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I was inspired to write this poem of prayer by the incidents that occurred on April 20th 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Let us not forget this tragedy. Let us remember and learn from it, So that those who were murdered did not die in vain. And let us pray it never happens again.

An additional note Two days after this was written There was another school shooting. This time in Louisiana. It is time, America, to ask ourselves "Why?"

In memory of April 20, 1999 - Littleton, Colorado

A Few Visitor Comments

dnt wach dat
awwww das so sweet una i loved it who made diz poem should be thank full dat u have diz cuz is da sadest poem i ever red
this was the most BEUTIFULL thing i have ever read in my life so touching and amazing work,. GREAT JOB!,

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A Prayer For Littleton, Colorado

I say this prayer from far away,
for all who were injured or died today . . .
It was such a massive killing spree,
carried out so senselessly,
Children crying in terror and pain,
another school, its happened again,
I pray dear Lord you help us to see,
What is wrong in this society,
where children kill just for fun,
Where did we go wrong what have we done?
Surely we must share the blame,
We can't keep denying it because we are ashamed,
Certain children are slipping through America's hands,
How can we stop this Lord, help us to understand?
How many of America's youth and teachers must die?
Before we recognize our children's cries,
I pray Lord you can heal us, our nation is in pain,
The Death toll is crawling with our children's remains.
I pray Lord for the children who survived this carnage and rage,
Give them you're comfort Lord to rid the evil of this day,
I pray you will heal them Lord and fill them with your love,
So they can forget the hatred that rained on them from guns.
I pray for everyone who survived this genocide,
Be their protector Lord, in your loving arms please let them hide,
I pray for all the souls that lost their lives today,
May they know the peace of heaven, Bless them, Lord I pray.
I pray for everyone who lost a loved one, dear,
Help them to be strong Lord and overcome the fear.
I pray for Colorado in this their darkest hour,
Bless them with your love and fill them with your power.
I pray for the souls who committed this heinous crime,
Surely they were sick Lord in their hearts and in their minds.
I pray for the community that the healing may begin,
I pray we can change this pattern so it never happens again.
I pray for a nation gathered in pain tonight,
give us you're wisdom Lord, So we can make things right.
I pray for all who read this poem, bless them too with love,
That we may know your peace Lord,
Send you're blessing from above. Amen.

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Very good. I like it.
Awesome and touching poem
that was a great poem you should keep writing right now me and a friend r talking bout all this kind of stuff! we have had threats at our school and 1 day we couldn't go to school it was so bad i didn't want to go the next day or any other day cause heck i didn't know wat was gonna happen then this year they found a bullet at my school and me and my friends all hung out together and i felt safe with them!i don't get why so many kids are doing this now?to me i think actually i don't really know but i know that they need to hear bout christ and its hard to talk to em bout it cause u don't know wat they will do but i hope this year isn't like that !keep up the great work!
this poem is very true and i give it a 10 i hope people will find god in your poem
Hi I just wanted you to know what this is a very touching poem. Im from Victoria, in Australia, and we had a young lady and a teacher at our school, they were both from Colorado, the young lady had friends there, so it touched me just like it would have anyone who was in Colorado. Thankyou
This poem really touches the heart and the soul. I am a song writer and this would be an excellent poem to base a song on. Peace
I really love this poem. Because i have prayed for all schools everywhere ever since all that started happening. u should really keep writing!
Thank you for this divine poem, it means a lot to me. I am a freshman attending Columbine High School. Thank you for keeping my home in your hearts during the tragedy and now almost four years after. We are all reminded of the tragedy everyday, but we are strong and get through the school day. Once again, I want to thank you for this inspiring prayer. Thanks.
I really dont right many poems, but when i read yours it made set down and think.
I think is a very sad but a very good truethful poem, I'd sertainley give it a 9. 5 it's an exalent read.
This was an excellent poem. I hope it touches as many hearts as possible and that more people find the Lord in their lives. I also prayed for the people in Littleton, Colorado. I'm sure this means a lot to them.
And may God also bliss and keep you. May I add that you are very deep
Beautiful, touching, and so true !!! God bless you as you really poured your inner soul into this poem.
This is a wonderful poem. I am so sorry about all that has happened. I know how hard it must be. But again, I loved the poem.
i think this poem.was the best i have read in a long time. The words say exactly what needs to be heard by everyone.
lovely poem,,,,
I love this poem. it's hard for me to write my own poems, but I definately know a good poem when I read one.

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