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I wrote this poem, "Screams of Frustration" after studying The Holocaust in English class. I could not believe how a war like that could have happened and so many people were murdered. My heart was so sad for the many people who died, so I decided to write a piece of poetry in dedication to them.

War is hell and I sincerely hope nothing like that tragedy happens again.

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this is exactly how i feel about the Holocaust Great Job!
Kewl poem i think your a real good poem writer
that was a really good poem. you should keep writing. you have more heart than most people so dont lose it.
this was a poem that really touched me and i can relate to it alot

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Screams Of Frustration

How I wish I could look back to understand
back to when lives were taken
back to when families were separated
back to when children were murdered
I wish I could have helped to save them
I wish I could have tried to understand this senseless taking of human life.
They are no different than you or I.
They did not deserve this pain, this torture.
I wish I could look back to understand, to set lives free
to learn their pain and frustration.

Trying to understand;
I can hear their screams
I can hear their pain
I can hear their fear
I can hear a mother's cry when children are shot down
Oh, that pain so great, so terrible
I can smell the odor,
the odor of burning human life
I can smell the sweat,
the sweat of hard labour
I can smell the fear,
such an atrocity

I see the footage today, trying to learn what happened to them.
I watch the films today, trying to comprehend the pain they went through.
We all see the pictures, watch the torture, just trying to imagine this tragedy.
But the fact is we can't, unless our human life undergoes this.
These poor people, my heart cries out but there is nothing I can do.
Oh, please hear me. I am so sorry this had to happen to you.
Your time is now, it is here, time to rest,
time to be reunited and live everlasting in that great kingdom
called heaven.

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i love what you said and i think that you should really consider writing for more than just fun. you seem to be very open about what you feel and are not afraid to let everyone know it. Amanda Stephen (19)
thats is the best poem ever. We must not forget about the people have came before us and that they died make us and great future that we have today its great keep on writing and will keep on reading.
I'm Jewish, so I know a lt about the Holocaust. Many of my relations and friends relations were caught up in it. No-one could understand why such atrocities were done during the Holocaust. So many lives were lost, and so many were destroyed. Even now people still cannot come to terms with these horrors. If you are interested in the Holocaust, I suggest you visit Yad Vasem in Israel. It is a building completely dedicated to those who died in the Holocaust. They have one room with someone sitting there reading out the names of every known child who died in the Holocaust. It'll take a long time. Thank you for taking an interest in the plight of the minorities.
I really liked this poem because it was deep. and i feel that
dis poem is also tru i agree alot wit not needed everyday murders. keep on doin wat u doin!
i think it is very sweet. i mean, not what happened to the people, but that she wishes she could help. i wish i could have done something as well, and i pray to god that nothnig like that will happen again.
I can relate to this. I remember learning about the Indians. Excellent poem!
greet job! very heart touchin helps me know some1 has a burden 4 the past n the *PAIN* the past has gone threw i enjoyed it alot *dead/4 eva chrissy*
this poem has a great meaning to it. i been through the ups and downs. but everybody that is having pain in their life keep ur head up high and don't let pain win everybody needs to keep their head up high. and u'll get something great in life.
I think your poem has feeling of deep hurt but it is a nice poem!
Wow that is a great poem!
i love this poem it is all about the world today and its all that happens
Very unique, good use of detail and termanology, made some very good eye catching points and also If I were a teacher or someone whos word actually mattered I'd say it was simply the best. Good job I like it.
this poem is really amazing it has everything it talks about reality and it talks about THE TORTURING LIVES THAT I DIDN'T REALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT but that's okay because it made me open my eyes. to look around me and to be so thankful for what i already have i'm glad i read this poem today. it made me realize that family and friends and everyone around you will always be there for you,even after death. and i'm ever so greatful for that. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS POEM.
I like it because people can really hear things like that and because it sound just like you really put your all into it.
I have never ever read a poem as spectacular as the one you have written! I love it and it has inspired me to teach other kid's how the live's of innicent people were taken! Yhank you so much!
this is deep. iwrite and think the same way. well sort of.
this poem touched me i loved it
that is awsome and made think u r so right
This is a very good poem. Its very touching. This poem could touch alot of people if they read it
I loved this poem. I really seee what their getting at and their right.
this poem is so touching because it actually happen with the holocaust not solong ago and some of us can even understand that hatred does not leave us any where
This poem made me think back when i was watching the history channel(i couldn't find the remote) but when the Secrets of the Halocaust came on i just had to watch it but when the movies of the people who were being totured came on, It was really hard to watch. War is the worst thing to ever happen to any nation things should always be resolved through peace and discussion.
I love ur poem! It was heart-touching.
this poem touched me alot because it reminds me of somewhat what my childhood was like being yelled at and hit all the time seeing alot of kids now and days being beatin and torture and scared to death it hard and its horrible. But this poem touched me ie really did.
Your poem is very iteresting you have lots of potenial. You have lots of heart homie so keep them coming (Your inward words)aight. Also rember just let your mind go and let that pen or pencil flow. Peace your homie Jodacie.
Keep up the good work
it touch my heart. what he wrote is true.
i loved this poem, it was amazing. its so direct, but at the same time it is so broad, it could to relate to the holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda and Sudan, sept. 11, the suicide bombings in Iraq and so much more. thank you for sharing it.
This is a great poem it looks like you put a lot of time into it u have a very good talent hope to read some more of your poems in the future
I loved your poem it is so true. keep up the goo work.
wow i really like this poem it was kind of sad but really touching
i think that was the best poem i ever read. !
lil italian
I looooved this poem! it really made me think of the holocaust and how horrible it was. i love your work keep writin poems!
i'm glad that you wrote this poem. we are studying this in my class. and it is one of my fav. subjects and after i graduate i plan on going to Auschwitz also
It touched me in ways that I cannot express and had an awesome effect on me. Recently I visited Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam, and it bought up all sorts of emotions.
Wow, very touching. It grabbed me! I love this poem. Its the truth, and the truth is everything.
So beautiful and true so realistic and understanding. I give this poem a 10, 10 being the best.
I really liked your poem! It was really emotional, really strong! I even shared it with a friend and they thought it was great as well as having a great point! I can hear, feel what your saying! Keep up the great work!
I love it
this is soo amazing!
this poem was so sweet
i liked this poem because it showed how i feel most of them time. i wish i could go back in the past and really actually see and feel what is was like back then. i believe people didn't deserve that kind of torture and pain. killing such innocent people torturing them it was just wrong. it's sad what people went through back in the days. i think it's very interesting to me and to learn what it was like for families. like it said "i wish i could have tried to understand this senseless taking of human life, they are no different than you or I" Thank you for letting me vote
this poem relly touched me in fact i'm doing a report on this very subject and i know exactly how you feel just seeing all those inocent people die for nothing you have done a awsome job keep righting
This was a beautiful poem. It brought me to tears, just to think of everything she said and looking back on everthing i've seen about wars, everything thats been said. I loved it.
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