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Does anyone really know what love really is. The experience of love is different for everyone. Love is at one end of a continuum and if hate were at the other, there is a wide description of emotions in between.

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i LOVE this poem its what most ppl think love is. very heart touching keep up the good work.
Personally i enjoyed this poem, but I belive that most people talk about the word love and use the word love freely with out under standing it's real meaning.
i love your poem its off the hook and i give it a 6 star poem.

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Love Is...

Love is good and love is bad
Love is happy sometimes sad
Love is nothing, love is all
But into love, we always fall

Thereís puppy love and mother love
And that special love we are part of
Thereís love in bloom and a love affair
And all the love we have to share

Love is cruel but mostly kind
And to some, love is blind
Love is give and love is take
Love is something that we make

Love is kisses and sweet embraces
And touching all those erotic places
Love is tainted, love is pure
And love is pleasure - thatís for sure

Love can break your heart in two
It can also be a dream come true
Love is neither big or small
Yet love it seems can conquer all

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this is a great poem i loved it it really touched my soul.
VERY awesome poem man! that's REALLY deep! thanks a lot! i needed that reminder! good work!
i really love it
this poem was so beautiful and it touched my heart a lot i love your poem and you should keep writing
it is a good poem
your poem is great and it makes me feel like i understand more then i did before
I think that this poem was very, very well written, good rhyming, flowed very well, and it speaks the truth. I enjoyed it a lot.
I like this poem beacuse it is ture
I liked the poem. It flowed very well and rhymed amazingly.
beautiful poem very well written, made me day, thankyou.
I think this pomes got its message though and i want to give cridit to the writter i think that the writter knew what they were talking about and i hope to see more of there work! :o)~
i think this poem is very good. I think alot of people can relate to it. Love blind.
This poem is so totally awesome and original. Most other poems that describe love, just mention how you feel and that special someone, this one describes every single thing in love!
i dont think love is even meant to be confined by mans words but good try...very good try i bet god said crap why did'nt i think of that
I really enjoyed this poem. It states the truth and all the possiblities at the same time. I really like it a lot!!
i really liked this poem it was very true!
I think that this poem is really true. Love can be defined as so many things. I think that to many people take love gor granted and they don't realize how great it can be until it's gone. But yet on the other hand, it can be a real bad thing also, I think that has a lot to do with why people do take it for granted.
I like this poem a lot, and I wish that I were gifted to write like this

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