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This poem is my way of expressing my feelings of losing someone that I care very much about. I hope no one has to feel that hurt, but I also know it is a part of life. I care for this guy very much.

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i have to say that touched me i lost the one person i cared about most a week ago n i carnt stop thinking about him, but that poem has made me see that he might always be in my heart but he wont always be in my life n i need to accept that, as much as i dont wont to, thanks to the auther, its a great poem you sould be proud!
Excellent poem it really touched my heart
Fetish Kayle
i love your poem it reminds me of somebody. the one i loved before. its nice.
im speechless

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Falling In And Out Of Love

When I say I love you I do
But this with you will not do
I need someone I can lean on
Someone I can count on too

Yes you are there sometimes
For that I am grateful to you
But I need someone there full time
And that you can not do

You told me once you loved me
That I could believe in you
I was there when you needed someone
Where were you when I needed someone, too?

The time has come for me to let go
Never to expect you to care again
People may come and people may go
But my love will never end

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This poem let me now that it is okay to let go of something if it is not good for u
well done!u make me feel like im the person . i feel so touched . thank you for ur wonderful work ! keep it up !all e best !
i love this poem cuz its so true! doesnt love hurt sumtimes?!?
Dang! beautiful poem im serious that was wonderful best poem i have heard it was really heart touching and really sweet keep it up and take care ~Michelle~
I love this poem its exactly how i feel !
i vote for this poem i was just thinking about my ex and this poem really touched my heart i felt like crying through space my face so red
thats what i need to tell my ex-boy-friend. i love him but his always doing things. and think i should wait for him way he do wateva. thank you so much because you really help me.
This poem really touched me. I just left a seven year relationship, from being engaged and having a beautiful baby girl with this man. just so many things have changed and i couldn't take it anymore. I feel this is gonna be the worst mistake ever. but I will do my best to care for my little girl and to keep my head up and be very strong.
this poem really touched me. its really true to whats going on in my life. i can really connect to this poem. its also nice to no that other people are in some way going through the same thing as me xx
i vote for this poems, coz it's very touchy poem and i almost cried. because same thing happen for me.
i like it very much
OMG i love this poem it made me think of my boyfriend
i really loved ur poem. i am 28 years old and i am having a very hard time letting my x go. we have to kids under the age of 2 years and its hard being a single mom. good job on ur poem and good luck in life. kellie
omg i total understand the way you feel in this poem. its so good. i give it way way way over a 10. keep up the good work
this poem explains to me why i need to get out of the relationship im in thank you for your accidental incouragement
I loved your poem. It really hit home.
From the moment I read this poem I really fealt like someone understood the weird feelings I get when Im not around that "special person" the doubts of moving on that come into my mind, this poem captured some of my thoughts thats why it is one of my favorites.
I really liked this poem i know how ur feeling and i can really relate to how ur feeling i'm going through a simular situation I know i'm always there for my man through thick and thin whether he's right or wrong i love him no matter what but what about when i need somebody to turn and talk to or to lean on or to be by my side when i really need someone hun, i gotta give it a 10
I love this poem it is touching because the same things happening to me over an over. I vote for this poem because it is touchy.
This poem written is simply beautiful! Just coz, it speaks abt the true situation! It happens with almost everybody and it has happened with me too. ! God Bless!
i think this poem was perfect. excellent
when i read this pome i almost cried its now i know im not the only one in the world that feels this way it is a very good pome and i enjoyed reading it to who ever wrote this pome i feel your pain
Sometimes things are better when they are right to the point. This poem really touched me.
i thought that this poem was great. it kinda reminds me of how i feel to my babys father. i totally understand were it is coming from
I read this four days after I broke up with my boyfriend Jake. We have been going out for three years straight. I gave him everything, I dropped my pains to suppport him. When it came to a point I possibly could move on, he told me he didnt want to hear it. What a jerk. I love him, and even now it upsets me, thinking that I could be making a mistake. Yet, I realize now, how much of a jerk he was. Reading this poem is something that reminds me of the situation, thank you rose. May all of our wounds heal.
It touch my heart, very deep inside that my soul telling it outloud, it tell what im going through, it helps to get out your emotion with this kind of expressing, hats-off to you,to the author.
this peom touched me. it made me think of my ex's which brought a glisten to my eye x
this poem was great to read. i can relate to this poem. its like whenever they need you, you'll always rock up and be there for him and when it comes to you. its a different story. it just hurts so much,when u put yourself into that situation. but thats all left behind me now. and tryin to move on without any burdens . i enjoyed reading your poem. and thnks for sharing your thoughts
I can totally relate to this. I am going through it right now and it hurts like crazy
realli good poem i love it i broke up wit mi las bf an im now in love with my new 1 this poem is good uva got alot of class like me /!
Rose. it's a really good poem. i loved it and i can fully relate to it. it's been one of those days that hearing the truth, even though it may hurt, still helps. thnx *Sarah*
I loved the poem because it's so true i was at a point where this same thing was happening to me. Now i know!
I love this poem. I only wish I had the courage to place mine on a site where everyone could read them. You are a brave and wonderfull writter. My best to you and keep up. You truely touch the souls of many people.
i just recently went thru exactly what u expressed. loved the words
i really relate to this poem. i am going through it right now. and it is hard, but at least i know my love was true and i gave him all i could.
Dis poem was off da chain it make me think about my cuzin relationship and mindz well keep up da good work I holla.
i really do like that poem it is so good , but sad .
this poem was real nice. i could relate to it. and i would give it a rate of 10. it was really touching and you could relate to
This is a very nice poem and i think that even though this feeling is very painful to look back and say some things were good can make the pain go away. maybe for just a while'
this poem is really good,it really touched me ,usually when a person wants to brake up with someone its hard and you dont know what to say and this poem is the answer,its true.
it has a powerful meaning and the peom that person wrote happened to me thats why its so good and has a time to think of it a\a moment to stop and think of it !
Hey i really thought that was really sweet and that i was true when you fall in love and then out of love.
This is a poem that i can really relate too it was great
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