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I am a very emotional girl and I wrote a poem about my love for a guy who doesn't love me. This poem is coming from the heart. He and I worked together very closely, and I fell in love with him; but he had a girlfriend. All I wanted was for him to love me, but I know that will never happen. In this poem I face the truth - all I have is my love for him. However, I do, and I always will love him - with all of my heart.

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omg i loved this poem if u cant explain gods miricles then i can explain thiis wonderfull poem
Lost in love
oh my god, I feel like you wrote this for me. I'm crying so hard right now. Thank you so much for the beautiful poem. (he'll never know how much I love him)
This Poem Touched me very much. as they say, hit Home.
this poem reminds me of my las relationship and it fits perfect. i love it!

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Longing For You

Pain and agony,
that's what you cause me.
I love you so much and I can't let it be.
Your blue eyes
are like the magical sky.
When you look at me I could just die.
You make my heart melt every time you speak.
Just you, yourself,
make me weak.
I wish I could have you.
You have no idea what I would do.
But I can't have you now,
she has you.
She would be stupid to ever let you go,
I wish I were her;
you can't begin to know.
If she ever hurts you,
remember I'll be here.
I love you and I will always care.
I would make you happy,
I promise you that.
If you did something good, I'd give you a pat on the back.
Of course none of these fantasies will ever come true;
all that will be between us is my love for you.

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i really like your poem it reminds of some of my own feelings i have for someone. it was great
I love this poem! :) Great job. Im going through the same but im in love with a girl who a guy has.
omg i am goin thru this rite now and i still can not get over how much it hurts. i could have been his girl. cept for his friends pressured her into sumone else. thanks so much for this poem, i now know that i am not alone ='(
I loved your poem! i though it was really touching! I know exactly what u r feeling!
I just love this poem. It's exactly what I'm going thru right now. It's like putting my thoughts into words.
I really like your poem. It really touches me very deeply. Sometimes what you want isn't always there. Love is very intense. I loved my friend and when i told him i had a crush on him he told me i was too late because he already had a girl. i was so shaken. Deep down i know he really cares for me. Thank you so much. It was really great!
You are NOT alone! I really understand your pain and what you're going through-I'm going through it, too. That was an amazing poem and I hope you write more to put up here! And remember:You're not alone!
it was a really good poem and thats just how i feel bout some1 there except i cant tell them how i feel
Oh! my God girl i love your poem! God U know i have the same exact problem (it's so wird) as as soon as i read the tittle i was like Dein! u go girl!
I loved this poem i was searching for a poem..that reminded me..of my closest guy friend i will always love..we flirted with eachother other time.Since 4th grade..we always hung out..and then in 8th grade he moved to a different state found a g.f and has a baby now..and i miss him so much he comes back to visit off and on..and i see him then! but things just arent like they use to be and i wish they were!
Its similar to a story of mine. I liked this guy for 2 years and it never happened between us cause he didnt want to commit to anyone. But now hes with someone. And when i look at him, the feelings still don't seem to fade. My heart won't let me give up.
I'm there, and doing it. You said it all!
This poem deserves 5 stars...
This poem is exactly what i am going through.
very sad and realistic, just like what i'm going through now
this was an awsome poem
I feel your pain! I've been broken up with my boyfriend for about a year now but we're still friends. And I Still love him, deeply!
thank you for this poem! it tells exactly how i feel right now! it's a beautiful poem!
this poem reminds me of someone i have longed for, for 2 1/2 years but we have never got together. its a great poem thats is very meaningful
It's a beautiful poem
this poem is the best it is exactly what im going through at the moment iv'e loved this guy for nearly two years but he is married and i know i cant have him but i cant give up cause i love him more than anything in this world.
this poem is very touching and made me realize something about myself.
Very emotionally writin and well written.
im going through the exact same thing with this guy ive been crushing on for a year. i love him soooo much.
it's a really touching poem... the love you have here is beautiful....
this poem is so cool i like it a lot!!!! just thought i'd let you know!!!!
i LOVE this poem it is so inspiring!!!
This is a beautiful poem. Too bad it's true for some people!
All i have to say is PUAL! I love him but i cant have him. Thanks for writing this, it was exactly what i was looking for!

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