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I am only 16 years old and I feel that I have been through way too much for my age. Some of my decisions in life have affected me forever and I feel that poetry is the only way I can express myself.

Everyone plays the fool at times-unfortunately I learned a very hard lesson at a very young age so here is my story.

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This poem touched me, simply because of the truth i feel within the words.
this is a truely awesome poem. I really feel like I can connect towards the feeling of losing that innocence and that you can learn to regret it later on- I feel that I chose the right person my first time around and I'll never regret it but there's been other things I've done that this poem has reminded me about, and now I think about what kind of relationship I have with my first after reading about the difference between making love and just sex I'm a guy and it feels wierd sounding this sensitive but I think this poem really made me feel more open, I'm not even sure the word awesome can convey how I feel about it
wow this poem was amazing! it was real deep and reminded of many i know. i would give this poem a perfect 10

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Loss of Innocence

When we first met I made you promise
you would never leave,
then I told you of the demons,
and how they made me bleed.

I made you promise crazy things,
but your words were not enough.
I couldn't believe you loved me
I thought to love me was too tough.

When I cry about my past
and say that I'm ashamed
I know I am the only one
who is to be blamed.
Then you crawl in bed beside me
and say that it's ok-
so I cry for my loss of innocence
and the things I gave away.

When I can't sleep through the night,
when I toss and turn in bed,
you wrap your arms around me
and chase the demons from my head.
You say don't talk about the past
you tell me that it's gone,
you say since we're together now
it's time that I move on,
you say that I'm your angel
but if you only knew
the kind of thoughts I think
and what I used to do.
You tell me it doesn't matter
and that you love me anyway-
so I cry for my loss of innocence
and the things I gave away.

They said that's how they liked it
when I dragged my nails across their backs,
but now you hold my hand in yours
and tell me to relax,
you say that this is making love
and this is the better way-
so I cry for my loss of innocence
and the things I gave away.

I never felt a thing
before you touched my heart
and when you touched my body,
I thought I'd fall apart.
When you kiss my lips,
I feel you deep within my soul
then you wrap your arms around me
and say you'll never let me go.

When I tremble at your tenderness
and melt in your arms,
I know you really love me,
and you'll keep me safe from harm
you know I've never loved
or been loved in any kind of way-
so I cry for my loss of innocence
and the things I gave away.

