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Love does not always end with happily ever after. Sometimes it just ends and then the hurting really begins. I hope this never happens to you, but if it does . . . read this and know you are not alone. Others have walked before you.

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i like this poem, its so true.
I loved this poem it is exactly how i am feeling at the moment and it is comferting to know that i am not the only one who has felt this way. Me and my bf have reecntly broken up because of distance and a couple fo disagreements. We are still good friends and that is good. But i can't help but long for the relationship to be more again. But each day it gets easier. I hope you keep on writing because you have talent to touch peoples lives with your writing. Thanks for writing this and keep on writing.
Hey I loved this poem it bescrides everything i feel at the moment because me and my bf just rencetly broke up. I don't understand why or what happened but i feel in my heart that it is wrong and we were meant for each other. But i have to convence myself that it will never be he feels in his heart that this is right. But i will always care for him as a friend and he always has a special place in my heart. We are sitll remaining friends though which is good. Keep writing you have a gift to touch people with your poetry and that is something that should not be wasted.
My partner of 6 years has just walked out on me and 2 children for reasons he can't find, (we dont appreciate each other so he thinks a break will help) i say to walk out is pretty much saying it's all gone, let him find out where his bread was buttered! reading this has made me feel much better in the way that my emotions and feelings are normal and there are others out there that have/are going through the same. I wish I could just squeeze all them people and erase all the pain as I am feeling it too. x x fantastic poet thanks

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The Joke's On Me

I keep waiting for the phone to ring
Yet I know it won't be you;
I try to fill my life with busyness
Yet all I do is think of you.

What became of us
And all our dreams and plans;
How could you turn and walk away
As I watched our castles turn to sand?

Do you never even miss me
Don't you long to caress my face;
How could you forget so easily
And You I can't erase?

I want to be in your arms again
To see the laughter in your eyes;
But I guess the joke's on me
And Oh! Was I surprised!

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wicked! da jokes been on me b4 but not again!
Dear Judy I tought your poem was great! :)
i simply love your poem soo much. she left me and didnt give me a chance :( the joke's on ME too
Your poem moved me and I understand you becuz I try so hard to fine something else better to think about! But the I love, I just can't help think of only him!
I think your poem hits the hearts of alot of women who get caught up in a man who wants nothing more than to think he is missing out on something in his life. I have yet to hear anyone put exactly the way I feel into just the right words. Thank you!
I understand were the poet is coming from and I to been in love and was misused. But the only thing I could think of doing is drive on and pain dont last forever. It was probably for the best.
I like,this peom. I could really put myself into this situtation. Well,I sure hope there won't be people waiting the door for that specail someone. But,could really need to be with someone. Love isn't everything. Keep in that mind everyone:-P
This poem is lovely my partner just left me in this touched my heart.
i love your poem! i've recently been hurt like this, but i've taken comfort in knowing that somebody knows how i feel.
I can feel your pain because I am there myself. It was ressuring that I'm not the only one feeling this way.
oh wow if my ex husband fred could read this poem now he would think again aboutthe memories. way to go on writting a poem as wonderful and fullfilling as this one.
i liked this poem alot beacause i have hurt exactly like that.
I liked your poem it's so true and real for me. That's the way I feel everyday. Keep up the good work
This is a great poem. I cried when i read it. this is what happens to me know. How he promised to love me and stay with me. but now he just dissapear his juts gone. he has left without an trace. I cry everyday coause misssing hom so much. and I ask my self why he left. I never though my first love would do this to me. I love him. I love him so much. and thanks again for the poem is great
Yeah I totally understand but what I can't understand is how he could use you be with you then just walk away.
I thought this was a great poem.It brought tears to my eyes as I read.
That was a really good poet, i really can relate to that
its a great poem
Oh my gosh! Your poem has brought tears to my eyes you truely have been where I have. Thanks for giving readers like me a chance to read your work. GOOD JOB!
how did you know the story of my life? it is excellently written
I really loved this poem. This is exactly what I have been going through recently. I loved her more than anyone. I did everything a man could for a woman he loved. In the end she left me for another guy.and told me "Now you forget me" Is love that simple? Well the joke was definitely on me. A walk through hell and back, become stronger but the scars still remain. This poem and many of them over here have expressed what I have gone through, for someone I loved very dearly, and left me at the blink of an eye.
I just have to say that is a wonderfully written poem. i just recently broke~up with my boyfriend, and i am going through a lot of pain, and your words really express how i feel. Just like how i wish he would call and the rest. Thank you for putting them into words for me.
This poem really hit home for me.I had a relationship just like the poem reads. I was the fool! For the author .. Great job writing this.
I really enjoyed the poem and I can relate. The words were very close to home.
The poem is great! It comes straight from the heart.
They say time heals all wounds...I don't think so..I think wounds only leave scares on our heart, evenually the scares close our heart any more hurt
it was like my life
this poem brought tears to my eyes i never thought i would find anyone who felt this way at one time i always felt alone but now i know an this poem will be shared with everyone iknow it is so special thank you for expressing this
Great Poem, I felt like you were writing for me!
I know how it feels when the Joke's on me. This poem is really deep. 10\10
ughh it ripped out my heart,, ive been in your shoes, yet feel a little better knowing its not just me! u took the words right out of heart
I do love your poem because it is exactly the same as my experience. It touches me when I read it.
I loved your poem, it really reflects on what most people do when they are hurt. Just pretend it doesn't right? Good luck with others.
This is a great poem!
This poem is so true only because The Joke Was On ME. I believed everything he told me the more times he said it to me the more I fell for it. And believe it hurts big time at the end. Only because I was in it for the love. What ever that is now. Or the meaning. But it was a wonderful poem.
I really liked this poem. This poem expresses the way i feel about my relationship with this great guy.
excellent poem, straight from a woman that has been where i am!
excellant, my thoughts exactly.
Excellent! Something every one has in common - subject makes the poem very likeable.
This poem just really made me think of me and my ex. It is a really good poem.
I loved your poem it has such meaning and to know there is someone out there that also feels my pain and has experince my pain. It meant alot to me. Keep up the good work. And remember guys are a passing bus another one will come by every 5 mintues. Just get on the right one. And plan to stay on that one.
it really hits home

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