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This poem is dedicated to the beauty and honesty of deep friendship between a man and woman. I have made a great friend within the past three months before this poem was written, and have learned that even the most faithful person is not above the temptation of an outside source. Through this brutally honest friendship, we grew together, and faced some of our darkest realities within.

All is great when one can walk away with heart and friendship still intact, even after exploring the very thin line between friends and more than friends. This poem is also about patiently awaiting and trusting the word of a friend who says they will back after a difficult task in their life has been accomplished. Can friendship stand the test of distance, and time? We shall see.

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this is a very nice poem it makes me feel happy and fuzzy inside
i love this poem so much i read it and felt like someone knew how i felt about the love of my love weve been through so much burned bridges you name it and we still love each other so much and we learn and become wiser each time we fail
great poem about bringing a friends hope up
very nice

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Until Your Journey Is Done

All the nights we laughed and talked,
Of deepest thoughts and untold truths,
Stay on my mind as I think of you.
Your life has taken a new turn.
Bridges not yet crossed are even burned.
As you treat your path anew,
I sit on your heart as a friend,
Like a whisper kiss of morning's dew.

As I think of your words,
Your thoughts and your voice,
I wanted to tell you to hold you head high,
And set your jaw at a determined level;
For you are deserving of much,
Despite all you may have done.
We have all sinned my friend.
We have all tested,
Then plunged deep into the water,
Of temptations,
Coming forward as wiser people from it.

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Excellent Poem, very thoughtful and has true meaning in my life as well. Thanks for the great poem.
I loved this poem! My very best friend of the last 4 years left 2 years ago for the army. I didnt realize it then but he is definatly the love of my life. He came home for about 3 weeks after his 9 months overseas and I finally got the courage to tell him how I felt, I was pleased to find out he felt the same. The hard part is that he still has 3 years of active duty left. Ive realized we can conquer anything together and this poem really helped me to realize that distance is nothing more than that. just distance and even that cant come between a love thats meant to be. Its very well put together and it came from the heart! Its one of the few friend to lover poems I can really relate to and that puts crossing that line into a positive light.
Thoughful Dreamer: The devotion you express is heart-felt and beautiful. Truly, I hope the person who is it directed toward, is deserving of such pure devotion and the beauty it may convey.
Beautiful poem. Came from the heart.
No more truth than this could ever be spoken.
this poem is special to me as it reminds me of a special person in my life.thankyou Add.for waiting now lets go on this journey together..(love you)
So many journeys and so many obstacles to overcome...these journeys bring us to change...and change will come. I really like the way the poet said it.
It is so true and universal, I can identify and enjoy.I would not have misssed it for the world.

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