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I found that I had a best friend that I thought might become more than friends. I thought that maybe I would like a relationship with this friend But I wasn't sure. In the confusion I wrote this poem about her. She has herd the poem may times but I have never told her that it was for her alone.

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Nice poem with lots of meaning that pretty much relates to what i'm feeling
This is a great poem. It really hits home and gives a vioce to feelings I know a lot of people have.
I really liked this poem because it decribes what a real friendship is and how some people really like their best freind and dont know how to express their feelings.
This poem is real. It explains so much in so few words. The choice of words is fantastic. I have this friend of whom i really feel for. We were together for wha t seemed to end to soon. We are, for what reason i dont know, still the very best of friends. It still kills me to pretend i like her new man. I want to tell her the mistake i made and i still want her. But every time i come to it the words dont come out right. As Anthony has so expertly worded it. So this is one of my new favorite poems.

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A Wondering Mind

As I sit and watch the rolling sea
I wonder if true love between us can ever be
In my heart are feelings that I can not explain
But the words that come to mind are so simple and plain
They are words like I love you, I need you, or It's just the thought of you

But when these words come to my mind I don't know what to do
I don't know if I should forget it or just give it time
I wish I could keep my heart from controlling my mind
I know someday my true feelings I will find
But only when It is right and in God's due time

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Your poem was absolutely beautiful, I am facing the exact situation at this very moment. so blinded by many things that come my way. You want to say so much to this person, but certain things in life keep u from doing so. Unspoken words.
I think I will show this to my friend as I have been looking for a way to express my feelings, thanx for writing such a gr8 poem
Oh i feel the exact same way about my friend tony we've been friends since the sixth grade and i really like him but cant tell him
awesome there Anthony, this poem is so right on the money. This is my siutation at the present moment. i really love this poem. it is my favorite. i drew a tear when i read this, thinking bout that special someeone. i needed it, so much i kept inside. thanks for helping get it out!
Anthony, fantastic poem man, good job
hey i loved this poem n i always think that way. i especially loved your ending. that's something i go believing, that God has our 'match' somewhere out there. take care=)
I have been to spain. After visiting the Al-hambra palace. My heart was filled with sorrow. Looking at such a beautiful place. But the emptiness just overwhelmes you. The last Moorish King after surrenderring cried for what he had lost. I feel the same way for the LUV i have lost. Its if i have lost somthing soo precious. Keep it up.
I know how you feel. The worst pain i have ever felt. I am a strong willed person. But i didnt know that i will be broken into pieces by a gal. I pray that she always stays happy in her life.
wow! SO true! my story was written in this poem.
What a beautiful poem. Putting such complex feelings in few words, you really hit all areas very well!
Perfect! Exactly how i feel! A beautiful poem with wonderful words and expressions!
i really liked this poem. its content and structure make it so beautiful to read. when you touch a reader with your work, you know you have done a great job!
Your poem sounds very good. Although, there are some lines which are not rhyme. Overall, the poem itself is well put together and is well thought provoking.
Nice Poem.. I know exactly how it feels. to love some one soo dearly..Its just when u Luv some one soo much but they dont appreciate it.
i love this poem because i live it
This is an absolutely devine poem. I understand how he feels because I love a friend like that. And I am quite confused.
I just loved this poem, I can really relate to this poem. Now knowning that Im not the one haveing those crazy feelings, make me feel much better. And when I think something of a relationship that Im in, I am going to go back and read this poem.
Very Beautiful Poem
it's just perfect~
i understand you completely-and i to must learn-to wait
this poem told about exactly how i feel about a women i love. a special thanks to the poet
hey i thought this was a cool poem i like the way it flows
Anthony, I love your poem. I'm finding myself wanting and needing love but in reality I know it will only happen all in God's time. I'm having thoughts of what it would be like to love this special someone but not really knowing how to tell him. I'm getting overwhelmed with my own emotions. Your poem tells exactly how I feel. Thanks!

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