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This is a wonderful poem, it reminds me of myself. it touched me. i too wish i could take back things. but i am unsuccessful in doing so.
Applaude, Applaude, That was me and my new husband to the tee. Good Job. I am going to print to read to my husband
Oh Honey, I have been going through 100's of poems on line and yours is truly the best by far I have read. I could feel what you are expressing here. You are precious and truly have a gift!
I thought this poem was truely amazing. I could connect with it on so many different levels.
i love this poem it makes me remember how that same thing happened to me but now im engaged and madly in love and i know what its like to love and be loved its a great feeling its nothing like the loss of my innocence and i will never forget this poem
This poem was sooo great! It touched me on about a million different levels. I really think that it's important for people out there to know that this stuff does happen and it does leave you broken and not too much can actually help mend it. I loved it a lot and I plan to share it with all of my friends. It gives a great messege out there and I'll read it all the time!
This poem really hit home for me. It was like it was written for me. Like I was the one writing it. Like I was the one that was talking. Somethings are different ofcourse but it's basicly the same story.
awsome poem! absolutly loved it! im at school and should be doing my class work bt who cares this was much more interesting!
I loved ur poem and i hope that u keep writing. I still have my innocence and i plan on keeping until the right guy and the right moment comes. i feel srry for u but keep writing.
this poem was amazing it truly made me think and it melted my heart, dwelled into my soul. i can really relate to it. its truly amazing when you find someone who makes you feel safe, and who loves you enough to make it posssible that you dont suffer as much from your past. I LOVED IT! keep writing, and try to post more stuff!
i loved it something says you have alot of changing going on and it sounds like a poem someone older would write
It was a great poem, it matched me alot, i loved it. i would love to read more of your work
i too feel i grew up too fast. been with too many men, know things i shouldnt.
your poem was just so real to me i am actually speechless its so hard to find love not just the word but true meaningful love that turns you inside out. Your poem is just beautiful and inspiring I am at a loss of words so please forgive me for not saying more.
I've been through alot also, this really touched me deeply.
i do like it and it was good to me so keep up the good job and keep doing you thing jave a nice day
that poem was really good i enjoyed it alot. it takes a good person to addmit all that stuff.
i have been through the similar pain that you have and this poem made me cry. i too write poetry and this is one of the best that i've ever read. beautiful, thank you
Your poem touched a place in my heart because I know that I've expericed many losses of innocence. My innocence was stolen from me when I was a little girl and I still have emotional scares at 20. I am so sorry for your loss and I just wanted to let you know that there is someone out there who can relate.
This poem was very good and brought tears to my eyes.
IT WAS AMAZING CAPTURED MY FEELINGS EXACTLY. I LOVED IT. the author is a strong person. i admire her
omg. i can relate 2 this poem and yes i express myself thru poetry also. it made me cry i've been thru hell and back and at the age of 13 i had my daughter and this poem reminds me of that
thanks for writing this poem. its helped me alot with this project im doing in english. its a beautiful poem
Wow! this has to be the best poem on this page. it scares me though because I have written many poems similar to this from past experiences. I hope I see more work from Loved and Lost
I can relate to what you write i'v been ther and I know that pain and happiness. I LOVE this pome it rocks!
Your poem is awesome. I'm eighteen, amd while I haven't exactly been in your position, I have been in a similar one. I can only pray that things turn out as well for you as they did for me. Your writing is amazing- and inspiring. Don't stop now.
Wow, all i have to say is it's beautiful.
what can i say this peom is beautiful and so moving and emotional i know excactly what its like to have fear like that and to feel numb so my tears were for u this time thank you for that peom.
All I have to say is that I am also 16 and poetry is my life. It is also what helps me release all that I've been through because I've also been through way too much to be 16. Girl, I feel your poem, and I know just how you feel.
mental and physial Abuse is something in my every day life and ive tried to get out of this world more times than i can count but it all amounts to nothing in the end. THANKGOD FOR MY BESTFRIEND LOUISE OR ID BE DEAD. JUST REMEMBER YOUR NOT ALONE.
omg, your poem is wonderful, i love it! your a great poet. keep writting, your awesome!
As the author o this poem I would like to thank all who voted for me and your comments truly inspiredme to continue posting my work here.
I know exactly what you are taking about. Thank you for puting into words what i could not.
Your poem was completely different from every other poem i've ever come in contact with. I cannot say that i have ever been in your position, but i can honestly say that reading your work can make another think. i enjoyed your poem with every word and i think on a whole you are a very talented writer. i wish you much luck in your future. thank you for posting your poem.
what a brilliant poem, i found it so moving.
I just wanted to tell you that what you went through, is the same thing I'm going through right now. I'm living in regret, and for me to have to live in regret makes me want to live less and less each day. To know there is someone out there that knows how I feel, relieves me.
i loved your poem. i could relate to it right away. i felt like you were writing everything i was going through.
awwww this is such a sad poem. but i really like it .
I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much at such a young age. I, too, as many others have gone through alot. I admire your courage and your strength. Just remember, we learn from our mistakes, we don't dwell on them. You are a bright girl and be proud of who you are.
This poem gave me chills.
I know EXACTLY what you mean, I've been through the same thing, I lost something special to someone I thought cared, but no he didn't, then I found another, and he said he loved me to, I've been through too much pain, and torture at my age
This poem was really good and you did a great job of expressing yourself!
This was one of the best poems I've ever read in my life. I think poems like this help people by letting them see that there is pain in life, but it will still go on
I am only 13, and I agree, I have been through to much for my age. Your poem is amazeing and I also write poems to exspress myself. You are an amazeing person to have so much strength, although I don't know you I can tell. I hope life for you becomes easier.
This peam touch a big part of me.I read alote of peoms and this is the strongts peam yet I have read!
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