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This is a sampling of my so-called happy life. Depression is an evil monster that drowns you in a deep, swirling black hole. Writing on subjects in the soul of depression has a healing quality - it inspires me to seek out my darker emotions to convert them into positive energy

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wow that was sooooooo deep. it's like you knew exactly what i was thinking aboot. after reading your poem i finally found reassurance and hope. kind of
I l9ove it it was sooooooooooooooo me!
voodoo doll
hey there i useally dont do this is not my thing 2 freak out on poets i kinda was looking 4 sum 1 that understands life and who has been there your poem is an eye opener even thou my hart is empty it realy touched me in a strang way just wanted 2 say rock onn
this was a very touching poem i loved it

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Death Of An Angel

I once knew a lady named
she lived in a damaged world
she calls to me in transparent dreams

a lonely star
the closed universe

she was my twisted soul

long ago
she experienced
the darkest of

beauty was something
she could not

I once knew an angel named
she traveled like a
ghost into the shadows

her heart was dying for some form of

all seems balanced
the angel burns to

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very nice poem.
its a really good poem
wow this peom is perfect! keep it up
great work of art, loved it
cooooooooooooooooooooooooool oem i love it! great job! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!
i love this poem and i know wot this person feels like!
wow. i like this. its so. ::sighs:: the point is. its good. i dont like just anything so. yeah
hey hows it going? i like the poem it touched me. i would like to hear more poems from you because u give it emotion.
Awesome. The words express depression so well.
i love this poem, im into this stuff! it touched me! i loved it!
i liked it. it was very touching and i give it an 8
its a deep representation theat lies withing us all
ur poems is so true u write lyk i do ur poems is awsum it so rox my sox
This poem really touched me it has so much emotion luv it!
this poem really touched me it sounds alot like me but all i wanted to say was keep up the good work.
This poem is so inspiring and i can understand where yopu r coming from
I think this poems is a good one and it touched my soul and helped me think of the reason why people are gone from you and how to cope with theri loss. All i have to do is come to this site all the time and read their poetry and i'll feel good for the rest of the day.
i realy really like this, there is so much feeling in it. good job!
oh my god your poem is sOoOoOo good! i wish i could write like that!
eu gud poem and im sry u feel pain and u should right more poems if it helps u n i hope u get rid of ur pain
When I was in sixth grade, we all had to find a poem that we felt we connected to and read it outloud to the class. I happened across yours somehow one day at school, and something sparked. This has been my favorite poem for six years. I've finally found it again, and I hoped to get in contact with you. This is beautiful. You have no idea what this poem means to me. It has touched me deeply. Thank you.
i can hardly express how amazing this poem is. it was as if i were reading about myself.
really good loved the ending
I loveeeeeeee this poem, its touching and deep!
I had to read a poem to my sixth grade class and I read this poem aloud while everyone else read silly things. I've loved this poem for the longest time and it has a very powerful meaning to me. It was the first poem I memorized word for word. I really appreciate Joseph Smith for writting such a beautiful work of art.
Well spoke,great job on being yourself in the poem.
I loved your poem. I dont know many teens who understand about life and depression the way you do. I wish that there were more people out there like you.
I really like this poem. It really explained what really goes threw a persons mind if they're suicidal or just sad at that point. If you have anymore of these kinds of poems you should e-mail them to me
i am a girl so i've felt this way well. i still feel this way.
This poem really touches people. I can't wait to read another poem of yours. YOu are a great writer with good style.
Great stuff.
it was cool in a dark was but it was kind of scared me
I just wanna say that i really like your style of writing very unique and very very good, dont stop its great work!
I really enjoyed this poem. It touched me down deep. I believe I can correspond with this poem. Thank you
I loved it it's beatifull so creative just wonderfull 10 out of 10
Very, very good.
this poem touched me and i really like it i think that is a good way to harness all the bad energy and that is to write poems
Don't ever stop writing. It gets heard by some of those who need it most. I love this poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
This is a very special person who believe or not is very much intuned to his emotions.
That is a really amazing poem. its very well written. just remember, NEVER GIVE UP!
I really liked this poem. I hate to read poems but I liked this one a lot. I think is pretty good.
I know how you feel, your very good at writing so don't stop,
I'd give the poem a 100% Poetry is the biggest help for my depression. Just Remember, nobody deserves the right to be alone!
your poem was very touching 2 me,i like the way you compare and use your words to express the way you feel. keep it up!
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