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Erotic Poems

Erotic Poems

Desire and intimacy are very much a part of Love, and these erotic poems prove that sex need not be sordid or ugly. On the contrary, between two people very much in love with each other, sex can the most beautiful and natural thing in the universe.

Warning: While we don't publish anything even mildly salacious or obscene, most of this material is intended for a mature audience.

Erotic Poems (1-25)

  • by Ruth Kephart
    Taking the first step towards love is both journey and destination.
  • by Daniel James Burt
    This poem is an almost surrealistic view of nature and passion.
  • by Jeffrey Carter
    Loneliness and desire - ingredients for a memorable night and, perhaps, long days of regret.
  • by Millette Addison
    Daydreaming is a wonderful experience, especially dreams of passion.
  • by Iloveit
    Is it simply human nature that makes us "want?" Or might it not be love?
  • by Karin Schaefer
    There is a moment when two people become one, and in their oneness become two in love.
  • by Amanda D Besserer
    There is magic and fantasy to Love - and to being loved.
  • by Bentwig420
    Love is an aphrodisiac, not only for the body, but also for the mind.
  • by Tony Harmon
    There is a truth to be found in Love, and an honesty to be discovered in desire.
  • by Mimi
    The past means nothing when questions find their answers, and women find their Love.
  • by Pam
    Scientists can define the sense of touch exactly, explaining with words like neural receptors and tactile stimulation. Ah, but poets can do it, too, and with far more beauty.
  • by Temptress
    Can mere words mimic the discordant cadence and tender touch of Love? Yea, maybe they can…

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Erotic Poems continued

  • by Kate J.
    Scientists tell us humanity arose from the waters. But they never explained it quite like this.
  • by Susan Miller
    Intimacy, freely given, is but the first link in a chain of gifts.
  • by Kamma Roberts
    'Tis better to give than receive. Just not always.
  • by David Farrar
    To boil water you add fire. For this talented poet, the fire has a name.
  • by David Farrar
    Love can arouse every human sense.
  • by Sally
    The moments when we awake, beside the one we love, are very special ones.
  • by Bionic Woman
    At times, our bodies will let our minds think of only one thing.
  • by Moondance
    Sometimes just the thought of someone can stir up emotions in us when we least expect it.
  • by Mystiedawn
    Passion comes in many guises…
  • by Heather Lynn
    Many people have passionate dreams, many of which are never forgotten.
  • by Janette
    What better way to start a night of beautiful sharing than with a kiss?
  • by Gothic
    Sometimes our loved ones put us on pedestals - and we simply can't or don't choose to live up to the picture they have in their minds.
  • by Emilith
    We all have them - wicked thoughts, dark desires. What are yours? Besides, they're just fantasies - aren't they?
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