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The loss of a loved one is difficult at best, and often we can't accept that they're gone. So we choose not to believe and attempt to recover that person through someone else.

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Soooo. touchyyyyy
I think that this poem means a lot because it shows that you can still sorrow for a grieving person, but also you can learn so much from that. Even though they are not there they are always in your heart.
Ileft my ex-husband of 20 yrs, 5 yrs ago I convinced myself I did not want to be with him, but it all came down to finacial trouble, wanting a home in the country and horses. Moved in with another man, whom I love, but the profoundness of the greatness of the man I left was apparant while living with another. Like night & day. Then I got a call my ex had a massive heart attack and died 11-6-06, 47yrs old. My guilt is immensense, I could not go back , there would be 2 broken men, so I stayed with my decision, and pretended it was him.
It touched me. I've lost a pet before and it reminded me of him :-]

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Your passing holds no interest
for again I carry on
empty on the inside
I await another dawn.

Endless searching for another,
a substitute at best,
someone I pretend is you
in hopes that I may rest.

Their arms offer no comfort
no solace in their touch
I pretend they all are you
the one I miss so much.

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i liked this one cuz i had a dog and i really loved him but my parents gave him away now i have another dog cuz i was so depressed and hugo doesnt help me any.
I love this poem! It's amazing. I lost the love of my life on 10/30/05. this poem describes what I do. I miss you Josh! I can't wait to see you. well be there soon enough to see you once again! You made an amazing poem. it touches so many lives. I've sent it to many people! R. I. P. *~Joshua Charles Edward Fleming~*
this poem touched me. its very hard to forget, or ever find a replacement. as i see it, the pain of someone leaving may never stop, but it will get easier as time passes.
cool poem
this poem really touched my heart. as you might have read in my email, i lost a boyfriend and the love of my life only a couple of months ago. it's been really hard for me and for so long i've been trying to find a replacement but i can't. your poem touched me so deeply. keep writing!
This is s touching poem. I lost my Grandad on new years eve which lead me leaving many questions on life. This poem is true on how when we see the same age group or say the same colour of hair as the person whom we lost we do try to compare but nothing beats them.
i really liked ur poem it really touched me in alot of ways think u for writeing this poem and plez continue to write them
I loved this poem it so much in so little words! Great work!
this really touched me,i feel this way after the death of my husband
I just loss a friend and he died at my house and keep waiting for him to come back. This poem says how i feel
I enjoyed this poem very much. Simple yet so beautiful and touching in it's simplest form. I have lost a friend 3 years ago next to me in a car accident,and every day I look for someone in hope's of finding her face,if not just a smile or that famous twinkle she held in her eyes. I search and search and search. And feel exactly like you. My condolences for your pain as well.
That poem was so entertaining and it made me cry twice. that will really touch peoples hearts if that has happened to them!
I didnt think there was any one else who felt this way apart from me , i did this but it doesnt work as i found out ..thanks
this poem was really nice and he had a good rythem to it keep up the good work and keep on writing

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