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In life, we are faced with losing our first loves and are best friends. We have to face the pain of losing our loved-ones to death. We live with our regrets of the mistakes we make in life.

How can you love and trust again when you have been hurt over and over again at a young age. How do you get past all this pain. This is reality.

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i love this poem it's so true about all the pain we go through as we get older
this poem makes me remamber of me
I love this poem. It really says exactly how I feel and with such emotion in the words. With everything I have been through it is just so hard to move on from the pain and the past, because no matter how long your life goes on the pain is still present in your mind and your heart. I have not read a poem before that I could relate to as much as this one. Keep writing!

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Death, departure, walk away, walk out
Should I or should I not pout

Family and friends
Lovers and one-night stands

I have loved, lost and lived
How do I trust, how do I love again

I should move on, it's all in my past
But my pain remains, continues and lasts

This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul
Damn it - why is this world so cold

How can I have faith in God and family
When people I love are taken from me

Where can I find true and loyal friends
I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge

Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age
How do I love again with all of my rage

How do I get past all of this, show me a sign
So I can leave my sadness, pain and crying behind

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what can i say, you said it all, loud and true. it's actually scary to think of how much this poem related to me, and others. you thinks it's only you, but this proves that others feel it too. this poem is touching and truely amazing.
Suthern your poem made me think of my uncle and everyone that lefted me i really like your poem keep up the good stuff and dont give up
I love the way the poem rhymes and touches me, the way I can relate to it. It is a great pleasure to read such beautiful yet sad poems! Thank you so much for having such a great creativity!
I cant tell you to let go of ur pain, I wont. It isnt fair. Bt to love yet again, even in the midst of all of ur rage will show that ur still humam, no matter what they say. Friends are hard to find and keep. Bt I'll be ur friend! And u cant beat an internet friendship, cause theres just sooooo much looooovvvveee!
This poem really menat something to me, i have been through this, and i have felt the pain, and i felt the pain once again after reading this poem.
i am touched by what the author had wrote. emotions. emotions. as always, kills us deep inside. so sad. but true. am i ryt?
This poem was verry good i luved it!
Wow. What you just expressed i completely and totally get. I never thought someone could get me like that let alone feel that way too.
This is an amazing poem. I resintly Lost a close friend to me. It's been over two months and I still can't seem to let go. While all my other friends seem so fine laughing at school but then theres me with this fake face,fake smile,fake laugh. This poem exsplains how I feel so perfect. Who ever wrote this peom truly know's the hurt of a lost friend.
this poem really hit me hard. it explained the way i felt inside i am a 32 year old mother that has 4 children. on july 15,2003 i lost my little girl in a freak accident. prior to that i was in a very abusive relationship,and the poem is so strong it really pin pointed how people that you think are your friends are not. the world is cold,no matter what you try to do.
i lost two members in the family i love. it was a great pain especially when i am taking my cambridge paper. it hurts. now 3 months passed graduated from sch none of my frens appreaciated my frenship it hurts more. i tried playing my role but its all a waste. ur poems put my situation in a nice piece of rhythm im loving it. i salute u!
I really loved this poem, because when I read it, it brought tears to my eyes, because this is exactly how I feel in life right now and this is what I am going through. No one cares for me and no one loves me that is why this poem touched me and my heart when I read it.
Really good poem
a troubled girl
i like the poem it touches me so much. the question WHY? a disastrous question that could be ask with regrets or none. i just cant understand why we discern SUFFERINGS and PAIN that really wounds our heart
This poem is very interesting to me. I love this poem. Well I hope you keep up the good work!
I thought this poem really brought out ur inner emotions and i really feel tht most ppl go through the same stuff in their lives this really caught me becuz im dealing with a very sick dad and i love him so much and hes gunna passaway soon and ur poem just is so real and true tht i know exactly how u felt when u wrote it. and its true ppl do feel like when they love somthing somuch they tend to lose it. its nutts but ne ways keep up ur poetry its realy well explained. *Melissa*
i think that this poem describes some of my feelings that im going through right now. it shows that the author is confused and hurt, and i too, am the same way. thank you for the insperation that this poem gave to me because i now know that i am not alone with the emotions that i have.
I quit believing a long time ago, because of the things u described in this poem and other stuff.
its funny how we get moved with poems,that touch our heart and soul this moment,thats how i feel,love the poem thanks
This poem is my exact emotions and has inspiered me to write my own poem about my greatest life achievements.
wow if only the whole entire world can hear this, the poem was great i loved it and i can hear it calling me i want to say thanks for this poem it really got to me
this was an awesome poem that only someone talented,skilled or just plain passionete could have written. in most poems ppl write about how rainbows look preety and how much beauty it gives to the sky. but it's nice to know that someone out there recognizes pain and knows how to put it in words it takes a great mind to put real human emotions into poems and it just radiates to everyone that feels the same way so u should feel real achievement that u wrote something that a 13 year old girl relates too(me!).
well wat can i say, a poet writter myself, i've never experienced such emotion in a poem i have come across it makes you think of life and how people can hurt you and give you so much pain. i felt that pain with the poem, i hope others did too.
Your poem describes what alot of young kids feel today . i really like it b/c its what i felt these past few years of my life. with all the pain giving up, the drama i had with old friends. you put into words feelings i couldnt express to any one b/c no1 would understand.
close to that state of mind.
this is really true and real!
i love it, it's how i feel
This poem really relates to me and this time in my life, so keep up the good work! xx
I love this poem, it is so true!keep up the good work!
i realy like this poem and would like to add it to my bolg This a perfect way of expressin my feeling of hurt I be adding it to myspace blog and hope it ok with you to have read by my friends. I ve beening hurt many times and i not known how to express my self in words.
this poem is awsome, it's well written and comes from the heart.
a very good composition ,really touching
Oh my God, your poem related so much to the situation I am in right now. I think you should keep writing and never stop.
never cry for anyone because for who u cry will never worth of ur tears
this poem is very deep. remind me of my own poem that I wrote. the peom show pain and confuse with love and trust. I really like it very good
i really liked this poem. and i can really relate to much of it . good job. ChRisTiNa
This Poem made me break down in tears! This is exactly how I feel! I was in a relationship for 6 years and I thought I would be happy forever, but I was wrong! I really can relate so much to this Poem! Thank You! It gives me a sense that I'm not alone!
This poem. touched me because I can relate to it. I'm walked on by all my friends but i'm too submissive to do anything about it. My one flaw is that I talk to other people about it and tell them things I shouldn't. I get myself in trouble and I can't get out. I'm currently in Depression and just seem to be going further. Reality. is something so surreal and there's hardly any good things anymore. I feel the same way. ~Ann S.
this poem is very sad but then again i can understand why u titled this reality because thats pretty much how life is most of the time ! realy enjoyed ur poem
Wow I'm having a very difficult time in my lie this poems decribes exactly how i feel but i still beleive in god.
I thought it was touching and I wish in everything holy that I could write like that but I cant and it sucks but I enjoy reading good poetry especially the stuff that suits me.
its touching i mean i know alot of ppl say they understand but it seems as if you where looking through me. well n e ways i love it. good job
The poem is awesome. It reminds me of my feelings back then. Very well expressed!
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