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I have an ex-boyfriend who is just a tad hell bent on making the guy I'm with now think I'm some kind of - well, there is no nice word for it.

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wow. this poem was really good. like i understand totally ! x). LOL. umm. well. this poem is awesome and i think you should continue writing such great poems. it's actually quite interesting how it sometimes fit in our love lives. x)
i love this poem. to answer the question i think he lies because he wants you to feel that you are worhtless and because of that he wants you to feel that he is the only one that wants you.
why do boys lie so much do they think they tuff or what i can read through thoes tinyey little eyes
dis was raw

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Why Does He Lie?

What goes on,
inside of his head?
How could he say
all those things that he said?

What did I do,
and why did he lie?
Was it intended to hurt me
and just make me cry?

And why would he care
about what I do now?
I see his fake smile
and know it's a frown.

If he's mad at me now,
and just glares at me,
does it mean that he's jealous?
But why should he be?

I don't care what he thinks,
I don't care what he says,
is it the thought of my happiness
that he fears and he dreads?

I'm aware that he's mad
that I've found a great guy,
but why is he lying?
I'd love to know why.

He's trying so hard,
but he's wasting his time
For the guy I'm with now
can see straight through the lies.

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very nice. It remind me of me and my ex-.
Great Poem. I am in that exact position. My ex won't leave me alone. It's like he is stalking me. Well that's another story, great poem I really love it.
yeah girl thats what i am talkin about why do they all have a need to tell u that they love u but then i find a need to lie to u. thats ok becaus e girls we all learn from our mistakes. we just have to keep lookin for that one person that really truly loves us for who we are and won't hurt us. this takes time and effort,
i really love it
I like your poem it touched my heart. I think it has alot of meaning!
That was a great poem. You have good writting textures you should keep writting.
i loved this poem it kinda reminds me of my ex boyfriend he was exactly what you said in this poem keep on writing your good at it! keep up the goodwork! :-)
That poem was super tight for real girl keep doing what you doing cuz you got mad talent. Don't forget to shake them haters off.
that is realy good
hey girl i really love your poem
i like this poem because the same thing is happening to me right now. and i'm glad that my boyfriend now is a bigger mana nd can see through my ex's lies because he's jealous
your poem was great!it reminded me about how i felt with my ex-boyfriend!..i hope your happy with the guy your with now! :)
I love this poem it reminds of some the stuff I have gone through with my boyfriend.
this is a really good poem! i liked it a lot!
I love this poem, his lies are nothing but disrespectful!
This remindes me of my ex-boyfriend so much. he doesn't want me, but he doesn't want anyone else to have either.
this is a perfect example of my last relationship that ended on christmas day of 2000. i hope the guy who broke up w/me gets a chance to read it.
that poem was hot!

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