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This poem speaks of intimacy shared for the very first time, and of awkward moments, indeed. Nonetheless, there is an underlying passion that strips their very souls down to their core - to enable them to come together openly, unashamedly.

And passionately.

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This poem is very dear to me. It holds so many memories of my real first true love and my first time ever experiencing what making love was all about.
G. K.
Quite moving- enjoyed reading it immensely!
Very beautiful and passionate. I will share it with my lover.

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The Gift

I don't have much to give you
in the way of material things.
But then, I have never been a material person . . .
so it wouldn't matter much anyway.
I do have something to give you, though . . .
and I hope you accept this gift with joy.
I have chosen not to wrap it . . .
I want it to be presented to you
as pristine as can be.
And anyway, decorations or wrappings would
certainly ruin the effect.
And so it is . . . that I stand before you . . .
unclothed, but surprisingly, unashamed
of my nakedness.
You have already captured a piece of my heart,
and you have captivated my soul.
The only thing left for me to present to you
is my very being . . . and I do that willingly,
happily, and most of all . . . lovingly.
Standing before you . . . watching your every movement . . .
seeing the desire in your eyes
for the very first time.
I don't believe in all of my life,
I have ever witnessed a moment
as beautiful as this.
Neither one of us can speak . . .
and we are finding, even breathing, is difficult.
Your heartbeat is pounding out a rhythm
that almost assaults my ears.
I can hear it from where I stand across from you . . .
and every beat speaks of your love for me.
I am giving you this gift tonight,
because I desperately want you to look inside.
I want you to open this package that I offer you,
slowly . . . lovingly . . . sensuously . . .
and search for what lies within.
You don't have to look far, you know . . .
everything I feel for you is just below the surface.
So it shouldn't take long for you
to discover the beauty awaiting you there.
Go ahead . . . open this gift as a child would
on a snowy Christmas morning . . .
in a hurried fashion . . . rather like a frenzy, if you will.
But once that initial gift is opened . . .
and the passion subsides . . .
Please promise me
that this gift I give you . . .
this gift of myself . . .
is only just the beginning.

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Beautiful. And the last line. Precious.
Wow that was amazing reading i couldnt have wrote it better myself it covers just about everything you would want to say to someone special in your life
rie rie
i liked your poem because it really came close to home most women just give themselves to guys not realizing that they are giving him a very special and sacred part of them what better way to say it than the words in your poem. keep expressing yourself. you will go far.
yeahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh that poem rockkk i loved it
This made me weep - as much as in longing as in sadness or lust. Beautiful, truly beautiful. Thank you.
Your poem summed up everything that I want to say to a man I love. Thank you.
it reminds me of one of my verey friends and of me to
Very beautiful,moved me to tears. Thank You
i love this peom and i have a peom i would like to put on this web page
I really love ur poem! It's exactly what a woman feels when she really loves a guy.
Absolutely beautiful poem! It not only tells what most people are thinking about, but also how the others should think. That it is a gift, from the heart! Thank you so much!
Susan this is a poem that i would like to read to my husband one day when we consemate our marriage. This is an excellent poem keep doin ya thang!
this is a great poem
This is the best peom.
This is a very well written piece of work. This is a very emotional thing and you captured all the emotion.
I really love this poem. I don't know what to say. This is the best poem I've read in my life.
this poem hits the heart. it truely explains how i feel. and since, i can not give anything else to the one i love myself is all he needs and wants thank yo for putting it in writing.
I wish. I just wish a Gift like this makes my wish come true.
I really loved your poem. It touched me in a way that I really cannot decribe at this momment. It was so beautiful and innocent and it really did connect with the sincereity of love. I hope that I feel this way when I finally do decide to present my gift to the one I love. Thank-you for writing this poem Jewel (Learning to Love and Hesitant to Hate)
A wonderful poem! Well done!
very nice poem that i think anyone can have a understanding to.
The poem was very touching.
I raed most of the poems on this site and I think that this one is one of the best. Its sweet, not trashy and I like that! Good job Susan!
Just a quick note, to say thanks for you beautiful poem,and the memories it has brought back to me,it is a "gift" indeed.
wow! what a very sensual poem but so true and pure . i really love it!
All I can say is wow. Susan, I hope your working on a book, b/c I would love to read it after viewing THE GIFT. Remarkable work!
I love your poem . it speaks from a sincere heart about an honest relationship based on pure love . simple and yet deeply complex . its not easy to love like this, but i am blessed to have found this love . thanks for expressing it so beautifully :-)
thank you, i so needed to let my man know how i feel, and this will help.
Your poem says exactly how I felt. It is just perfect, thankyou.
I loved your poem and you can be sure that I will share it with my lover when he arrives, THANKYOU.
Very beautiful, very well done, really touched my heart.
This poem has great meaning and gives you a whole new outlook on love.
Thank you Sue from the bottom of my heart. from the one you wrote that to so many years ago. I love you!
I just Love this poem, I can read over and over again. Thank you
Very good. Your poem reminded me of the first night with my husband.
This is a wonderful poem for someone that is truly in love. The poem is sexy but yet it's pure.
omg i almost cried after i read this poem
I have never heard it said better. Most women feel this way but will never say it out loud! I only wish more men understood this is a GIFT!
this poem says everything i feel for the one i love. now i really know what to tell my lover when we are alone together. Thank you so much!
Wow! That was powerful! thank you for sharing with us your wonderful gift.
A very moving and beautiful poem.
This is so. true. Your words make the reader remember that first time. Great job!
When I read your poem, I was placed in the moment, where I, too shared such love and beauty. I was lost when reading it and wish to thank you for taking me to another place and time.
Thank you
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