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This was a longer poem. When I was very depressed I used to think about death every day which was scary. Now I'm not in that state anymore, although still somewhat in depression. I learned to cope, but some people haven't been so lucky as to change their mind about suicide.

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LOVED the poem it reminded me if me. But I drink pills, I thouhgt life would be better if I wasn't there. That my family would be very happy if I was gone but in the end I know that someone very special loves me and wants me to love life. He cryed when he found out and talk and remind me everytime about it telling me its not worth it and it wasn't. I love life but sometimes (not as often as I did) I think of it.
i really liked your poem and you are very right and i think other people out there need to also realize that.
i love this poem
i love this poem. it explains alot about how i feel. im 13 now. and have tried suicide about 3 times now. hanging myself and overdose. i never actually did it tho because of my best friend taylor and the thought of "wat happenes if i somehow live. " but thats when i was 12. i got better for a while and now im always depressed again and have started cutting. but i loved the poem and i love how people can rite a poem and have other people feel exactly the same. keep it up

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Death Not Being The Way

I held the knife so close to my heart.
Like a foolish child I sat and I cried,
Didn't realize what I had done, what I had tried.
Tears mixed with blood, falling slowly to the ground.
Covered in blood, pulled myself up, in tears scribed:

"To those who don't care, to those who can't see,
Never Give up always thrive to be free."
Didn't know how many people would later cry.
"Tried to be free, yet I see this isn't the way."

Friend at the door, ran as fast as she could.
Too weak to say I'm sorry, otherwise I would.
In tears, looked at the blue sad day.
When you come and see this pool of blood and me,
This isn't the way my life was meant to be.

