!
hey, i just wrote a poem almost identical to yours the other day. i think writing helps and i want you to know ur not alone- and also, talk about it with him. im the most innocent girl ull ever meet(ive never done ANYTHING with a guy lmao, my friends call me the 'ultimate virgin' lmao) but he made me do it- he got me to do it- one of the things he does to me-lol. anyways, we talked it over for a long time until we came to a general understanding. its easier now. i still like him- like today we went out for ice cream, and he was tellin me about this other girl he likes. its hard but what can u do? keep dreamin girl- i find dreams keep me surviving
Dude that poem is exactly how i feel right now cuz i have a girl that i like but dont know how to tell her and know i do cuz of u man Thanks
ur poem is awesome it is exactly how i feel for my boyfriend i also write poetry i love to read poems also so i read urs and it rocks! keep up the good work!
I love the poem because it describes how I feel about a guy I have always had a thing for but never could tell him. But I write poems myself and I find that it really helps get things out that I keep in. So keep on writing cus we have a gift!
this poem just touched me, it explained everything i feel for the man i love the sheer sadness of needing someone so much you feel like your life isnt worth living without them. the part where you was sayin youre lips pleading it just reminding me of him lying to me about how much he lied and pretended he wanted me this is my favorite poem. xxxx
I work in an office and I have a crush on a married man(nobody known of course) when I read the poem it was like the poem was written for me. I feel all of what is described in your poem.
This poem touched me as i never thought anyone could ever feel the same as i desire a girl but these feelings stop me from talking to her for more than a second.
This poem describes the very essence of what it feels like to want someone so deeply that you see all the time. thank you. its nice to know I'm not alone.
i have a guy whom i love a lot the thing is dat we r in true luv and ur poem did remember me of d first time i saw him. i too write poems on my own wen in mood and so do understand the pain and feelings in our poem. it is really on top of the world. people like u and me keep the magic of luv in words expressed.
Wow, this poem really portrays what I'm going through right now with one of my best guy friends. I like him so much, but the difference is that he knows. He's all I want, and all I can't have. "Nothing tastes as sweet as what you can't have."
wow! that is just wow! i love it! it is so wonderful! every word u said made my heart full of joy! wow that is the best poem i have ever read that was writttin by a boy! lol can u write me a poem? please!
This poem was awesome. Its crazy how a complete stranger can sum up every feeling i have for my boyfriend. You are so talented. Thankyou for your poems they help alot!
this was a alsomw poem and it was so good that it touched me really good and it was the best one i have ever read in my life
I loved it. Who is she
i love this poem, this is just the way i feel about my boyfriend. i really do think that he doesn't know what he does to me. it amazes me each time i talk or see him of how much i love him. this poem describes us perfectly.
This is a great poem. I have felt the exact same way and I am surprised to see someone else has as well and also has the skill to put it into words. I loved it!
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