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Through a separation I think we all forget to see it through a child's eye's, I tried to feel what my kids are going threw

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i love this poem its good it reminds me of my cousins life
this poem really touched me my dad walked away 17 year ago and i see im 1nce in a blue moon as much as i wished he would come home i new he werent going to and it really does hurt anyway great poem keep it up
In a way it's sweet but in another way it's sad
My parents were divorced when I was really little and I didn't understand why my father left. This poem really told a true feeling. That was exactly what I felt when he left. Thank you for writing this poem. It's amazing.

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Why Is Mommy Crying

I watch as mommy cries sitting there all alone
When she falls asleep she cuddles to the phone
I ask why all the tears, why all the sorrow
I then hug her, tell her dad will be back tomorrow
I must say something wrong, she cries even more
Everything I say I make the tears pour
Maybe I don't hug her enough, maybe love I lack
Maybe she's right - daddy is never coming back

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this poem touched me because i know how it feels to lose a father i was devastated when my father passed away.
this poem is what i thought,when my mom did the same. it makes me rember and makes me cry inside. i love this poem and it really tuches me.
That was the cutest thing i have ever read. That has touched my heart.
i thank this person did vey good. put there heart in it. very good job great job
This poem is so so so so sad keep doing what your doing!
i love this poem . its so sad. thats how i felt when my dad left my mom . she cried almost every night. untill she found another man to love her the way she loved my dad. i see him every once in a while when i see him with his gurlfriend. i want to get the courage to tell him to come back to us. but i know that will never happen.
Nice and sad ,But not all da father's are guilty some of them are hurt as well. I got a beautiful son 5 months old ,I and my wife argue all the tyme some times even she files for a divorce and i turn a blind eye just for da sake of my son,there is no strong marriage btw us but im holding on 4 da future of da child I dont want him to grow up suffering and blaming me at the end
This poem reminds me of my best friends life
man that poem was so cool and now i know that i shoul hug my mom more then what i do because my dad had left but i'm not sure if he is coming back but i see my mom sad but i tell her no to worry because i and every body is going to be here for her ok i have to go ok i just wanted to tell you that it was so cool and nice bye
This poem made me cry when i read it. Tjis happens to a lot of mothers in the world and it has happened to mine.
this poem touched me cuz when i was 9 my dad died i am now 15 and still want him to come home to be with his family once again
This is a very good poem. It was very moving. It reminded me of me watching my mom sleeping with the phone in one hand, clutched at her side and her red eyes from crying. I cried when i read this too. This is totally a 10
dat' poem was off da chain! it was beautiful and i heard it b4! it wasn't hurr tho'! peace my black ppl.
it's sooo sad! this kid is so confused! doesn't know what to do!
This is such a great poem, I am feeling that way right now. My husbands out of town acting ignorant and my child is so sweet and innocent! This really touched my heart and makes me want to smile for my child's sake. Thank you!
i do this every night
This happened to me too when I read it it made tears come to my eyes.
I thought the poem was awsome! It was sad but it was very moving. It really touched me cause it reminded me of my and my family.
I think this poem really touches the heart to kids who have divorced parents at young age!
so much truth, so much passion, so much feeling, so right to be so wrong! Beautiful !~
I found that this poem has really touched my heart. I loved it!
This poem was really awesome. It made me cry because I know exactly how you feel.
I just wanted to say I was deeply touched by that truly sad poem and I hope no one's life has to deal with such happenings.
I think this Poem Is Awesome! It shows My True feelings about My Father, and Mother I rate this Poem a number 10! It even ade me cry!
i think this is a very good and short little a way it relates to me and it touches my heart. i give it 4 thumbs up!!
I really liked this poem, it reminds me of some divorced women that i know. Amber
this is the saddest poem i started crying and sent to me friends
I think your poem is very touching and well written.
This poem is the best
This poem spoke to my heart and made me see what my children are feeling as my own marriage struggles to stay together.

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