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I married at a young age; and like many young married couples, our marriage ended in divorce. For a long time I spurned anything even resembling a relationship. Even though I craved love and wanted so to be loved, I feared that I would be hurt as before. Someone did come into my life, and I tried to sabotage it. Her Love was stronger than my fear of being hurt and eventually we married. We have been married now for 18 years, and I love her more each day.

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This poem is me. Thanks for sharing it.
Wonderful! Very emotional!
This is the Best poem I have ever read. It touches so close to home. Leaving the reality of the situation as if I'd been able to touch it

With The Wind

With the wind hissing through my hair,
I walk, gazing upon the distorted beauty of the sea.
The sounds of waves lapping upon the beach,
Soothe my soul, relieving this depression in me.

A life spent apart, avoiding contact with others,
Shunning what others have spent their lifetime seeking.
Fearful of the rejections of lovers,
I turned my back on any who might be looking.

Sheltering myself from perceived danger,
Allowing no one close who may cause harm,
I pushed away from myself that which I most wanted -
A simple touch, a caress, the feeling of a lover's charm.

Love seemed to be passing me by,
Slipping away to eternity,
Like sand slipping through my fingers,
Far too long I have allowed it to be.

How can I change this course I've taken,
This self defeating attitude of life?
Throw off this cloak of depression,
That is causing me such strife?

Oh, that I could only open up this heart,
Ignore all the damage to it that's been done,
Let my feelings pour forth like a burst dam,
Allow love into my life from just one.

I cling to a thread of hope
That you will be the one
Who's smile will come to embrace me;
I pray, with you love has come.

A rip, a tear, a hole in my armor -
Could this be the beginning of love's emotion?
Is it possible that you are to be the one
Who will capture my heart with loving devotion?

I feel a weakness, a breaking down of walls,
Slowly then faster she has torn apart.
Finding that within me I'd thought long lost,
A new beginning - A new life to start.

LOVE so long denied and hidden,
Blaze forth like the rising sun.
The dam has burst and love floods in,
So many years gone, my love she has won.

These feelings could have always been there,
Had I not turned a blind eye toward love.
Never again will I have a heart of stone,
Like the one pried open with the gentleness of a dove.

With the wind hissing through my hair,
I walk, gazing upon the beauty of the sea.
The sounds of waves lapping upon the beach,
Soothing my soul, at last my love has been set free.

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