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I love to do my errands as quickly and efficiently as possible. If I could do everything without ever having to get out of the car - I would.

I thought about all the things we can accomplish from the comfort of our drivers' seats - it's just too bad I don't have ALL of them here in my town.

Maybe I'll find a place that has them all - and move.

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Great stuff
ummmmmmm. a 12 out of 15
i love this it is just 4 me
hey this poem is true about how some people are in real life like my perants

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Drive Thru

I rose this morn with much to do -
Hopped in the car and off I flew.

No time for breakfast, that I knew -
Glad "Dunkin DoNuts" has Drive Thru.

In need of dollars, quite a few -
Went to the bank teller's Drive Thru.

Then filled all my prescriptions too -
At "Pharmacy's" brand new Drive Thru.

Some bills to mail in box of blue -
Off to the "Post Office" Drive Thru.

Picked up the laundry cleaned anew -
Just stopped at "Suds & Duds" Drive Thru.

With lunchtime near, my tummy's queue -
Got a "Big Mac" from the Drive Thru.

The car by then was low on fuel -
Full serve at "Shell", just Drive on Thru.

And when they fill the tank for you -
Your car's washed free - in their Drive Thru.

Library books were overdue -
The curbside slot is a Drive Thru.

Then videos must go back too -
"Blockbuster" has their own Drive Thru.

In need of milk and bread, I knew -
I stopped at "Dairymaid's" Drive Thru.

The family asked "Please, can we do -
The "Drive In" show when dinner's thru???"

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I can only say your piece inspired this fellow writer: It took me a while to get on thru All the things you labeled drive thru So, patiently I read and read About your each and every drive thru It seemed a week had gone on by Still no end to all the drive thrus The only final thing to say Are we finally, finally thru I figured one fun poem deserves another. Thanks Don
this is a very good poem depicting the daily life of people today
that was a funny but tru poem cause i do drive thru too!
Hey, I really liked your poem. 11 outta 10, boss. Funny, too.
This was a great poem. But I got you beat on one thing, I know of a drive thru viewing at a Funeral Home. No kidding!
This poem is hilarious because there is a daily truth that touches me in the hurried lives we live.
I love your poem it really made me think about life
your poem made me cry so hard i farted
awsome poem
haha this is so true!
i never realized how much you can do with out ever getting out of the car. i will be doing just what this person in the poem is doing when i get my car in a few months
I had to laugh when I read this it was really cute.
Wonderful poem! It reminds me of how much I really do use drive thru. This is a hilarious poem please continue to write more!
the poem has touced me because i thought that it was speical and very good that she did that poem
it's cool very funny and had its own point of view on today's society!
Awesome poem! Very humorous, something my writing tries to be. Excellent job! =)
Very true and very Beautiful
How cute and so true
This poem was a sheer delight! Bringing a smile to my face and light to my eyes, I am genuinly excited to show this masterpiece to my family and friends. To Nancy Ness, amazing work, and keep it up.
I enjoyed the poem alot, it really shows how fast paced our worlds has become. We also need to remember to take time out forourselves, and to relax. Great poem, I just loved it.
I didn't realize the world had so many drive thru's
it was really well written. very funny! but im aussie. do you really have drive thrus to pick up your laundry!
hmmmmmmmm interesting i go throug it alot i mean i dont do it though im not lazy why would the need a drive through for every thing cum on well i loved it peace
This poem is so funny. It maked me laugh so hard. it sounds like me.
its funny yet true
the drive thru is a part of our daily lives that we depend on in whatever we do
When you find this town can you let all us new Mums know please?! Good notion - could a "drive in" rest the readers ear once or twice? Entertaining!
LOL I loved this poem. :)
This poem truly reflects our life. Efficiency ruled, but yet it is poking fun at the lack of human contact, and taking life slow. Good job, author.
With 4 children involved in baseball, soccer, and 2 cheerleading teams, this poem describes my life. If it weren't for drive-thrus I don't know what I would do.
That is very original. In a room full of funny poems this one stands out!
this poem was funny as any I've ever read.
Pretty good but all those "drive thrus" really drive a person nuts.
This was so funny that I just had to print it out and post it on my fridge, THEN I had to send it to all my friends, THEN I had to the McDonalds drive-thru. (LOL!)
hahahahahha very silly i liked it
Couldnt stop laughing , I Loved it!
great poem..and so true!
Very funny - almost a C&W type song!

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