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I broke up with my girlfriend two months ago. She was the first person I have ever truly been in love with. It took me quite a while to finally come to peace with myself over our breakup. I wrote this after sitting down one night and thinking about life in general and why we go through the hardships that we do. I realized everybody, or almost everybody losses some one they love and you learn to live with it.

And by doing that, you are able to help some one else who is going through it because you have been there, and you understand their feelings.

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Wow, that poem really did speak to me. I've been going through the same thing, and it really helps to have all my feeling brought before me. through someone else's words. Thank you.
I know it's true. I've stood in that rain & I'm facing again. Just being hopeful. Thank you.
Thank you sow much you have truly touched my heart, i really needed that info. I wish it would disepier soner rather than feel it everyday. I'm still tryiing to find a way but for now i guess i'l stay.
i love your poem, i want to talk to you :P

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Peace Of Mind

Have you had cold showers of pain
My friend, you've stood in my rain
Deathly feeling of loneliness
No need to feel shameless
I've been there before
Not wanting to feel any more
Your hearts been broken in half
Mind still living in the past
Cold dark thoughts of suicide
Why don't I do it tonight
Don't worry it will go away
Learn to love another day
Put it in the back of mind
Let it rest and you will find
Dark clouds begin to part
New love will mend the heart
Thoughts of suicide disappear
Self- esteem will reappear
One day you'll be able to say
My friend you've stood in my rain

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Wow, its simply wonderful. Your poem really touched me.
this poem makes me feel like im home and alone, showing no one my feelings but nothing but the internet, my friends are these letters im typin.
This poem touched me, it helped me feel better like i was worth something thats why i give it my vote
i think that this is a very good poem and should be voted as one of the best
Thank you
I really enjoyed reading your poem, and i can relate
I really enjoed this poem it touched me and gave me hope to live ur poem inspired some of my new ideas for writing! I love'd ur poem!
Its very inspiring
i loved this poem. i know how it feels to be hurt. and feel all alone. i write poems myself. i REALLY like this alot and i can relate to it ALOT. so thankyou for this i wish you the best in your future =0)
i no how u feel but ur it will pass sooner or later loved ur poem!
ur poem got 2 me b cuz it just fits me perfectly. almost as if ur writing this on my life. ne ways i just wanna say its a great peom and ur a good riter, as far as i can tel by this peom. keep ^ the good work. mercedes gonzales
Great poem
after reading "peace of mind" we got goose bumps. it was extreamly touching
this is a very good poem we all will find new love if we do not give up on our selves, even when others give up on us
well written, execptionally worded and it touched something inside because i to have stand in your rain
this poem touched the very core of my heart so much cause i use to be in that state of mind and i have learn to get over some things
this poem has really touchd me,it kinda suits my position. my girl is slowly gettin far from me. it really has boosted my morale. thnx.
Thats a good poem hope it is true because that is what I feel now.
Freak With A Guitar
Omg i love this poem so much. Im only 13 and ive thought about suicide multiple times but never have i gotten a chance to do it. ive tried and ive tried. This poem shows how good it can be to have the feeling of no suicide thoughts but also that it takes alot of risks!
i know how u fel and i love comeing to this web site because i write teen poetry
I'd just like to say i think your poem was really beautiful:) and i like the hope your sending out to everyone. if only everyones dark clouds could part, wouldnt that be nice?
Thats how I feel right now and it is very hard not to give up and I am trying but that poem gives me new hope for tommorow thanxs! Jessica Hughes
Beautiful Dreamer
Let me just say that when I read your poem, I saw my ex-boyfriend in you. I saw the same voice and spirit, but he's simply not as strong. I've kept in contact with him for a few months now, and a few times, I had reason to fear that my complete absence could cost him his life. I recently left your poem out where he could see it. Thank you, thank you so much. You finally reached him.
this poem was really touching. i liked it alot.
This poem is awesome and i'm glad you came to terms wit that breakup. Remeber everything happens for a reason
Read this with tears in my eyes. beautiful Dave
i know everyone has already said it, but this poem is fantastic. thank you
hey that poem was really good. i dont know why but it really touched me. your a great writer!
i give it a perfect 10. i love your poem!
i give it a perfect i love your poem!
Aww. this poem was really sweet and so true. I'll be your new love sweetheart.
i've been through depression and i know what it is like in the struggle through and then getting back on your feet again. i just wanted to say that this poem really touched me and i thought you did an amazing job of capturing the emotions in your words.
wow this was deep i mean i write myself and still none of mine were ever this deep and well writen best to you and your writing
I really like the poem because It reminds me of my friends that used to talk to me when I am down and they moved away and my life changed so much with their help.
well i'm standing in the rain but maybe soon ill be out of it
It's such an awesome poem. It reminds me of how my life used to be. ~Lavina
Such a beautiful poem.
is descirbing how im feeling only differnce is im still with the person just they dont have time for me
it brought a tear to my eye.
Wow. Not alot of ppl can write down whats inside. But this piece is just amazing!
it's the truth
I think that you are a really good writer and i understand what you went through. your poem really helped me
i love this poem, it actually makes me feel like it will go away. my pain. i hope so. thanx it's great
Hey this poem really means a lot to me bc i have gone thru this and it really helps me to know i wasnt the only one thanks.
this was a pretty good poem.
i loved that poem to cuz i was made to break up with my ex by my step dad and i love him to death and i want to be happy again i went threw a really bad depression for bout 3 months and i had to go to theripy and i found i love to write ad read poems that explain me well. thank u i loved it.
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