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I wrote this poem after my boyfriend and I broke up. I still really care about him!

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omg this poem is so good i love it im really srry 4 u and i no how u feel my boyfreind dump me and i really care bout him but nows hes w/ my friend i hope he relizes wat he lost
wow. i totally love this poem. its absolutley amazing. and i can totally relate to it because i just recently got my heart broken my an amazing guy who seemed to just disappear. your an amazing writer and i think you should write more!

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The day we met
I had the oddest feeling
I didn't know what it was
So I just brushed it off
After a while I found myself waiting
Waiting for that phone call every day
The one I always got from you
Every night I went to bed happy
Happy that I had talked to you
Every morning I would wakeup
And think of you
The day you asked me out
I was on cloud nine
I couldn't stop thinking of you
The time we spent together
I was always so happy
Then one day
It was gone
The hand holding
The cuddling
The drives
The times we spent
looking into each other's eyes
The long good- byes
Just vanished
except one thing
The one thing that can't be taken from me
That's my love for you
It's here from now
And forever

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I like this it kinda matches what I feel for someone I go to school with.
this poem was really good. Sometimes you dont forget about that special someone.
im so sorry. almost the same thing happened to me execpt its because i cant see him anymore. i love him still and he loves me and i wish to see him again. i want to move on but im on to tight of a lesh. waiting for my owner to come home=( i miss him so much and i hear he misses me too. i cant go on much longer without hearing his voice. thank u soo much. u touch the darkest coners of my soul
hey that was a good poem it allmost made me cry
I loved this poem. it was almost word for word how i felt with my ex after we broke up.
thats a wonderful poem i feel the same way bout my boyfriend
This poem is so touching i'm still with my baby boy but yeah all these things like i'm always happy when i go to bed cuz i talk to him before i go to bed and it's just sweet but i'm sorry for your breakup
This poem is so good it is just how I feel about this boy named Gage there is just a feeling I have for him that I will never forget I love him and I am so glad this person wrote this poem because it made me feel better about my bad breakup about 1 week ago!
I really like you poem. Ifeel the same why about this other guy. I'm gonna deticate it to him.
Your poem was awesome, very touching. Keep writing poems.
Marie, I can relate to this poem because its hard out here expressing your feelings toward your boyfriend, but instead you wrote it on paper. Thats what I do, wriet poetry and express my feelings on the paper before I say it to anybody. But anyway, you did good and keep it up; I really like that!
I liked this poem i can relate to it, u should keep doing more poems from now on.
thank you.
i love it i love it i love it. dis is one of the best because that what im in now
this was great and im really sorry 4 u
Me and this boy where just like this i love this poem
I love it! Its so true if you love someone that much then some times you got to let them go! Damaris
I like that poem b-cuz its real something that we all go through and i can ralate 2 that poem but im out *ALWAYS D&J*
Swweeeeeeet! you have talent, embrace it, i also write and appreciate talent especially from the heart. i totally understand what ur saying, and while these things takes time to heal just continue believing in yourself. and we are all special! time is known as the best healer. keep in there! sandra
i love this poem. this is how i felt when me and my ex broke up.
omg ur poem touched me it almost made me cry i hope everything turns out
hey gurl well ur poem was GREAT i know how u feel! it remins ms of my ex. he would always call me n tell me he luved me. but i broke up with him 4 months later kuz all he made me do was worry. yeah he was on drugs n i didnt like dat. one day he called me crying saying dat he never meant 2 hurt me n dat he luvz me but i moved on. i love da guy who im with rit now. i really dont know at would happen if we were stll 2gether it wouldnt have worked out. 4 ALL YALL TEENZ N LUV I JUST GOTA SAY FOLLOW UR HEART N DONT LISTEN 2 DEM HATERZ!
i love this b cuz it reminds me of me ex boyfriend he had cheated on me but before this reminds me of him
well i thought this was a really touching poem and actually i about started crying but if you decide to make anymore please email them to me ok cause i really liked this one thank you
i really like this poem and i think it very good it makes me think of the way me and my boyfriend was
Waoo this poems make me matured
Oh MY GOD! That poem mad me cry. I had that same feeling with my ex-boyfriend and we have been broke up for two years. I still feel the same way I felt about him seven years ago. I rarely talk to him and all I can think about is past memories and how I wish I could have it all back. This poem touched me truly. I was on internet almost all day looking at poems and this is the only one that made me cry and was true. U GO GIRL( I truly can relate and feel your pain)
OMG that is exactly what i'm feeling about my ex. It's so hard not being with him though but I know I will always love him even if he don't feel the same way. You are a very good writer and I thakyou for sharing that. You have inspired me to write something now.
simply very fantastic . Iam moved by ur poem ,tears of joy shed from my eyes . No more words to say. EXCELLENT
this peom is really great it relates to me an my ex perfectly
it reminds me of a previous relationship i had. its just so true and real
Wow great poem i know whatyour going through! my bf did that too
i love this poem because i was with this guy michael for 2 1/2 years and he hit me once and i left and i went back with him after that and he broke up with me after that long!i did not go back with a guy for1 to 1 1/2 now i found the love of my life!even though it is long distance relationship i know in my heart that he will not cheat on me! ashley nicole gamble loves dustin dennis lambert
i loved this poem a lot
i vote fore this poem because it touched me and i really like this poem.
i'm going through a problem with the boy i love and that poem is exactly how i felt. THANK YOU!
this really discribes my friend and her boyfriend if they ever break up. i personally liked this. if this ever happened to me, i dont know what i would do.
Ilove This Poem Good Job
wow that was great this poem reminds me of me and my ex boyfreind we were together 4 about a yr then we broke up n its been 7 months that weve been broken up n i still really love him and want him bak i tried everything but the distance kept us from having a secong change congrats u touched my heart
OMG! I just went through tha same thing with my boyfriend and it hurts soo bad. He broke up wit me out of tha blue and wut realli got me was that i was at his house earlier that day and i realli couldn't believe it i cried for like a week straight. this peom is awesome and it realli touched me
OH MY GOD GIRL! I totally feel you. I know how hard it is to let something go that you thought was really great. The guy on the other hand didn't. I went through this problem just about 2months ago. My ex and I dated for 3 1/2 years. It was a big bummer when we broke up. Im only 14 so I know there are other oppurtunities but I miss that one oppurtunity. I thought he loved me. I sure did love him. But in the end things can work out, Im dating his brother. Me and his brother are doing good but I can not bare to look at him! LOVE SUCKS!
Wow! That really touched me that same thing is going through me right now!
thats the same way i feel about my ex bf. i loved him and he broke my heart. i still think about him all the time. your poem relly touched me. thank you.
it's not a bad poem. its kinda good really. keep it up!
I had a boyfriend named Rudy and we've been on and off for about 2 months now. and a lot of people think that i can't possibly be in love with him because i'm only 13 but i think that it's really love 'cause i've never felt this way before! but keep up the good work your a great poet! I look up to you!
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