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This poem is about dreams and disappointments. Something I know a lot about. Trying to learn how to survive in the world on my own. Isn't what I thought it would be like.

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BEAUTIFUL! It really touched my heart because you could've been writing about me.
Fallen Angel
It was a very good poem and accuretly describes the way i am now
this is how most of the time and keep up the great work
Hi, great poem. But don't be depressed, Holly you are loved. But the reason I found your poem is that yesterday, well sitting in my car reading my homework assignment, with my elbow sticking out the car window, a lone dove (bird) flew by and touched me. I am a superstitious individual and was searching the net for some meaning of this event. This how I came across "Lonesome Dove. " Keep on writing. Thanks for the poem, it helped in other ways. Lorin, thanks again.

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Lonesome Dove

Underneath the maple tree,
I dream of things I want to be.
Looking up at the sky so blue,
makes me think this could come true.

Smelling of the grass so sweet,
refreshes me with a delightful treat.
Feeling of the bark so rough,
makes me realize its gonna be tough.

To make it in this world alone,
just sitting here like some kind of stone.
No one to love me or me to love,
just all alone, like a Lonesome Dove.

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i loved it it was the most magnificent thing ive ever read in my entire life thank you
I can really realte to this poem, and it touched me. Holly, you have a very nice talent. God Bless all.
I love this poem
i realli liked yur poem, i relate so much but i jus cant write what im feelin out like yu can
This poem is very pretty i like it alot and reminds me of me.
This is a great poem. Its the best poem that describes me. Everyone can relate to this is some way. It may also make different people see what life is like for others.
this poem was very heartfelt and her choice of metaphors were excellent
I really like your poem and dont give up on yourself because i almost did and then i meet my wonderful boyfriend and then everything changed about my life. Just look it might take a long time but it's worth the time let me tell you it took me 17 years to find him and now that i have him i'm not letting him go. Dont give up on yourself there is always someone out there for you that will treat you right it just takes time. Your poem expresses a lot of things you wrote it so well. Good job
I know what this poem is saying which touch so much. I enjoyed this so much that I called all of my friends to check it out. Holly has a great talent in her and for her to express herself more often just like I do and some day Holly can publish her poems and so the world knows how wonderful this girl is.
This poem is a poem that people can relate too. There is always a time in life when someone feels alone and this poem is a very good example of this time!
I love the poem. I felt the same way for a while until I noticed that there is always someone willing to be there, but the question is knowing that someone is there do you want them to be? Poems awesome i was amazed on how close it was to how I feel. Keep them coming.
sweet, touching and true
This was the first poem I discovered by Holly. It is a personal favorite of mine! God Bless, Holly
It was a really good poem and I liked it.
I think this is a very good poem. Aslo it brings a good point across But also your Blessed with a good talent.

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