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This is a poem that reflects on my life experiences. I was unable to accept love, therefore I was unable to give love. By realizing a few things, I am now ready to face my life's greatest challenge.

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It's a very good poem. It's also very true and how I feel about life sometimes so I would have to say. I completely understand.
Ive been trying to put my thoughts into words to try and understand and after reading your poem, I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling that way. Thank you
Face ur fears head on, and know u are strong. Ur overcome of love will hurt, bt life is for living, so stand up and fight back dont just lay in the dirt of their filth.
i like it it was so nice i did feel if from the bootom of my heart

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If only the world could see what I feel
then, would the world, know who I am
I've loved, lost and feared the world
for it is sometimes too much to bare

Control, power, is what I fear
for I am weak inside and full of pain
I shout and cry, but knowing
there is nobody there to hear me
I swallow the shame and anger
that lies beneath me

I am lost to reality and living in time
Though I am struggling through life
and all that it offers, I am only human
and that is what makes me . . . Me.

Still, I wish for the happiness and pleasure
that I have earned, but realize that, I have
not yet overcome the world's greatest challenge

Love! and how to accept it -
I am ready to face my fears

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i thought it was really good.
It really touched my heart because it is exactly same as what I feel. I really appreciate Kimberly for this poem.
wow! this poem. i am out words. it really touched me. wow
this peom was really good
i love it it is me and my life to i hear you
LOVED it !
This poem really touched my heart because it is exactly how I feel sometimes. I felt as if I was was the one writing this poem on despair it home just that hard. I give Kimberly a 10 on this one.
I loved your Poem, it really touched me since i feel like that, i fear alot of things and that poem somehow made me to come to terms with fear, Your a great Writer, keep writing poems!
Wow i really liked this poem. it explained me almost. Well love your poem!
this poem relly had stlye to it. and a poem is all about stlye and felling
I really like this poem! It shows us that our whole life is challenge and is very encourageing.
this is how i always feel thanx for the great poem. its the BEST poem eva! :)
awesome poem! itz a great piece of poetry, and i can relate to it! thx!**claps paws**
this is an amazing piece of poetry! i absolutly loved it!
i really liked it it really touched me because it showed me that i havnt got to my big chance to learn and get my grades up and to keep them up too!
I can relate to this poem alot,but keep on writing you have a gift.
yea loveis the hardest to overcome for me i always told myself that love was an optical illusion that your mind creates and one day youll wake up relizing it was all fake
i really love this poem it means so much
Your poem really got to me. I've been trying to write poems and your poem says whats in my mind but cant get down onto paper. Thank you for writing about such sometimes touching feelings but thats the kind of poetry I love. Good luck in the future!
Good descriptions, but plain, general words used.
I am very touched by your great talent in poetry. Everything that you have felt is what I have just been through, I thought i knew what love was, But i thought wrong! Love is like the ocean, you turn around and get dumped! I hope I will find the right person and understand what love really is! great work
This poem basically describes the way I feel daily thank you
It was stimulating
a nice description of reality.
very good
loved every word, funny how so many poems can protry one's life
A wonderful description of reality. This is a terrific piece of poetic art. Well done Kimberly
i thought this poem was very good and true!!

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