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I cryed with it. I relate with it. Made me see death is not the only way
silly pain
i love this see i tryed to commit suicid but it didnt wrok then i read this poem and it me some wut helped me change my mind keep up the great work
I VOTE for this cause when my boyfriend broke up with me i felt like killing and sometimes i still feel like doing it its been seven months since he left me and i still cry like it was just yesterday
well im angel 2 n i guess it was the rite poem and the riite time
i love this poem
this poem explains the way i feel everyday. it reminds that i can't end my pain by killing myself and it reminds me that if i were to kill myself, i would pass my own pain on to those who love and care about me. i don't want them to remember that i died by commiting suicide.
OMG its amazing how close this hits home i read sad things all the time that i relate to and i write some really depressing stuff but this is a first time in a very long time a another persons poem has made me cry it is absolutly a wonderful poem i really hope you stay in poetry and keep writing i think ur really talented at expressing how it is -another depressed chic
this poem is very touching. i can relate to this in many ways. and suicide is never the right answer, no matter how much you might want to do it.
this is a really lovly peom and tell u the truth it made me cry
this poem touched me becoz i always feel deprest and think that if my friends seen my wrist how much they would cry and thats how this poem made me feel like what my friends feel like when i do that
this poem has inspired me in so many ways to really see that death is not the way. thank you for such a beautiful expression of something that comes across so many peoples minds!
ive been down that road and still going though it but after reading ur poem im haveing 2nd thougts see wen i feel out with my best mate i cut my wrists loads of time and took an over dose and i tryed to hand my self but i faild but after reading this i was thinking about who i would help the most me or her i thought i would be helping her but i wnt coz she knows wot i tryed to do n she said she wouldnt no wot she would of done if i have died
It really make s you thinjk and feel like you are there watching or in cases the person because we all feel like that sometime inm our lifes
i love it. very good. i wright to. im younge but im can relate. kinda. i hate when people tell me they can relate and they understand. when i no they dont. so yeah thats not what im saying. just saying i like it and i can kinda understand
Thank you for sharing this with us . , I happen to feel suicidal from time to time , I will definetly remember this poem when I have them the next time :P
Angell, your poem really touched me. today is the 3rd of Dec. it's 1:06am since 9:30pm yesterday i have been dealing with my closes friends thoughts of suicide. i was they only person he told about these thoughts. he was going to go through with it,and still may he told me he wouldn't until he said bye to people at school then he said he wouldn't at all then again he would. so i've no clue what'll happen. i'm going to have him read your poem and maybe he will see he's not alone. i tried to tell him it wasn't the right way to deal with things, and i hope he'll see that to. like i said your poem really touched me and made me think. i hope u get plenty of votes.
This poem is awsome because this is my life pretty much and it is really sad i am emo so idk if anyone kows if they no wat i am talking bout
I love this poem. I am feeling suicidule but I'm to young to end my life this way. And your poem has told me that death isn't the way relieve yourelf from pain.
this is poem is true. i felt the thought of suiside leave my body. this taught me that its not worth hurtin my self.
poem touched me close to the heart
I myself have attempted suicide on more than one occasion and Ive found even though it may stop the hurt It starts alot of hurt for others!
this poem sent a shiver down my spine because so many times ive heard of people commiting suicide
This one almost made me cry, thats how much I loved it.
this poem really touched me, because that is how i am feeling right now!to be quite frank i dont know why, but i have this feeling every now and then, i feel like i cant take it no more. i have a loverly family that would do anything for me and i boyfirend that loves me to bits, have a few great friends, i guess i have it all but still i feel empty!it might be my selfishness talking louder . dont know really.
your poem really touched me,maybe because this is how i feel now,i've been depressed a year now and i have thought about suicide a couple of times. and this poem makes me wanna stay alive,because i'd rather not have my friends be in pain,i'd rather be in pain than see people that i love in pain. Thanx for writing this poem, for the people who are too depressed to do anything
i woz very suicidal at one point:but then i realised thati cud find hapines in life, and that suicide wasnt the answrr. thankyou.
Very emotional peom. I can only imagine how you must feel. I feel that way sometimes to, about killing myself, but like they say "If you're going through hell keep on going" because eventually after the rain there will be sunshine.
I loved this poem because it really grasps not only the way the author feels but the way friends and family would react to something like that, but in the end its only about you, not anyone else.
this poem is so real it reminds me of so much for i too have lost a friend and felt this pain.
I really liked this poem. It really says how i feel. Keep up the good work look forward to reading more. Good Job
Great poem. it moved me when im at my worse time dealing with cancer and having the same thoughts the scribermust have felt made me realize a lot R
wew i love that. i did this to myself ones, i cut my hand , and i wrote her name in my hand . i liuke this , caz this poem is true , caz i tried ones . wew nice one yo
this was a real heart tuchin poem love ya always your bestie xx
my friend is very suicidal so i read this poem to her and it did help her
this poem realy got into me coz not only im a lover poem girl but also i was thinking of killing myself for freedom and happyness as i wrote this poem its like whot i would do or done?? it really got me thinking about it and now i know whot i should do. as 2 the writer bless from me take care love angel_with_sin
I Loved it!
i thought your poem was great,but i think you shouldn't think about suicide so much or of depression i think it's not worth it i had a friend who thought the same way and ended up committing suicide at the age of 17 my advice is to really think about it.
this poem is the same way i feel. i have tried to commite scuidcid by trying to stab myself from my chin up and alot of different ways too. 1 out of ten this poem is a 20
I give it a 10. Very deep and sad.
your poem made me a little bit upset, i've been down that road, i took an overdose! I could of died but they managed to save me, i was 13 at the time and im still 13 i done it about 2 months ago, i still feel as if i want to die sometimes, but im a bit more happier with my life, i've got a boyfriend and im in love. Im not goin to give up that, and im not goin to give up my life, when i was in hospital i thought to my self: why did i do this? look what i've done, i've got my whole life ahead of me! anyway, your poem touched me and i thank you for making me realize that it isnt a cool thing 2 do xxxxxlauraxxxxx
i really liked this poem because that is the same thing that i tried to do with my life, but i suddenly noticed that this was not an answer it was only an escape with fear.
i've done the same thing and thank you for sharing it with the world, i do fill free thank you for everything!
real deep,, i could feel ur pain. jus real awsome
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