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"We never fall in love with who we should", a quote that holds more truth in our society than one may realize. Even if we fall in love for the right reasons, sometimes there is some force blocking and destroying your way on the path to sincerity and love. Falling in love with a close friend is one of the most beautiful forms of love that exists in my eyes. But sometimes, it isn't perfection in a picture of life. The person you're in love with may care extremely about you, but love is just not the answer but rather a question that shouldn't be answered. Even if you are the angel that guides the way... nothing is ever what it seems, nothing is ever what it feels, nothing is just that.

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after I read it,I had just one dream:I wish I was phoebe moon!
I really liked the poem. For some reason I just felt something when I read it.
That is really deep . really

Angelic Pictures Of Shattered Loves

Mystical enchanting nights,
I help you see through internal lights.
Without me all hope would vanish,
but with me I create confusion.
Was my help just an illusion?

Wings of white grow out of my back,
but all virtuous qualities on the outside I lack.
Touch your soul is what I want.
Let you grow to respect yourself,
then maybe I shall find myself.

Your angel is what I want to be,
golden and glorious with all I see.
But humans were not meant to be angels!
I wronged you by falling deep,
and now I will have to let my emotions sleep.

Humans are dark and the causes of pain,
we block out the sunshine with our tearful rain.
We sin through the flesh!
And falling for you,
caused more pain than I wanted it to.

The halo that once sat over my head,
has now become rusted pieces of lead.
Fears that I had allowed to pass,
will now return and swallow me whole,
but I won't stop helping you reach your goal.

You will have faith inside,
and then you can run free in a fearless ride.
I will then disappear from sight,
and begin to grieve my pain,
and maybe transform into your angel again.

Angels are never to fall in love at all,
once they do it is an eternal fall.
Guide you with the light inside,
make you happy with all that you do,
and then your soul will have faith in you!

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