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My Step Granddaughters have the same place in my heart and life as my granddaughter; which is their sister-because their Father allowed me to love them as my grandchildren. As grandparents our relationship with the grandchildren is dictated by their parents. My love for mine is abundant; only because I am given time and freedom to know each one of them.

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I loved it, but are there any poems for step grandchildren who are boys?
I love your poem, it brings tears to my eyes. I soon to be husband has a baby girl at about eighteen months and I love her so much even though she is not of my own blood. It does hurt because she isn't but I love her all the same.
Thank you for sharing this Poem it brought tears to my eyes. i hace to pass it on to my freind!
I am a step-mother, the boys were 10 and 14 when I married their dad, now I'm a step-grandma of a 9 and 5 year old. the poem is wonderful. Loving someone else's children seems difficult and at times it has been but overall, they are "mine" in every way.

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You both stepped into my view
Along with your handsome dad-
Faces clean and shinning new,
Smiling but underneath a little sad.

Girls so young stepped into my world;
Dark-haired, olive skin-
One with hair in ringlet curls;
The other beautiful, tall and thin.

You stepped into my life;
Because my beautiful daughter
Became the loving wife
To your handsome father.

I had a feeling-
From the very start
You were my granddaughters; because-
You stepped into my heart!

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I loved this poem , it touched my heart, because I got married last year and I wish my mother inlaw , would fell that way about me and my son.
This poem really touched me because I am a step-granddaughter. My step-grandma (who was always known as Grandma) was such an important part of my life and never differentiated from my blood grandparents. Sadly, she died almost seven years ago and there is still a place in my heart that no one else can fill. I loved her dearly. Thank you for articulating so beautifully how important step-children can be and that blood does not necessarily define family. What a beautiful poem. Thank you.
This poem really touched me, as I had a step-granddaughter, who just stepped into my heart and became my granddaughter.
What a lovely poem. As a step-mother, it really pleased me to see a poem in regard to someone who has entered a family because they were chosen, not just by blood. My mother and father treat my step daughters as their grandchildren, there is no such word as "step" in our family. My in-laws treat me as a sister. It is truly a warm, lovely feeling.
What a lovely poem, the expressions of love are unmistakeable.

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