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Poems on Society

Poems on Society

All of us belong to a greater whole, and whether you call it society or civilization or country, it has a deep and profound impact on our lives. Some seek to escape it. Some to embrace it. All of us, though, should seek to understand it.

Poems on Society (1-25)

  • by epoet
    When soldiers die, the pain is only beginning.
  • by Jeffrey Carter
    Drinking and driving - ingredients that too often lead to death and guilt.
  • by Millette Addison
    Perhaps that dirty, penniless person sleeping in the street is something more than you might think?
  • by Monica
    How can discrimination ever make sense?
  • by Ghegi25
    As society encourages us to strive for the unattainable, we begin to realize we have become a reflection of that society. And in that reflection, we have lost our selves.
  • by Suroor
    Modern Western society has a problem that can no longer be ignored.
  • by Bahar
    Please look into the heart of a troubled child. And understand…
  • by Marge Tindal
    A very talented and insightful poet pays tribute to those who died and offers solace to those who survived.
  • by Alotta
    Rape is a crime against society. But more than that, it is a vicious crime against humanity.
  • by Robson Grant
    If the Earth is our home, shouldn't we become better housekeepers?
  • by Carey Lenehan
    Fighting for your country, sacrificing for your ideals, may not always mean what "some" have told you it does.
  • by Jody Nichols
    Excluding others - making them feel left out - because of differences is wrong.

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Poems on Society continued

  • by Ogviolet
    Hate and fear are enemies of all mankind. And, on some nights, it seems they are winning their war against us.
  • by V.J. Lower
    To "cry" doesn't mean just to weep - it can also be a strident plea for help.
  • by Lisa Teller
    Columbine brought many nightmares - and a very special dream.
  • by Geoff Sanderson
    The beauty of nature can be so easily spoiled…
  • by Angell
    The atrocities we've seen happening in our society this year have inspired poets such as this one to write some very poignant words.
  • by Gothic
    As time moves deliberately by us, our lives change, and the lives of our loved ones change as well. Sometimes we grow in the same directions, and sometimes we grow apart.
  • by T
    We should always think before we say what's on our mind. Once words are spoken, they can't be taken back.
  • by Rose
    Our society has some pretty screwed up priorities - and this is about one of the worst ones.
  • by Martina Hooley
    Littleton, Colorado became a place we could not ignore. But maybe we should have paid attention a little sooner?
  • by Alison Rotmark
    This poem is written about our blatant disregard for the core of our existence - Mother Earth.
  • by Dominic
    When the whole world seems crazy and disjointed, few media can reflect that feeling like a poem.
  • by David Mclauchlan
    This poem is about war. And death and tragedy. And, too, about anger.
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    When nations go to war, the reasons aren't always easy to understand. But the consequences are.
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