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This is a poem that I wrote after my boyfriend broke up with me.

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. i love thiS p0em. m s0 impressed on h0w the auth0r revealed the reality. that even y0u tried 2 accept the fact that the man or gurl u used 2 be with is n0t with you or not urs anym0re. but here's the bitter d0se of faCt. U STILL LOVE HIM/HER. ='(
I love this poem. cuz it really similar to my life. thanks you
this poem is true. i really enjoyed reading this. ! GOOD job who ever wrote it.
this was a awsome poem i really liked it

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Broken Heart

You broke up with me yesterday
and ripped my heart in two.
I never thought I'd hurt this much,
I couldn't stop crying over you.

I do not feel complete anymore,
A part of me is missing.
I loved the way you used to play with my hair
When we were on your bed, kissing.

You are the man of my dreams.
I wish we could be together.
Now I know that it's just not possible
But I want you to know that I'll love you Forever.

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awwwwww i know how it feels to b hurt!:(:( it happend 2 me a lot ov tymes and deep dwn in mi heart im still hurting. all i want is this pain 2 diserpear 4rom mah heart!
this poem really touch because it remineded me how my ex made me feel and i still love and always will with all my heart keep writing these poems i think it might help me get over chris
I loved this poem My fiance broke up with me because he wasnt happy and I can really relate to this poem
I love this poem. It explains everything I just went throught with my ex boyfriend. Keep writing them!
This is an amazing poem and even though you hurted when you wrote it, it should make you feel better to know that you aint the only person who has felt like that!
The same thing just happen to me. It really hard. All I want to do is make him feel just the way I am feeling.
i loved it and it really relates to me and my ex~liam we were together for a while and not only was he my first love but also the first broken heart. "kissing on your bed"that really relates to me,we were madly in love and the fondest memory is that. love love erin xoxo
This poem really touched me. I can really relate to this. I was torn when my boyfriend left me. But now im okay. great poem gurl!
i read this, and i remembered the break up that i just had three weeks ago. i still can't get over him, for i thought he was the one, but now i see a different side of him, and this poem shows the part of me that i don't want to admit to anyone. thanx, alicia 16
I just went through a hard time with a guy and this poem made me feel like I'm not the only one.
I really like this poem that Sarah wrote because I can relate to it. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm hurting inside too. And I use poems as well to get ny feelings out. So I would like to know how I could get my poems on here as well.
I really liked this poem. It was a good poem,and it really explained what goes on in many peoples lives.
i love it so much. how did u do that please teach me.
I think that one of the best poems that i have read cause, i have been looking all over the internet for a good brokenheart poem to give to my friend
i loved your poem it really touched me and it had a meaning to the realtionship i had you have talent in what you do and i think thats hot
I liked this poem very much because it mostly said what I had in mind. thanks
that poem is really good! im in the exact same position! my boyfriend split up wit me yesterday! i feel the same way! titch if your reading this i want you back!
How Romantic. That's gone piercing straight to the Bottoms of My Heart. If I could See you,I wud kiss your Forehead Sarah,(Dont Mind!Feelings Huh!)cuz this poem is what many people have experienced in their Lives. You are doing the work of a Messenger of Cupid.
i loved that poem. so much of it was the same thing that i felt. this guy. was the first person that i ever fell in love with. he killed me. he made itso whenever i saw him i'd start crying. and now seeing how it felt when he broke my heart and made me cry for three months straight. i made a decsion. to never fall in love again. it's hard.
I have much to say, but cannot say much. I know exactally how it feels. It's like if you could go back you would make more time to be with him. hoping that he would want to be with you and NO ONE else. And you feel like you wont move on, that its impossible, and with out him. your nothing. Times are great and you think its perfect, but then they hurt you and all you can do is cry it out. All you really want is ATLEAST one more day to be his.
This poem is really good but it brings bak memorys BUT ITS BRILL
wow thats really touching
it cuite sad io want 2 now how u came up with that poem could u send me more ?
Hey I loved this poem, my b/f broke up with me more then one time. And this how I feel.
I liked this poem alot. but girl change the ending!. you want to be the strong one!
i like your poem it was really good
man. i know how you feel/felt. my boyfriend dumped me and i was absolutely in love with him and still am. he dumped me like a month ago and we went out for almost a year. ive written many poems since then. i miss him so bad. he had a girlfriend between now and when we broke up. she was my enemy. gerrrrrrrr
I thought it was just right about a perons first love and it's honest too, I really did like it alot!
I love poems, I write them myself, but not one as good as this one, my boyfriend just broke up with my after 4 monthes and it has really touched me, I wrote a broken heart poem but none as good as this. This poem it awesome!
I thought the poem was great it really shows how the person is feeling about there situation and what they missed the most about there relationship. I really felt the poem and how that person felt.
These poem is one of the best i ever read. I got my heart broken and i dedicate these poem to Danny Avila for breking my heat and to tell him i stll love him.
hi sara will i think your peom is the best i ever read will thats how i felt when my love 1 broke up with me but me him are still 2 gether hey dont worrie you will find the right 1 someday that will put your broken heart 2gether agian. keep your head up girl.
wow this poem was touching, and yea it was realli good. my b/f broke up with me and i remember the times he would kiss me on his bed. lol
1 out of 10 will have 2 b a 20
this is a great poem :) :) :) :)
I love this poem. Probably because everyone can relate to it sometime. It is awesome. Keep writing!
I definitly feel you on this heartbreak. I think we all do.
I loved your poem. I miss the way he would kiss me.
well. my boryfriend broke-up with me and it was horrible, this poem made me feel better, and made my boyfriend think of what he did to me, this poem was great
This poem is so hard for me to read because me and my girlfriend are haveing a rough time and i just cant stop crying all the time she is constantly on my mind and even if we go our seperate ways she she always will be on my mind in my heart and forever in my soul but thank you for writing such a heart touching poem for the public to to read i hope it touchs alot more than just my life.
Your poem is great,that guy is a heart breaker he should be a shame of hem self.
i think that poem is really good. you can tell you wrote it from the heart.
i liked this poem. but the thing is i am a guy my girlfriend brokeup with me and i loved her way too much i know she will come back one day and that's a day i am waiting
I loved the poam it reached out to me
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