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Do you care about your friend? Then tell them in one way or another.

I'm fifteen years old and live in Sweden.

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hi my name is shai, i think that your poem wa great, it helped me understand why we have friends and how much they mean to us. I think that you should keep writing poems. thanks for making me understand a very important part of friendship
this poems reminds me of when my step grandpa he knew everything i was his favorite but when he died i lost everything he was not only my family but a friend and i loved him and still miss him dearly
dis poem is really good it jus touched my heart
I love your poem it makes me think of my life long friend ship between me and amanda that we have had since the first breath we have taken. You are a great poetry wreiter keep up the good work

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To You From Me

The hardest part of being a friend
is knowing when you need it a little
and when you need it a lot.

So just in case you're in need
of a friendly "hi" today,
I wanted to let you know I'm here still caring,
still thinking about you,
and still being your friend.

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I really enjoyed this poem it really touched me alot.
I just loved the simple way the poem tells a friend about ur feelings
this poem really had me in tears
nice poem it couldn't be better
Short and sweet. Meaningful poem.
Although. your poem is short and very simple but it is very meaningful and just so beautiful!
this is one of the bes t friendship poems i've ever read!
great poem, its short but says a lot!
i love this poem, it speaks clearly about what a true friendship is, it describes a friendship btw, me and a friend of mine. keep up the great work and keep writing.
this is a great beautiful poem its nice to give 4 a frend
chocolate lady
nice one. !
I really like this poem alot
hi my name is tina and your poetry is great and u should pursue it futher! it made me realize wot my friends mean to me and sometimes how badley i treat them but yr poetry has inspierd me because im not a soze 6 blonde who every1 loves and all my friends ever say to me is i love u as who u are and u wouldent be our lil baby if u changed and now ive realized that so thank u from the bottom of my heart xxx
I thought this poem was very short and sweet! Continue to write lovely poems!
This poem is really good. I just started to read poems more and more and yours wants me to keep reading! keep up the good work!
I like it keep coming up with stuff like this.
i love this poem. my friend was just diagnosed with cancer and i loved this poem. it has inspired me. i sent it 2 her and she loved it. i love this site. it has many inspiratiosn in it!
i loved it
Great poem. Continue Writing!
i love this poem and i think it really makes others see how friendship is important !
I loved your poem. It really spoke to me and it's how I feel. You did a great job; keep up the good work!
This poem is one of the best that I have read. It's to the point. When I read this poem to my friend we both almost started crying. Thanks alot for posting this poem
i loved your poem and everything. I need someone to say hi each and everyday.
i like this poem because it reminds me of afriend i got!
i like this heaps i think whoever wrote this is very talented and should be doing something with that talent.
I like this poem very much!
I absolutely loved this poem. It was short, sweet, and to the point. lovely !
In Swedish: Hejsan! Din dikt var väldigt bra =) Ville bara säga det =) In English: Hi! Your poem was really good =) Just wanted to say that =)
Hey Karin! Cool poem! My classmates and teacher loved it! Thanks and keep up the good work!
your poem just speaks to me like a dove in the early morn. i also think that you seem nice
Look, normally I'm not easily touched, but this poem broke my heart. Good Job!
you said alot in so little words.
you have a great poem. when i read it,i sent it right away to my best best best best friend. i know that it made her smile so much. inshallah (meaning hopfully in arabic) i will see some more poems by you
I think that poem was really true and alot of people can relate good job.
This is good
Karin,I love this poem!Me and my mates are going to different schools soon and I think(know) that they will love it too!
i love your poem . i moved away two months ago and i just sent this poem to my best friend to let her know i still care for her and that i miss her!
I really liked the poem, I gave it to a really good friend, and she loved it. Thank You.
your Poem is very touching I will keep my "eye" on you for more.
I really really like this poem..congratulation!
Hey i love to read poetry , this one was great!
awesome poem it relly means a lot to me when you right
This is a very sweet poem; I just emailed it to my best friend and it really made her day and reached her in a way that I couldn't . Thank you so much!
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