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My basement has a tendency to go from a state of pseudo-clean to a dank, dingy, deluge of debris in what seems like a matter of moments.

What happens down there, anyway? I don't spend any time there. Who's making that great big mess? I've been thinking about sending out the "Cellar Dweller" Patrol to resolve it once and for all.

Does anyone really like to do that dreaded cleaning in their basement? Doesn't it always seem like there's got to be some sort of malevolent force deterring us from ever completing the job? Well, perhaps we just need to see things from a new perspective - with a little levity.

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Fantasticly funny!
I LOVED THIS! the end was so random and unexpected! TOOOOO COOL! rolling in the floor out of laughter
really cute enjoyed reading it.

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Cellar Dwellers

How can I get my basement clean?
Those cellar dwellers are so mean!
Undoing all that I have done,
They think - perhaps I'm having fun?

Scrub as I might they do not care.
They hide in corners everywhere;
Those little fellers pink in hue
Conspirators, my work undo.

I hear them twitter at my back,
Cacophonous counter attack.
Each corner now devoid of stuff,
Upon the walls I see them stuck!!

These puny paired prolific pests
Have brand new Cellar Dweller nests.
Their young imprint me as their mom
And cling to me. Where'd they come from?

I scoop them up, neat as you please,
But - WHOOSH - they're off then with a breeze.
Sweep them again to cast them out,
"All Cellar Dwellers, SCAT", I shout!!

I'll never win this war, I fear.
These Cellar Dwellers will live here
Long after this is not my home -
Pink peanut packing Styrofoam.

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that reminds me of my basement. noway of cleaning it except for tearing everything apart and throwing it in a dumptruck and hauling it away. i wish i had a gf.
The poem is really hilarious,and it describes the problem most housewives face.
this was a really touching poem, i simply llllllllooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeddddd it!
The author of the poem obviously kept it simple but had fun with it. I like the ending most, when the author reveals what the cellar dwellars are; styrafoam. i think it was humorous overall!
Great poem. Really Original
This poem, I like. The rhyme is regular but not forced. The meter is good and the poem tells a story of sorts. The reader gets empathy for the writer's predicament right away. The poem is honest, sincere and it gives you that, "oh, no! I've been there, too." feeling.
very clever i liked it!
I thought that poem was clever and humourous! It is those small but true things in life that make us laugh!
I love it!!!!!

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