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I wrote this poem for a guy that I recently started dating. At first sight, I thought that we would never be together because we, our pasts were so different. Soon I realized how wrong I was, and that I care for this guy so very much. Now we are in rough times, for he doesn't know exactly if this is right, but I feel in my heart that in all good time, things will work out. If we are together, then it is meant to be, if we are not together, then there is someone better out there for the both of us. If that is the case, at least I can say I learned a little more about true love.

A Few Visitor Comments

Hey, your poem is great! Write more. !
this is a wonderful poem, that tells how she is feeling straight out, and it deserves to win, its the best.


A little girl grows up,
with a big yard and her pup.
They run and play
without a worry all day.
She goes to school,
obeying every rule.
Off to church every Sunday,
and plants flowers in the month of May.

A little boy grows up,
thinking that "Muffs Corrupt."
He hangs with his boys,
and his T-Bird, one of his favorite toys.
He loves his family, but sticks to the streets,
where violence he meets.
He goes to school,
where everyone knows he's cool.

They grew up with about 30 miles between them.
Neither knowing what the future would hold.
A boy so bold,
a girl so innocent,
off to college they went.

They each began their new life,
enduring pain and strife.
Some old, some new,
yet neither had a clue,
that one cold January day,
would bring them together in a different way.
They had met before,
but this time meant so much more.

They are closer than two birds of a feather,
with each time spent together.
Neither knows what is to be,
but she feels that it is he,
who melts her heart
She feels from him some apprehension,
so, their relationship she does not mention.
When the time is right,
he will quit the fight,
and follow hi heart to what it wishes.
She hopes it is her,
which it wants, but if it's not,
then whoever it is must care for and love him a lot.

I am writing this to you,
to tell you I love and care for you,
in a way that is so new.
I hope that you feel the same way too.
I know you don't like to label,
so, you don't have to put it on the table
the way you feel about me,
because I see it in your eyes,
that to me you'll never tell lies.
I know we have both built up a wall,
but I am ready for the fall.
And I will wait until you feel ready
to move those walls which are so heavy,
and let me in your heart.

I love you!!

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