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This poem I wrote for my best friend when she was sick. It really explains how I feel about her and what she means to me.

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Great!tis matches my life.
this poem is good the writer has alot of good stuff to say
one of my friends just died of cancer and this poem made me cry it was such a great poem
very touching

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A Friend's Love

No one really knows
What kind of bond we share
And even if I told them
They probably wouldn't care

You are very dear to me
I hope you know it's true
And now that you are sick
Tell me what that I should do?

While you've been gone
A part of me has been lost
It's like I've taken our friendship for granted
And now I'm paying the cost

I never knew how much you meant to me
Until you went away
The thought of you being really sick
Haunted me every day

I spent a few days at school alone
And my weekend was such a bore
A lot of my time was spent in my room
I think my mom's ready to break down the door

And now I make this vow to you
To keep until the end
I'll help you through the pain and tears
Until our rivers bend

So if you ever need someone
You know just who to call
I'll be here by the phone
To catch you if you fall

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omg this poem really touched me and i was also listening to a sad song while listening and i almost started crying. i have been through the same things with my friends and its all just so sad
I loved it! FIVE STARS! It touch me because my best friend has cancer and she is going though lost of pain and I know I will be there for her as well. (to catch her if she falls)
it is a GREAT poem!
It touched me so deeply and it made me think about how much my friends really mean to me!
thid was a nice poem it really tells other ppl the way you felt about ur friend
Thiz poem is so good because it shows the fillins about thiz person
I loved this poem. A true friend would always stick by their friend. Thanks for writing this poem.
A really sweet poem. I hope your friend is healthy again.
this poem really touched me because i have a friend that means the whole world to me and she is sick right now and i am sick worried about her so this is why i really liked this poem and this is exactly how i feel right now
This is a very inspiring poem. One of my closest friends got diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and she have been throught some tough times.
i love this poem, it spoke to me and the message went deep, il always remember this poem. i want to say to the poet that i hope their friend is ok and well.
I loved it
It's true most people take things like friendship for granet and no understand so I think that this poem deserves the hightest score!
I tought this poem was really good . It makes me think of my old best friend thank you for writing such a good poem
This poem touched me because one of my friends had cancer and i sent this poem to her and she told me that the only thing i could do for her was love her and let her go. i did and i had that poem burried with her when she died.
Aww this poem really got to me, because I thought about my best friend and what I would do if this happened. I would be so sad.
i really liked this poem. friends are good things to have and nothing to waste. I have a friend just like that so i can really relate. hopefully your friend feels better now. and oh yeah, great poem
I love this poem it describes the way many people in the world feels when they have a friend that they never thought they was going to be really good with. keep doing what you do. Love, Rubi
This poem was so sweet but also deep in a friendship you are a good friend dont let know one till you are not great poem
This one of the best poems i have ever read . I really love it and i can feel the pain . It is very touchy . Keep wirtting these kinds of poems . GOOD LUCK !
I love your poem it's awesome!
its inspirational
This poem almost made me cry it really does show your love for your friend and i hope she is okay!
i just wanna say thank u for righting this poem becuz this renewed a friendship. me and my friend were in a really bad fight and i made her a card and put this in it and now we are friends again.
your poem is so deep. im bout readt to cry. i never read a poem that will make someone cry besides my own but i hope that you will gain that trust back with your friend and few more words to you from me keep your head up and smile and never let yesterday's disappointments over shadows tomorrow's dream
When i read this poem, i realised what my friend means to me. She too was really sick, and it was during her sickness that i really got to know her. She came out OK, and I hope ur friend did aswell, cos I couldn't imagine what i would've felt like if she hadn't. Thank you for this poem.
very touched by it! LOVE IT!
A poem everyone would love. Keep up the good work!
I love your poem!
Thet Hynn
This poem touched me caz it's about a real friendship. I like the last two line caz that show how u really care ur friend when they need them.
I enjoyed this poem. It really touches me because it reminds me of day when I was younger. I received a poem almost like it from a good friend of mine.
i really liked your poem so much. i started too cry when i read it. cause i know how it is not too have a friend by your side all the time. wow, this poem was awsome. I really liked it and it is very true. You never know what you have until you loose it. i loved this poem so much it touched me from my head to my toes and people who write these poems are very talented!
man thats a wiked poem. my best mate has a serious illness and shes only 15. ur poem has touched so many people.
Oh my, how wonderful this was! It touched me in ways I couldn't imagine. This happened to me too you know, and love hurts so much, because, as a fifteen year old, I know all about love. Honestly, liked the poem, honestly, gotta hate the teenage reviewers who act like they are the only people ever to hurt.
it's a good poem you should be a good friend
i love this poem it really touched me
I LOVE IT!ilove it! I love it !1!I LOVE IT!
that was a quie poem i like it alot and i hop you keep writing
this is a very good poem! i have a friend who always movies to california nad back and now that our friendship is sstronder im more afaraid of whats going to happen in the future. lets pray she doesnt move or elise ill probably be writing a poem just like this lol. NIIICE
it is sometimes difficult to make a rhyming poem that tells a story and means so much to you she did an excelent job
i really love this poem cause it brings a realtionship of friends the true treasure to life it brings back happy memories that might have lost somewhere deep inside your heart.
This poem is amazing and rly touched my heart, because I had a friend who had cancer and she died when she was 16. I rly rly miss her and I no wat it is like to not have a frend there, bt, I no tht Sam is always there, she is always with em wen I need her, and I will never forget her, bt liek in ur poem my weekends r still boring without her! I miss her so so so much! I love you Sam rest in peace babe! A special smile A special face A special someone We cannot replace i love you so much Sam, always in my heart! R. I. P xxxxxxxxxxxx
Wow that poem really touched me and made me remember how sad i was when my best friend was terribly sick
well i love this poem cuz its relly true and i love it so much that i even wrote it down
this poem touched me cause this year i've lost 2 good friends of mine big-b, and alyssa both only teenagers about 14 both died in car accidents
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